Chapter 50: Rheolis Kingdom’s Protection

A couple of days passed before they finally saw the land of Rheolis Kingdom in sight. Ravenclaw ordered his men to prepare for anchoring off the shore of the kingdom, before approaching Rasmus, who had told Ravenclaw and his companions the plan the day before.

“I’ll provide a boat big enough for you guys to reach the shore, but I suggest that you abandon the boat before reaching land and swim the rest of the way. That way you can hide your presence easily.”

Rasmus nodded thanking Ravenclaw for the suggestion. Rasmus was about to head to the others to tell them the new addition of the plan, but Ravenclaw pulled his back making him stumble a bit. Ravenclaw leaned toward his ear saying, “I didn’t get the chance to ask, but have you made any progress with Yanira?”

Rasmus blushed asking what Ravenclaw meant. Ravenclaw sighed in reply muttering, “You are so slow.”

Rasmus was bewildered, but Ravenclaw released him allowing him to go to his companions that were in sight.

Meanwhile, Yanira was at the opposite end of the ship staring at the approaching land of Rheolis Kingdom. It’s been so long, since she saw land to the point she wondered if she would ever see it again. She also remembered that Rheolis was the place that could help her return to Azseldo Kingdom. She just hoped that her return would not be too late.

Yanira suddenly felt a warm hand on her shoulder and glanced back only to see Farkas smiling at her.

“Are you excited to get to the kingdom?”

Yanira nodded and added, “I am also a bit worried, since danger might be there.”

Farkas nodded, leaned on the side of the ship next to Yanira, and added, “I’m worried about that too, but Rasmus came up with a good idea of sneaking in and then gathering intelligence.”

“But how long will this plan last? I do need to return to Azseldo Kingdom,” pointed out Yanira. Her words made Farkas slightly frown.

“Do you really want to return there?”

“…Yes, I want my kingdom and my family to be safe. I miss them and I have been gone too long.”

Farkas noticed the pause before her words, but sighed and held her hand.

“I understand, but I will miss you when you have to leave.”

Yanira turned red in the cheeks muttering Farkas’s name. Farkas also turned red and seemed ready to say something else, but rose petals suddenly flew between them.

“Now, now, my dear fox, don’t get too close to my little red flower.”

“For the last time, I AM NOT A FOX! I am a wolf and what gives you the right to prevent me from getting close to Yanira, you crazy Rose Anyion!” exclaimed Farkas with angry fumes practically exploding from him. The rose Anyion, Rosalio, chuckled as rose petals danced around his form.

“I owe my life to my little red flower, Yanira, so I will protect her with my whole being, especially from insects like you.”


Yanira could tell that Farkas was about to attack, so she held his arm trying to convince him to calm down, but before his mood could even improve, a wave of rose petals collided with his face. As the rose petals fell from his face like dripping water, he stood still as if trying to process what had just happened. Even Yanira couldn’t come up with words of comfort, as Rosalio smiled proudly to himself with his chest pushed forward and rose petals dancing around his form.

Before the last petal could fall from Farkas’s face, Farkas gave out a growl and tackled Rosalio to the ground screaming, “You are so dead!” Rosalio retaliated by summoning a whip covered in rose thorns and lashing it at Farkas. Farkas was forced to back away, but immediately lunged at Rosalio, while avoiding the whip.

Yanira saw that no one had the advantage at the moment, but her eyes were filled with confusion wondering what she could do to make them stop fighting.

“Looks like Farkas snapped again,” stated the familiar voice of Willow. Yanira sighed in relief when she saw Willow, but she also took notice of Ageha, who was giggling saying, “Look at them go.” Willow scolded Ageha lightly not to encourage the fight, but then she looked at Yanira and asked, “So what caused him to snap this time?”

This time…with those words alone, it was obvious that this event of Farkas snapping had happened more than once in this voyage to Rheolis. As Yanira had predicted before, the Anyions that were imprisoned were beginning to clear their minds with their new found freedom and acted less strange compared to before, but some of the Anyions like Rosalio would provoke Farkas causing Farkas to snap at times to the point it became a common thing, but the provoking always happened when Yanira was present.

