Chapter 55: Rheolis’ Nightfall

At night fall, Yanira was locked in her room. Yanira laid on her bed as she ran the events of that day. She had failed on her escape attempt and then was brought into the infirmary where she learned that Badrick was an old friend of Rasmus and Damario. After that, she met the priestess of Rheolis Kingdom for the first time and was asked to be the new priestess.


            Yanira rolled on her bed as the words priestess echoed in her head. She was thrilled to be asked and it reminded her of her dream of becoming a priestess when she still lived in Balwar Kingdom…Balwar Kingdom, her home. Even though it has been a long time, she still missed her home and the thought of her kingdom just reminded her that they were in another war. In her heart, she hoped that her kingdom would not be in ruins when she returned to Azseldo Kingdom.


            Yanira sat up with a saddened expression.


            “I have to go back.”


            Yanira slipped out of her bed and headed toward the window, but noticed that it was locked and chained making her puff her cheeks in anger. If she ever wanted to escape again, it wouldn’t be through the window.  


            Meanwhile, Damario was in the meeting chambers having a conversations with Sapphire. Damario was frowning as he spoke to Sapphire.


            “Can you explain to me why you selected Lady Nira as your heir?”


            “Is there a problem with me selecting her?”


            “I am still not aware of her complete background and she still holds the contract of the Kraken, so I may have to kill her to break the contract in the future, so why select her?”


            Sapphire cracked a smile and stated, “I had a vision that Lady Nira has the qualifications to be a priestess and the fact that she was able to make a new contract with Kraken proves that she has power well beyond my abilities, so why can’t she be a priestess?”


            Damario was struck speechless. He knew that Sapphire’s judgment was never wrong, but he had his doubts about Lady Nira. She could be a spy and lead the kingdom to ruin, but those doubts vanished when Sapphire suddenly added, “I also saw another vision concerning Lady Nira that could bring prosperity to Rheolis Kingdom.”


            “What vision would that be?”


            “That her being a ruler of Rheolis is the right choice.”


            Damario shot up from where he sat with an angered expression.


            “Are you saying I am not fit as ruler?”


            “I never said that,” stated Sapphire in a calm voice, “You are aware of politics of kingdoms. There can be two rulers.”


            Two rulers…it echoed in his mind, until he realized what Sapphire was proposing.


            “Are you suggesting that I make her my queen?”


            “You catch on.”


            “But you proposed for her to be a priestess. How can she be queen too?”


            “Quite simple: give her both titles. Let her be the priestess and when her training is complete, make her your queen. She will be both priestess and queen of Rheolis Kingdom.”


            Damario pondered to himself before facing Sapphire and saying, “I will think of your proposal about making her queen. For now, she is allowed to be a priestess in training under you.”


            Sapphire bowed her head saying, “I thank you, your majesty. I will take my leave, but promise to send Lady Nira to the temple chambers when the next day’s sun rises.” Damario nodded, dismissing Sapphire.


            The moment Sapphire was gone, he saw Charmak slip in and then bow before Damario.


            “Did you cancel the invitation?”


            Charmak nodded adding, “She was quite vocal when I cancelled the invite.” Damario noticed the red handprint on Charmak’s cheek and chuckled realizing that Christine was also quite physical when expressing her anger toward his slave.


            “Rest for today,” stated Damario. Charmak nodded and left the room placing a hand to his injured cheek.


            When the door closed, Damario thought back at the priestess’ proposal. The priestess wants him to wed Lady Nira, but he barely knows the girl and he didn’t have any plans to marry anytime soon, since creating an heir when he just gained the throne wasn’t wise. He also thought back to the time Lady Nira was first brought before his presence. He still couldn’t shake the feeling that he had met her before.


            That same night, Duke Salome’s estate was in chaos. After Christine got the news that she was no longer allowed to meet the priestess, she was enraged. She broke vases and whipped any servants that crossed her paths. Not even Duke Salome could approach her when she was this enraged. Christine shattered a mirror panting angry breaths.


            “How dare that hag refuse me? I am fit to be priestess! I am fit to be queen! HOW DARE SHE HUMILIATE ME LIKE THIS!”


            Christine shattered another vase with her hair dangling in front of her face. In her angered state, she resembled a witch ready to slaughter a village. Christine gave out another scream shattering some of the windows near her. She stepped on the glass panting with rage in her eyes.


            “I’ll kill her. I’ll definitely kill her…”


            Those words were a like curse in the night.


            In another part of the kingdom, in a buried wine cellar, Farkas kept watch as the Anyions slept soundly. Farkas frowned as he stared into the night. Ever since they reached shore, they had been in hiding. They were only able to sneak out when the patrol wasn’t around. At this point, they were no different from criminals.


            Farkas sighed and suddenly heard Rasmus groan. He glanced at Rasmus and saw him sit up, while rubbing his eyes.


            “Can’t sleep, Rasmus?”


            Rasmus shook his head and stated, “I finally reached my kingdom, but I don’t know what to do to get it back.”


            Rasmus sighed and added, “There is also still no sign of Yanira. Maybe she is…”


            “If you even think she is dead, I won’t hesitate to kill you, even if you are royalty.”


            “But where could she be?”


            Farkas remembered Yanira as she did her water dance before their separation and the determination in her eyes. Farkas smiled saying, “I don’t know where she is, but I know she is still alive.”




            Farkas placed a hand to his heart as he spoke.


            “I can’t really explain it, but ever since I first met her, I felt like we were connected. Even when we were separated, I felt that I could tell when she was happy and when she was sad. It was almost like she was calling me.”


            Rasmus didn’t know what to say as he stared at the warm smile on Farkas’s face as he spoke about his feelings toward Yanira. Rasmus didn’t know why, but Farkas’s words made him uncomfortable.


            Rasmus averted his gaze from Farkas saying, “I will try to sleep again.”


            Farkas nodded saying, “Sleep well. We have a big day tomorrow.” Rasmus nodded laying his head back down.


            Farkas looked outside through the only opening of the buried wine cellar and remembered Yanira’s laughter. Farkas turned red in the cheeks saying, “I will see you again.”

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