Chapter 56: Yanira’s Escape?

The sun rose and shined on the kingdom of Rheolis awakening all that lived there, including Yanira, who still remained imprisoned in her room. When Yanira could not discover a new way to escape, she slept through the night and then awoke that morning. She stretched up in her bed with a small yawn and then stepped off the bed with red hair running along her shoulders. Yanira picked up a strand of her hair and sighed realizing that she was still not accustomed to her long hair and it didn’t help that it had grown longer. Yanira brushed the strands of hair from her face using her slender fingers and then approached the locked balcony. She could see the sun shining making a smile appear on her face.

Yanira remembered the proposal of the priestess as she stared at the rays of the sun. Pushing strands of hair behind her ear, she turned away from the closed balcony and headed to the dresser in her room to tidy herself up. Her goal that day was to reject the proposal of the priestess to be her heir.

Meanwhile, Damario was wandering the halls with seriousness in his eyes. He thought of the proposal of the priestess, but after thinking about it for most of the night, he decided that he couldn’t take the chance of marrying Lady Nira. He knew that the priestess’ words meant well, but he still had his suspicions. He will allow Lady Nira to be a priestess in training, but as for her becoming queen…he believed it was not to be.

Damario stopped in front of Lady Nira’s chamber doors. Without even knocking, he unlocked the door and walked in to awaken Lady Nira, but froze on the spot like a statue. Yanira stood before the wardrobe with her bareback exposed. Yanira looked behind her and felt her cheeks heat up when she noticed Damario staring at her like a statue in display.

In almost an instant, Yanira screamed as loud as she could and threw a vase at Damario. Damario managed to dodge and slip out of the room saying his apologies.

Damario slammed the door behind him panting. He had never intended to see Lady Nira in such a venerable position. It was just an accident as he claimed, but the thoughts of her bareback made him turn red in the cheeks. He thought this before, but Lady Nira was quite the beauty. Damario shook his head and knocked on the door this time.

“Are you decent?”

“…You may enter.”

Damario entered again and was relieved that Yanira wore a white slim dress that complimented her figure. Damario cleared his throat and asked, “No escape attempts this time?” Yanira puffed her cheeks saying, “Now is not the time.”

“So you do plan to escape still?” asked Damario, this time with a displeased look. Yanira remained silent this time making her answer clear to Damario. Damario frowned. He couldn’t let her escape, since she still held the contract of the Kraken, but he also felt that her wanting to escape was something he did not want. He wanted her to change her mind…to remain in the castle. Such thoughts clouded his mind for a moment, but the cloud lifted when Yanira suddenly asked, “Can I please see Priestess Sapphire?”

Damario nodded and added, “She did want to meet you when the sun rose.” With those words spoken, Damario grabbed her hand and practically dragged her from the room.

As they walked, Yanira took note of the hallways and examined any exits that could exist. Damario noticed her wandering eyes and frowned as he yanked her hand to make her lose focus. He didn’t want any new ideas for escape to enter her mind.

Damario and Yanira soon arrived before the temple chambers just outside of the castle yard. The torches were still lit making it clear to Damario that the priestess was still in deep slumber. He released Yanira’s hand saying, “I will awake the priestess, so remain here or face punishment.” Yanira puffed her cheeks realizing that Damario was warning her not to escape. Even without the warning, Yanira would not try to escape, since the security of the temple looked solid with barrier spells and the like.

The moment Damario entered the temple, Yanira glanced around again before her sight landed on the torches. She looked around and saw a paddle laying on the ground. She picked it up with a smile and then held it like she was holding a fan. She stepped forward, but showed a disappointed look when the wind didn’t gather. Her eyes landed on the bracelet and puffed her chees in dissatisfaction. With the bracelet on, it was impossible to do a proper Priestess Dance.

Yanira used the paddle to hit the bracelet muttering that she wanted it off, but of course her words had no effect. Yanira sighed and was about to place the paddle back to the ground, but suddenly heard a rustle in the bushes. She lifted her head and saw a white fox slip out of the bushes.

“It’s you,” stated Yanira, remembering the fox she encountered at the cave in the dragon valley. The fox tilted its head and Yanira matched its movements like it was a mirror. The fox gave out a small bark and trotted to her.

“Do you need something?” asked Yanira. The fox gave out another bark before tugging at the hem of her dress.

“Do you want to take me somewhere?” asked Yanira, remembering that the fox had assisted her in the cave when she was alone. Of course, Yanira was still skeptical that the white fox was the same one, but she felt that she could trust it. The white fox began to walk back to the bush looking back at Yanira as if urging her to follow. Yanira looked toward the temple and when she saw that Damario had still not appeared with the priestess, she decided to follow the white fox not aware that the moment she entered the bush, her form had vanished.

Damario finally exited the temple with Priestess Sapphire in tow, but yelled out curses when he saw that Yanira was nowhere in sight.

“I told her to remain here!” he yelled as he began to think up a punishment for her, but his thoughts halted when he saw Sapphire looking around with a puzzled expression.

“How can this be?”

“What is it?”

“The barrier has a tear, but no magic should have been able to tear it unless a God was in play. It could only be taken down by me.”

Damario had a doubtful look as he asked, “Are you sure? It couldn’t have been Lady Nira, if she had any magic it would have been sealed by the bracelet you placed on her.”

“That’s true, but the barrier was torn no doubt and I can feel another spell in play, but I don’t know what.”

Damario frowned saying, “I don’t know either, but I know Lady Nira escaped. Use a tracking spell to find her if you need to. I will send some guards out to locate her.” Sapphire nodded and watched Damario run off.

Sapphire frowned and then knelt on the ground.

“Could a God truly be her ally? If so, then she truly is the most worthy to take my place as priestess.”

Sapphire began to cough violently not noticing the approaching shadow behind her.

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