Chapter 49: Comforting Rasmus

Ravenclaw’s ship sailed across the sea in the direction of Rheolis Kingdom, but as it sailed, Rasmus remained in his assigned room with a depressed look. Just days ago, he realized that his friend or who he believed to be his friend, Damario, was a traitor. He couldn’t understand why Damario betrayed him, but his heart felt like it had broken into a thousand pieces. The last time he felt like this was when his father and mother died. Ironically, it was Damario who cheered him up at the time and now Damario was the cause for his heart break.

As Rasmus sulked in his room, the others, including Yanira helped around the ship. As they worked, they began to wonder if they would ever begin their plan for when they arrived at Rheolis.

Yanira knelt on the ground to scrub the deck, but she continued to worry for the broken hearted Rasmus taking a peek in the direction of his room. Yanira shook her head and continued her work, but stopped when she saw dark brown boots standing before her. She glanced up and saw Ravenclaw smirking down at her.

“Hey Yanira.”

“Hello Ravenclaw,” answered back Yanira with a bow of her head and then asked, “Do you need me to do something else?” Ravenclaw nodded and practically peeled her from the wet deck.

“I need you to cheer up his majesty.”

“You mean Rasmus?”

Ravenclaw nodded and added, “I can’t have him depressed this entire voyage or he’s going to end up dead when he reaches his kingdom.”

“But why me?”

Ravenclaw chuckled saying, “I guess you didn’t notice. Just know that you are the best person to cheer him up.” Yanira nodded, did a small bow toward Ravenclaw, and then headed in the direction of Rasmus’s room.

Ravenclaw ordered one of his men to take over Yanira’s job and was about to inspect the others, but felt a firm hand on his shoulder. He glanced over his shoulder only to see Farkas glaring at him.

“Do you need something, Fox boy?”

“I’m a wolf,” muttered Farkas and then asked, “Can you tell me why Yanira has to be the one to cheer up Rasmus?”

“Ah, so you heard?”

“Of course I heard.”

Ravenclaw smirked with a shrug saying, “I guess you haven’t noticed either.”

“Noticed what?”

“If I tell you, you might just die of sorrow,” stated Ravenclaw and then chuckled as he separated from Farkas. Farkas groaned wondering what Ravenclaw meant.

Meanwhile, Yanira finally reached Rasmus’s door and knocked gently on it calling Rasmus’s name. There was no answer, but to Yanira noticed that the door was unlocked and cracked it open to peek inside. The room was pretty dark, since it was a room with no window and the candle was not lit, but she did notice a bulge on the bed. She slipped into the room calling out Rasmus’s name as she approached the bed after making sure that the door behind her was sealed.

When Yanira reached the bed, she poked the bulge on the bed and heard a small groan as a result.

“Rasmus, are you OK?”

The bulge shook, but Yanira wasn’t sure if that was a “yes” or “no” making her puff out her cheeks in annoyance. She yanked the blankets exclaiming, “At least talk to me!”

When she yanked the blankets, she expected Rasmus to be revealed, but what she didn’t expect was for him to roll out of the bed still gripping the blanket she had tugged. She stared at the fallen Rasmus and wondered if he was harmed, but the shaking of his form made it clear to her that he did get some damage from the fall.

Rasmus got up glaring at Yanira with a frown on his face.

“Was it really necessary to pull me to the floor?”

“I’m sorry,” squeaked out Yanira as she dropped the blankets in her hand. The blankets landed next to Rasmus as he stared up at Yanira. He sighed and asked, “What do you want Yanira?”

“Well, Ravenclaw told me to cheer you up.”

“…Why you?”

“He said I was the best person to cheer you up.”

Rasmus was silent before muttering a small curse under his breath and crawling back up onto his bed.

“Thank you for your concern, but I am really fine.”

Yanira stared at Rasmus as he pulled his blankets back on the bed and then asked, “Then why do you look like you are about to cry?”

Rasmus paused in his actions as a smile crept onto his face, but the smile looked sad when matched his sorrowful eyes.

“Do I really look like I am about to cry?”

Yanira nodded and added, “Since we discussed who the traitor was, I noticed you were close to crying. Is it because your friend, Damario, was discovered as the traitor?”

Rasmus’s form slightly shook as he pressed a hand to his forehead.

“It’s hard. As a king, I expected that there would be plots against me, but I never expected that my childhood friend would betray me. It really hurts. I trusted him with my life and now he wants me gone. Why?”

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke. Yanira could already tell that he had bottled up his emotions from the shocking news and it had just overflowed when he revealed his thoughts to Yanira. Yanira approached Rasmus before embracing his shaking form.

“I’m sorry, Rasmus. I don’t know what to say. I really don’t.”

Rasmus wrapped his arms around Yanira and whispered, “Please, just stay like this for a little while longer.” Yanira nodded feeling the tears soak her chest.

Night came and then morning, but Yanira and Rasmus had yet to leave the room. Farkas, noticing their absence, growled with flattened ears as he made his way to Ramus’s room. When he reached the room, he knocked a few times, but when there was no answer, he kicked the door open and was shocked to see Yanira and Rasmus sleeping on the uncovered bed still embracing each other. If he didn’t notice the clothing on them, he would have guessed the worse (at least to him).


Yanira opened her eyes and then sat up with a yawn. She noticed Farkas at the opened door and greeted him with a warm smile, but was suddenly pulled back down on the bed by the still sleeping Rasmus.

“Rasmus, it is time to…”

Yanira didn’t even have time to finish her sentence because within seconds of being hugged by Rasmus, she was yanked from the bed by a growling Farkas. The sudden absence of Yanira’s warmth awoke Rasmus from his slumber and he was shocked to see the growling Farkas.

“Why are you in my room?”


Rasmus was confused by Farkas’s words at first, but then remembered the events from the previous day. He had hugged Yanira and then refused to release her, so they slept together in the same bed with him embracing Yanira like a stuffed animal. Rasmus turned red in the cheeks and then glanced at Yanira. Yanira smiled at him saying, “I’m glad you are looking better, Rasmus.” Rasmus nodded, but averted his gaze from Yanira to hide his blushing face. He was glad that he was a man with self-control.

Farkas scoffed and began to drag Yanira out of the room, but before they left, Rasmus stated, “Thank you Yanira and please let the others know that I will see them when I have a plan.” Yanira nodded and wished him farewell before leaving the room.

When Farkas and Yanira were out of the room, Rasmus laid on his bed again staring up at the ceiling. He remembered that when he hugged Yanira he smelled a fresh scent of flowers. If he didn’t know better, he would have believed that she was a real flower. He felt his heart race once again. This feeling…he felt it when they were on his ship and the way he hugged her was the same way he held her when they were kidnapped. He felt that he didn’t want to be separated from her. Rasmus shook his head dismissing the feeling. He believed he only felt like this again around Yanira, since she was the one to comfort him.

At this moment, his thoughts shifted from Yanira to his kingdom. He didn’t know exactly what to expect, but he suspected that he might be killed on sight if Damario managed to get the soldiers on his side, so the best course of action was to sneak into the kingdom and then gather information on the state of the kingdom before making any future moves. If he could, he would want to avoid the chance of a war, but if that was the only choice, he would try to make fewer casualties. In this planning, he knew that one thing was for certain: Yanira must not be one of the people to join the dead if the worse happened.

With determination in his eyes, Rasmus clenched his fist and muttered, “Prepare yourself Damario.”

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