Chapter 5: Kidnapper

The sound of the rushing wind filled the ears of Yanira as she was carried through the sky, with her kidnapper touching the ground only for a second before leaping back into the sky. Yanira stared at the top of the passing trees and felt a smile creep onto her face.

“The view is so nice!” exclaimed Yanira in excitement. She felt her kidnapper twitch and then she glanced at him only to see his wolf ears twitch as if trying to hear something. Yanira’s smile grew wider wanting to touch the ears, but her position prevented her from doing so making her puff her cheeks in dissatisfaction. It almost seemed that Yanira wasn’t even aware that she was kidnapped, but she was intelligent and understood that she was indeed kidnapped, but decided it was best not to panic and that led to her curiosity about her kidnapper and his wolf ears. She then noticed a wolf tail swinging behind him and grew even more excited. She swiped at it like a cat would a dangling string, but the tail avoided her touch making her giggle.

“Hey?” stated the kidnapper.


“You do know your situation right?”


Silence fell between the two, but at least Yanira was sure that her kidnapper was a male. They came rushing to the ground once again and Yanira glanced down and saw in her line of sight, bomb fires and houses that decorated the trees and ground.

Her kidnapper landed in this village like place and walked forward. As he did so, a group of people began to crowd around him calling him “Farkas.” Yanira giggled at the name meaning wolf finding his name appropriate.

A woman with long blonde hair wearing a green dress that resembled that of a weeping willow approached Farkas and stated, “I see you have returned dear brother.”

Farkas nodded with a smile and Yanira still over his shoulder, but his smile faded when the woman’s expression turned to a frown when she saw Yanira’s form on Farkas shoulder.

“What is that on your shoulder?”

Farkas glanced at Yanira and then yanked Yanira from his shoulder and dangled her in front of the woman.

“A hostage,” stated Farkas bluntly. The woman was silent and then smiled, and without warning drove her fist into Farkas’s stomach making him gasp out in pain and release Yanira to the ground. The woman immediately held Yanira protectively, while glaring at a curled up Farkas.

“You should know better than to steal a child, stupid brother. Evil Brother!” scolded the woman.

Farkas groaned as he sat up holding his stomach. His ears were flattened and his tail was puffed up as he glared at his sister.

“We needed money to pay for the merchant’s goods and I can find no better way than to take a hostage from a rich aristocrat.”

“You could steal.”


Farkas and the woman were soon glaring daggers at each other. As the glaring match commenced, Yanira finally took notice of their features.

The one, who she believed was called Farkas, had short silver hair with wolf ears the same color as his hair. The wolf ears would twitch once in a while, so Yanira believed these ears to be real. His tail was covered in silver fur and seemed to sparkle in the light of the bomb fires like it was trying to summon the light. He wore a vest with a torn white shirt that revealed only a bit of his chest and the pants he wore were torn at the ends like it was ripped by a wild animal. On his feet were brown boots that were stained with mud making it clear that he was a hard worker or at least walked in a dirt covered terrain a lot. His build was quite muscular, so he must be a hard worker. His eyes were blood red, but had a gentle look to it.

The blonde haired woman had a thin physique and skin as pale as milk, but looked as soft as silk. Her lips were red just like a ruby and her eyes were green just like the lush trees. Yanira also took notice of her green willow like dress and noted that the woman was just like Mother Nature in her appearance.

From Yanira’s viewpoint, Farkas and this woman shared no resemblance and found it hard to believe that they were siblings, but based on their conversation that seemed to be the case.

Yanira snapped out of her thoughts when Farkas raised his voice.

“You might be against it, but this girl could bring us a lot of money!”

“What if they retaliate? Did you think of that?”

“Well I…”

“You didn’t, did you? Honestly, how have I raised you all these years?”

“Do you want a list of my traumas?”

Farkas and the woman were once again in a glaring battle. Yanira didn’t know what to say, but she began to her some of the people in this village begin to chuckle and whisper to each other.

“Farkas and Willow are fighting again.”

“Who’s going to win this round?”

“My money is on Willow since she is the older sister.”

Yanira glanced at the woman finally learning that her name was Willow. She then glanced at Farkas who was glaring daggers at Willow. She now understood that he was the younger brother, but she still failed to see a resemblance between the so-called siblings.

Yanira was suddenly lifted up by Willow and cradled in her arms like a newborn child.

“I’m going to take her back,” stated Willow and was beginning to walk toward the thickness of trees, but stopped in her tracks when Farkas pointed out, “You don’t even know where I got her.”

“Tell me this instant!”

“No way,” stated Farkas and then stuck his tongue at her. Willow groaned and then glanced down at Yanira.

“Sorry little one. My brother is being unreasonable, but I’ll find a way to return you to your father.”

