Chapter 54: The Priestess Heir

In the kingdom of Rheolis, there were a number of mansions that housed the nobility. When the new king ascended some of those mansions gained new owners, since quite a few nobles were against the new king. As punishment those against the new king were imprisoned without mercy. The nobles that were spared and supported the new king were granted the estates of the imprisoned nobles.

One of these nobles was Duke Salome Balder. Before the new king took the throne, he was just a baron, but when he was approached by one of the followers of the uprising to take the throne with the promise of higher nobility, he took the bait and as a result gained the title of Duke. He had gained the recognition he believed he deserved.

In his household, another one was glad of his new rank: his daughter, Christine. Ever since young, she was a spoiled child to the point her father nearly joined the poor house, but with this new rank, all debts were paid and she was free to splurge was her belief.

Christine now had a chance for an even higher position in society, since not too long ago, Charmak, the slave of the new king informed her father that she was to meet the priestess. She was thrilled at the chance and she believed that this chance was also her chance to get close to the new king and maybe trade her priestess title to be queen. Just the thought sent her heart soaring.

At the moment, she was in her room deciding on what extravagant dress to wear, but paused in her decision making when she heard a knock on her door followed by her father’s voice asking if she was decent.

“It’s OK father, you may enter.”

Salome entered the room smiling at his daughter.

“I see that you are still deciding on a dress.”

“Father, I have to choose the best dress to make an impression for the priestess,” stated Christine as she dangled another extravagant decorated dress in front of the body length mirror before her.

“Christine, the priestess is a difficult person to please. I remember that Walter’s daughter also came to the priestess to try the apprenticeship, but was rejected by the priestess the moment she walked into the palace. It was quite a humiliating day for her.”

“Well I am not like other girls. I will impress the priestess, I promise.”

Christine pressed another extravagant dress against her form as a smile formed on her lips.


Meanwhile, back in the palace, Damario was getting his neck treated by the palace doctor:  Badrick Lionheart. Damario winced as Badrick dabbed Damario’s neck with a cloth covered in liquid herbs.

“Not so hard.”

“I’m sorry, your majesty, but I need to get as much medicine in the wound as I can to prevent infection,” stated Badrick and then glanced back at Yanira, who sat in a chair watching them.

“You’re lucky she covered the wound after the thorns were out.”

“Well, she was responsible for this wound in the first place.”

“I’m sorry,” squeaked out Yanira. Damario only frowned averting his gaze from Yanira as Badrick wrapped his neck.

“Do not remove this bandage for three days, understand?”

Damario nodded and stood up saying, “I’ll take Lady Nira back to her room.”

Before Damario could grab Yanira’s hand, Badrick grabbed his hand and stated, “I still need to treat her wound.”

“It’s just a cut on the cheek.”

“That could leave to scarring and you should know that a woman should not have a scar on her face if she wants to get married.”

Damario groaned as he yanked his hand away from Badrick.

“Fine, but the moment the treatment is done, I will be taking her back to her room.”

Badrick nodded and added, “Then please wait outside.”

“Why out…”

“I noticed some thorns down her dress, so I am going to remove it to see if she has any other injuries or do you want to watch a lady undress?”

Damario turned red realizing what Badrick was saying and immediately left the room saying, “I will be by the door.”

The moment Damario slammed the door behind him, Badrick smiled a Yanira saying, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to remove your dress. I just wanted him out of the room.”

“Do you dislike him?” asked Yanira with a tilted head. Badrick sighed as he wiped the dry blood from her cheek with a clean rag.

“I am just a little angry at him still for what he did to our friend.”



Yanira nodded.

“I think you are already aware that his majesty…Damario, has only taken the throne quite recently since the death of the previous king. Well the previous king, Rasmus, was our good friend. We played together when young and when we were older, we scheduled a get together. It was a fun time, but then Damario wanted the throne for himself. He didn’t tell me the reason why, but he suddenly cut ties with me and the next thing I knew, Rasmus and him were going to Azseldo Kingdom and then only Damario returned and he took the throne by force. We were so close and Damario let Rasmus get killed.”

Yanira could see the hurt in Badrick’s eyes and patted his head making him look straight into her eyes.

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

Badrick smiled at her as he placed a patch on her wounded cheek.

“It’s OK. I guess I just wanted someone to talk too.”

Yanira smiled and stated, “You can talk with me whenever you want.” Badrick chuckled and patted her head before standing up and stated, “You should go meet with his majesty, Lady Nira.” Yanira nodded and then walked pass Badrick.

The moment she left the room, Badrick sighed with crossed arms and glanced at a picture frame on his desk. This picture held three boys with bright smiles on their faces. The painting details of the picture were flawless. Badrick picked up the picture and then smiled saying, “Maybe I can still hope you are alive, my friend.”

A few moments before Yanira left the room, Damario was waiting in the hall until Charmak approached him saying, “I finally found you, your majesty.”

“Charmak, have you delivered the message to Duke Salome?”

Charmak nodded and added, “They will be here this evening to see the priestess.” Damario nodded, but felt his eyes widen when he heard a familiar voice say, “Cancel that invitation.”

Damario glanced down the hallway and saw Sapphire approaching with a cane in her hand.

“Priestess, what brings you here?”

Sapphire bowed her head saying, “Your majesty, I have not come searching for you, but please cancel that invitation you had sent. That girl…Christine is not fit for the priestess position.”

“You have yet to meet her, priestess.”

“I never will,” stated Sapphire and added, “Besides, I believe I have found the right candidate.”

Damario narrowed his eyes asking, “And who might that be?”

At that moment, Yanira exited the room, closed the door behind her, and visibly flinched when she saw the increase of people.

“Who are these people?” asked Yanira, her eyes drifting between Sapphire and Charmak. Before Damario could answer, Sapphire suddenly bowed before her saying, “I am most thrilled to finally lay my eyes on you in person Lady Nira.”

Yanira blinked in confusion, but when she laid her eyes on the garment of Sapphire she muttered, in realization, “You’re a priestess.” Sapphire nodded and stated, “I am Sapphire, priestess of Rheolis Kingdom.”

Sapphire suddenly faced Yanira and placed a wrinkled hand on Yanira’s right hand.

“I have been priestess for many, many years, but my time is coming and I need an heir. Lady Nira, will you be willing to be the new priestess of Rheolis Kingdom?”

Yanira’s eyes widen as did Charmak and Damario’s eyes.

She wants me to be the new priestess?

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