Chapter 63: Support for a Replacement

The news of the new priestess, Lady Nira, spread through the kingdom like wildfire. Some were confused, while others rejoiced. There were also others that loathed the idea, since that meant that the chance to be priestess for those who wished for it had vanished. With the mixed reactions in the air, Damario called the people he trusted most to his meeting chambers: Badrick Lionheart, Salome Balder, Charnak, and Molech Hilani. He had other advisers, but the people in the room with him at that moment were the ones he believed could help him.

Damario folded his hands together as he sat at the head of the table not tearing his eyes away from the men that sat before him.

“I believe you are all aware that I have accepted Lady Nira as the new priestess for Rheolis Kingdom.”

They all nodded, but Damario noticed Charnak, Salome, and Molech’s dark expressions.

“Do you believe that my decision was incorrect?”

Salome was the first to speak with his eyebrows scrunched up like a pig’s.

“Please forgive me your highness, but the fact that a stranger to our kingdom has been recognized as the new priestess is an insult to me, especially toward my daughter,” stated Salome, “In my view point, I believe Christine is more suited to be priestess.”

“I have to agree with Lord Salome,” cut in Charnak, “I know I am a slave and my opinion means little, but even I can see that choosing a stranger over the virtuous Christine is an error, your majesty.”

Molech nodded adding, “I know you vouched for her when it came to my suspicions toward her being the assassin, but I still find her suspicious. I think it is best to give the position to Christine Balder.”

Damario expected them to be negative toward his decision, but for them to vote to change the priestess to Christine seemed out of place to him and he was already aware that Sapphire before her death already rejected Christine as a priestess heir.

Badrick suddenly chuckled making all present to gaze at him.

“I apologize, but I find it comical that you want Lady Christine to be priestess just because Lady Nira is a stranger to the kingdom,” stated Badrick and then tossed a strand of hair behind his ear; “I seem to remember that the priestesses before Sapphire were foreigners, so Lady Nira being a stranger to the kingdom or in other words a FOREIGNER should not pose any problems.” Charmak and Salome were stunned silent.

Badrick then glanced at Molech saying, “As for your suspicions, I can tell you right now that the injuries of Sapphire were made by claws of a wolf, so unless Lady Nira suddenly grew claws, it is impossible for her to be the culprit, so your suspicions should be put to rest.” Molech frowned crossing his arms to his chest.

Badrick then rested his gaze on Damario.

“Your majesty, I have had the pleasure of meeting Lady Nira when I treated her and I can see that she is fit to be priestess with her kind heart, so I support your decision.”

Damario thanked Badrick, glad to have some support, but Salome suddenly stood up from his chair saying, “But what about the people? Do they support the decision of having that stranger as a priestess? They haven’t even laid eyes on her, so I believe Christine…”

“Then she will make a public appearance,” Damario immediately announced making all fall silent. Damario stood up from his chair with a smirk on his lips.

“I actually summoned you all to help me come up with an idea to remedy the mix reactions of the people, and thanks to Salome, I believe the best solution would be a public appearance.”

“Appearing won’t solve everything,” pointed out Molech.

“True, but all of you mentioned Lady Christine and how she was more fitted to be priestess, so I have a proposal: Lady Christine and Lady Nira will both appear before the people and demonstrate their potential as priestess of this kingdom.”

“You mean…”

“Lady Christine will have a chance to replace Lady Nira as priestess if the people recognize her, but if Lady Nira is recognized then my support still stands.”

All of them came to an agreement with this plan, but Salome was the most thrilled, since this meant that his daughter would become priestess if all went to plan. Molech and Charmak thought the same as Salome. The only one who thought differently was Badrick.

When Charmak, Molech, and Salome left to make the announcement, Bardrick remained in the room with Damario with a serious look.

“Were your words serious? Would you really replace Lady Nira?”

“Only if she fails to gain support.”

“Damario, Lady Nira was recognized by Sapphire as the new priestess, so why make her take this test?”

“I can’t have my people have negative thoughts toward the priestess, especially when we are still preparing for war.”

Badrick sighed saying, “You and your war. I swear if you make Lady Nira cry, you will burn in Hell.” With those words, Badrick left the room.

When Damario was alone, he began to look through his documents wondering what Christine and Nira would do to gain the support of the people.

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