“My father?” Yanira squeaked. She thought of her father welcoming her back with open arms bringing a smile to her face, but then she remembered the promise between the kingdoms of Balwar and Azseldo.

“I’m sorry, but your brother did not take me away from my father.”

“He didn’t?” asked Willow, obviously puzzled by Yanira’s sudden words.

Yanira shook her head and stated, “He took me away from my future husband.” Willow was as still as a statue and then twisted her head toward Farkas, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.

“You separated two lovebirds?” demanded Willow in a voice resembling that of a demon. Farkas shook his head saying, “I didn’t see anyone that could be her fiancé. I only saw a guy who looked like he could be her father.”

“Shuyu is older than me by quite a bit,” stated Yanira. Farkas suddenly stared at Yanira in disbelief as did his sister.

“When you say Shuyu, do you mean the King of Azseldo Kingdom?”

Yanira nodded.

Farkas turned pale and asked, in an uneasy tone, “What’s your name?”

“Yanira Castlheart, second princess of Balwar Kingdom and soon to be queen of Azseldo Kingdom.”

All was silent and the next thing Yanira knew there was uproar of panic. Statements such as “what the people were going to do” and that “Farkas was an idiot” filled Yanira’s ears that she became slightly dizzy. The people had right to panic. Farkas had stolen a royalty and the punishment for this crime was execution.

Farkas curled up on the ground with his head buried in his knees muttering that he had doomed them all. Yanira stared at Farkas curled up form and then at Willow, who still held her in her arms.

“Um, Willow?”

Willow looked at Yanira with a rather forced smile answering, “Yes, dear?”

“I promise not to tell who kidnapped me, so please calm your hearts.”

Willow stared at Yanira with wide eyes as did the others and then smiled pulling Yanira in a hug.

“You are so sweet! I really want to keep you,” stated Willow refusing to release Yanira, who became bewildered.

“Hey, Stupid sister!” exclaimed Farkas after recovering from his initial shock; “We have to return her!”

“I don’t want to. I’ll raise her properly. I’ll feed her and give her lots of love.”


Yanira could hear the two begin to bicker again, but unlike the first argument, it was now reversed with Willow now wanting to keep her and Farkas wanting to return her. Yanira knew better than anyone that she had to return to Shuyu, but in her heart as she looked around at the people and the nature that surrounded them she felt that she wanted to stay.

“Excuse me?” Yanira squeaked.

Farkas and Willow’s eyes fell on Yanira. Yanira had a small blush as she clenched the front of Willow’s dress and began to speak in a timid manner.

“I would like to stay for a day, before I return. Is that OK?”

Willow was quick to agree, but Farkas frowned, saying, “You have to go back!” Yanira puffed her cheeks in disappointment.

“I just want another day in my Kingdom before I go to Azseldo Kingdom.”

All that stared at Yanira found her look and statement quite adorable and the next thing Farkas knew, he was being glared at by all his people. Their eyes seemed to be saying, “Let her stay jerk.” Farkas gritted his teeth at their stares and then yelled, “Fine, but only one day and then I’m sending you back.”

Yanira smiled brightly and nodded with a small giggle. Farkas felt an instant jolt in his heart and turned away from Yanira with a huff.

Willow giggled and muttered, “That’s what you get for kidnapping dear brother.” Willow hugged Yanira lightly and stated, “How about a bath in the Hot Spring. It is quite beautiful at night.” Yanira nodded with excitement in her eyes.

As Yanira was carried off by Willow, Farkas stared at their retreating forms. He admitted to kidnapping her for the ransom, but there was another reason for the kidnapping.

Farkas was born bound with a nature spirit of that of a Wolf Guardian. Children born bound with a spirit were called Anyion and their births were rare within this world and yet Farkas and his sister were born as Anyions. Farkas had the wolf spirit and Willow had the spirit of the forest. As Anyions, they were meant to act as protectors to the people, the reason why the village was built in the forest out of prying eyes. Though they are bound with spirits, they are still human and thus had the right to love a human.

In Farkas’s case though, the wolf spirit would be the one to decide his mate since the wolf spirit within him was known to be picky when it came to women, but when Farkas felt the wolf spirit radiate within his soul, he felt that the wolf spirit had finally found him a mate. He followed his instincts and found the carriage that carried the scent of the one he felt destined for. He blocked the path ahead and then when Shuyu left the carriage, he took his prize. He felt shock when he realized that the one the wolf spirit yearned for was ten, so he lied about taking her for ransom. Now that he knew that she was engaged, he felt even more in turmoil about the situation. He felt that he had to control the wolf spirit within him. He had to convince the wolf spirit that Yanira wasn’t the one.

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