“Rosalio called Farkas a fox and then an insect and then threw petals at Farkas’s face.”

“Sounds like a very good reason for him to snap,” stated Willow with an amused smile, but then added, “I’m betting that he was trying to cuddle with you before the attack.”

“Cuddle?” Yanira muttered as her cheeks began to turn red. Ageha giggled saying, “Yanira matches her hair now.” Willow gave a light tap to Ageha as a scolding, but smiled when she noticed Yanira holding her reddened cheeks.

“So was he?”

“We…we were just talking,” stated Yanira, but in a flustered manner making Willow and Ageha smile in amusement.

“Well the fighting ends right now,” stated Willow and then nodded toward Ageha. Ageha nodded and flapped her butterfly wings to hover off the ground. She held her hands at the fighting boys and yelled out, “Time for a time out!” Following those words was a burst of light from her small hands. The light was almost blinding as the two boys stopped their attacks to cover their eyes.

The light faded as Ageha landed back on the ground with a proud cheer. Willow patted her head and looked at the two boys that had finally stopped fighting.

“Now listen up you two. Rasmus just laid out the plan to us. We are going to leave this ship by a boat and when we are half way there, it is time to abandon the boat and swim. When we reach land, we’ll gather information and then come up with a new plan. Understand?”

Farkas and Rosalio nodded with seriousness in their eyes. Willow then looked at Yanira and asked, “Did you get that as well, Yanira?” Yanira nodded with seriousness in her eyes and then asked, “Where are the others now?”

“They should be at the head of the ship getting ready to go. Just follow me.”

Yanira nodded and began to follow Willow with Ageha, Farkas, and Rosalio. As they walked, Rosalio tried to wrap an arm around Yanira, but the growling from Farkas made him think otherwise and made him note to teach Farkas a lesson when he had a chance.

When they reached the head of the ship, they saw Rasmus and the other Anyions waiting for them.

“Glad you could make it,” stated Rasmus and then asked, “Were you briefed on the plan?” Yanira, Farkas, and Rosalio nodded. Rasmus nodded back and stated, “Then let’s get on the boat before Ravenclaw changes his mind.” They nodded once again and began to descend the rope ladder one by one toward a slightly smaller boat waiting on the surface of the ocean. Yanira waited for her turn as the others went ahead of her. She was offered to go first, but insisted on going last.

When it was finally Yanira’s turn, she felt a hand on her shoulder and glanced behind her shoulder only to see Hans looking at her with a concerned look.

“I know you have to go, but can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“I overheard you talking about wanting to return to Azseldo Kingdom, but is that really what you want?”

“…It is, why do you ask?”

Hans clenched his hand stating, “When I heard you answer Farkas, it sounded like you didn’t want to return.” Yanira’s eyes widened momentarily before returning to normal and then she smiled at Hans saying, “I admit that I am nervous about returning, but I do want to return because my family is there. I hope you understand.” Hans still seemed unsure about Yanira’s answer, but he nodded and urged her toward the rope ladder.

Yanira could hear Farkas calling for her as she began to descend the rope ladder. The moment Yanira’s feet touched the bottom of the small boat, the ship began to take off. Yanira immediately released the rope ladder and glanced back at the departing ship. She saw Ravenclaw with his right foot on the edge of the ship do a small salute with a smirk on his lips before the ship was out of sight.

“That ship sure left fast,” stated Sirix with his orange cat ears twitching on his head. The others were in agreement of this statement, but didn’t voice it, since Rasmus suddenly ordered them to stay low and for Vaayu to control the wind in their favor. Vaayu did so, but kept his head down like he was avoiding an obstacle bar. With the wind in their favor, Rasmus was able to direct the boat toward the shores of Rheolis Kingdom using his control of the ocean.

As they got closer to shore, Rasmus began to calculate when would be the best time to abandon ship. Rasmus increased the speed of the boat a bit, but he suddenly felt the gentle touch of Yanira’s hand on his arm making him face her. He noticed the seriousness in her eyes and asked, “Is something wrong?” Yanira nodded and asked, “Can’t you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

Yanira had a hard time describing it. It was like a chill ran down her spine followed by heat. It was like how one would feel when having a fever, but this only started when Rasmus increased the speed. She thought at first to ignore this feeling, but this feeling of uneasiness increased to the point she grew concerned.

