Chapter 57: Yanira’s Dance

Yanira followed the white fox through the thickness of trees. When she entered the bush, she didn’t expect this much nature to appear, especially since the castle courtyard didn’t seem this big. She also took notice that the barrier that should have stopped her had yet to appear. Yanira was suspicious of her surroundings, but still followed the white fox.

“Um, Mr. Fox, where are you taking me?”

The fox only gave out a small bark with a small wave of its fluffy tail. Yanira couldn’t help, but blush at the small cute gesture of the fox, but returned to her senses when the fox suddenly ran ahead.

“Please wait!” called Yanira, not noticing that after each step she took, flowers of different species began to bloom coloring the greenish brown ground with life. It was as if her touch was the touch of Mother Nature itself. The fox dashed into what looked like an abandoned shrine. Yanira stopped momentarily to stare at the ruined shrine and then dashed into it determined to locate the fox.

“Mr. Fox, are you in here?”

Yanira slowed her pace to take in her surroundings. Even though the shrine was damaged by age, she also took notice of the wood damaged from fire.

“What happened here?”

Yanira took one step forward only to gasp when the shrine began to fill with light from torches that lines the walls. With the light, she was able to see an altar with a statue of a man she was not familiar with. She approached the statue not noticing that the gates of the shrine had closed silently behind her.

Yanira leaned toward the statue of the man and realized that he did look oddly familiar…almost like he appeared in a dream. This statue had long hair in a braid and a flame symbol at the center of his head. That symbol seemed to draw in her attention. She touched it lightly with her right hand, but gasped when the flame symbol gave off a blue light.

Yanira felt her body grow warm and glanced at her hand only to see a blue light emitting from it. She glanced at her whole body realizing that the blue light had engulfed her form. She felt panicked at first, but then felt calm like she had just drifted into a dream. A fan with a flame symbol suddenly materialized before her and as if in a trance, she held the fan in her right hand and then waved it sending a wave of blue light flying toward the altar.

“What is this?” muttered Yanira, but then felt a furry paw nudging the back of her right leg. She glanced down and the white fox met her eyes, while still poking her leg. Yanira tilted her head in confusion, but when she moved her right leg forward, the fox then nudged her left foot. She moved the left forward and then noticed the white fox begin to chase his tail. Yanira giggled at the sight, but then felt her eyes widen as a memory surfaced.

It’s a dance…a dance of acceptance…a dance Lucina taught me when I first started my training as a priestess.

            Yanira glanced at the fan and then at the little fox that continued to chase his tail. Yanira smiled deciding to trust the little fox.

Yanira waved the fan again sending out the blue light and then stepped forward with her right followed by her left and then did a spin with the fan outward creating another wave of the blue light. She took a bow waving the fan like a fish’s tail and then drew a circle with her right and then her left foot. She leapt up doing another spin allowing her long hair to dance in the air. She waved the fan above her head as if forming a rainbow and then knelt down touching the fan to the ground before suddenly flipping the fan up with a flick of her wrist. The fan was airborne for a short while before landing in Yanira’s extended left hand. She waved the fan with her left hand sending another wave of blue light and then tossed the fan back to her right. She stood up and then ran forward. She did three spins like a ballerina and then shut the fan before kneeling back onto the ground before the altar.

Yanira heaved out a sigh before gazing at the altar. The blue light from the statue seemed to intensify, but Yanira didn’t shut her eyes this time. She stared at the glowing light with seriousness in her eyes.

Within the light she noticed a blue fruit that gave off a light of reflection. Yanira was puzzled by the fruit as she reached out toward it. The moment her hand grasped the fruit, she felt a wave of warmness enter through her.

You are the one…you will be the one to cast light on this kingdom.

Yanira gasped as the fruit turned to light and entered her body. Yanira felt nothing, but positive feelings as the light intensified. She felt her eyes begin to close, but then noticed a man with long white hair staring at her.

“Who are…?”

Her sentence was not complete for the man pressed his lips to hers. She closed her eyes wondering who this man was.

When her eyes opened again, there was no sign of the man or the shrine she was in as she sat in a bed of flowers. She looked around with puzzlement wondering if what she experienced was only a dream. She suddenly noticed the closed fan lying next to her. She picked it up and flipped it open revealing the flame symbol on it.

“It really happened?” Yanira muttered. She examined the fan for a long while, but hid it within her skirt when she heard a familiar voice calling her, “Lady Nira!” She knew this voice wasn’t Damario’s, but she was aware that she had heard this voice before.

Out of the trees emerged a soldier that Yanira recognized: the soldier she met when she first escaped the ocean, Grian Balthazar.

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