Rasmus didn’t understand what she was feeling, but when he noticed Sirix hissing at the water and Farkas growling with his hair standing on end, he suspected that they felt the same thing Yanira felt. Rasmus increased the speed again to be safe, but the moment he did so, the boat suddenly capsized sending all of them into the cold waters of the ocean.

They managed to swim to the surface coughing out water that managed to go down their throats. Rasmus cleared his throat before looking at the others and asking, “Is everyone all right?” They all managed to nod, but fear soon crept onto their faces when they glanced down at their feet. They could see the figure of tentacles trying to grab their legs. They managed to swim to avoid it, but were confused of what these tentacles were.

Rasmus cursed under his breath and stated, “I completely forgot about the guardian.”


“The Guardian is a Fire Kraken that is tied to the rulers of Rheolis Kingdom. It only obeys the one recognized as king.”

“Then why is it attacking us when you are the king!” Farkas exclaimed as he kicked the surface of the water to avoid an approaching tentacle.  Rasmus was confused of this as well, but paled when he came to a realization: someone had taken the throne from him and was determined to be the new king. Rasmus was so in shock that he didn’t even notice the tentacle about to grab his leg.


Rasmus felt someone push his back and then next thing he knew, he heard the scream of Yanira as she was lifted from the water and then pulled under.

“Yanira!” Farkas exclaimed and dived under. Rasmus also dived under telling the others not to follow in fear of them getting caught by the Kraken.

As Farkas and Rasmus dove after Yanira, Yanira struggled against the strong hold of the Kraken around her body. When Yanira pushed Rasmus from the tentacle, she forgot to consider that she would be captured and be dragged under. If this continued, she knew that she could drown, but as those thoughts entered her head, a bubble suddenly formed over her mouth and nose allowing her to breathe under the water. She noticed that Rasmus was holding his hand toward her with the same bubble over his mouth and nose and smiled realizing that he was the one that made the bubble for her to breathe and she also noticed that Farkas had the same bubble on his face. With her breathing saved for the moment, she placed her hand on the tentacle that held her prisoner as her lips muttered out a spell.

“Raitoningukoh No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.”

Lightning emitted from her hand shocking the tentacle and her own hand. Yanira cringed in pain, but the tentacle began to spasm before releasing her body. Yanira kicked through the water moving like a swimming fish escaping from the tentacle that retreated into the darkness below her. Rasmus and Farkas reached her at the same time asking if she was unharmed. Yanira nodded cradling her shocked hand. Yanira made note not to use the lightning spell when under water.

Yanira was about to leave with Rasmus and Farkas, but she suddenly noticed millions of deep red eyes appear from the darkness and rush toward them. Rasmus noticed this too and managed to use the current of the ocean to avoid the attack, but then they were faced with the Fire Kraken that glared at them with its millions of red eyes and the tentacles that looked harmless before now had fangs emerging from them. It was no mystery that the Kraken planned to kill them.

Yanira stared at the angered Kraken and then glanced at Rasmus and Farkas.

“You two need to get to the shore with the others. I’ll hold it off.”

“Are you crazy? Rasmus is the Anyion of the Ocean and the king, so he should face that Guardian!” exclaimed Farkas in objection of Yanira staying. Yanira frowned saying, “Farkas, I don’t know if you noticed, but the fact that the Guardian is intent on killing Rasmus means that the throne was taken and he is not recognized as king anymore.”

Farkas’s eyes widened before looking at Rasmus for confirmation. Rasmus could only nod with a complicated look. Farkas clenched his fist and stated, “So he’s not king now, OK, but why must you stay. He can still fight this thing with his power.”

“Rasmus is the one that definitely needs to reach shore. He needs to get the throne back, so we can’t take the risk of him fighting this thing.”

Farkas frowned realizing that Yanira’s words were correct, but he still objected of Yanira fighting he Kraken by exclaiming, “This thing is strong, so how can you fight it.” Yanira smiled and stated, “I am a priestess after all, so please let me do this.”

Farkas was going to object again, but a powerful force suddenly pushed him and Rasmus back. They noticed that Yanira had waved her hand at them before they were pushed back realizing she was responsible for the force.

“Go now. I promise to meet you at the kingdom.”

“But Yanira…”

“I promise.”

Those words of Yanira made Farkas believe in her, before he grabbed Rasmus and stated, “Let’s go.” Rasmus nodded, but his gaze didn’t leave Yanira as she floated before the Kraken that seemed to be glaring daggers at her.

“Rasmus is the true king. I will not let you harm him.”

With those words, Yanira made a small spin in the water creating small swirling bubbles around her. She pressed her hands down to the force of the water and the water around her began to give off a pulse. The Kraken noticed this and lashed a fanged tentacle at her. Yanira swung her leg and a force form the water followed sending the tentacle flying back. Yanira smiled and did two more spins before shoving her hands to the left and right. As she did this, the force of the water increased and began to circle her and the Kraken. The Kraken slashed at the swirling water, but it was repelled sending it tumbling. Yanira held her hands together and blew through it. Blades of water formed and then circled around before Yanira caught two of them and twirled around once again. It was like she was a mermaid dancing in the water. This was indeed a dance…the dance of the water element.

The dance was difficult, since it could only be done when engulfed in water. Yanira had read that some priestesses have perished doing this dance because of the pressure of the water and the time it took, but Yanira managed to do it. The first time she did the dance a year ago in her training she was forced to hold her breath and only release some air when it came to forming the blades, but because of the bubble on her face, she was able to accomplish this feet with air to spare. Yanira tossed the water blades in her hand like a juggling act and then would kick the spare blades at the Kraken to wound it. In the dance the blades were not meant to harm, but in this case, Yanira made an exception. She crossed her arms in front of her chest with the two blades in hand and then expanded her arms as she bowed down by the waist. The two blades were released and collided into the forehead of the Kraken. The kraken cried out in pain as a force erupted from its body sending Yanira flying through the water like a torpedo.

As Yanira traveled through the water faster than the speed of light, her consciousness began to leave her, but then she felt something warm embrace her and began to hear voices.

“This young girl is a strong one. It has been centuries since I was wounded this bad.”

“She is strong. Always has been since she was born.”

“Is that so? It is a shame to kill her.”

“You hurt her and you will be the one in the grave.”

“…Interesting. Then allow me to make a new contract.”


“I have been bound to serve the kings of Rheolis, since the founding of the kingdom, but if she makes a contract with me then I will only serve her words.”

“…Wouldn’t that make her the new ruler of this kingdom?”

“If she so chooses.”

“…OK, what is needed?”

“She has already unlocked the first step and that was to defeat me. The second step would be a drop of her blood and I can assure you that I already got that when I first grabbed her. The last step is for her to give an oath followed by a kiss.”

“Is the last step really necessary?”

“It is or is there a reason why you don’t want her to do it?”

“…It should be fine.”

“Good, now tell her what to say…”

The conversation seemed to fade, but Yanira heard the oath she was to make and began to mutter it in her semiconscious state.

“Oh Fire Kraken, Lalahono, a dweller of both water and fire, God of the flames and sea, please grant me your power to my body and soul. My blood, your blood…we are one until death do us part.”

Yanira felt a hand in hers and then felt something warm touch her lips. She opened her eyes and saw a man maybe around his twenties with long light brown hair in a braid and fiery red eyes with traces of light blue in the middle. A flame symbol rested on his forehead, but had a blue light surrounding it. This man showed a small smile at her and stated, “It is done. You are now my master.”

Yanira felt a slight burn on her forehead before falling unconscious. The man vanished, but not before looking at the white haired man, who held Yanira in his embrace. The white haired man stared at Yanira’s sleeping face and then covered her lips with his own before vanishing.

You are mine.

Meanwhile, in the castle of Rheolis, Damario, stumbled forward with a hand against his forehead.

“It can’t be. Why has the Kraken broken our contract?”

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