Chapter 64: The Priestess and the Slave

Within the temple of the priestess for Rheolis Kingdom, Yanira in a white long robe was sweeping the dusty floor as she hummed a folk like tune from Balwar Kingdom. She blew at the dust that flew upward making it sparkle momentarily before vanishing. Yanira giggled remembering how her old priestess teacher, Lucina, told her how a priestess always kept her quarters clean come rain or sunshine and that it was best to purify the filth as one swept with a simple spell unique to the priestess. It was indeed a simple spell, since an incantation wasn’t necessary. All the priestess would have to do is focus on the filth and blow at it in order to purify it.

Yanira remembered how her older sister, Xema, claimed that it looked simple and tried to do it, only for the dust to fly into her face as a result. It did look simple for someone who wasn’t a priestess, but the purification power also took into account how much they were loved by the spirits. Priestesses were naturally loved by the spirits making the purification spell with just a blow simple. Others would just succeed in spreading the dirt.

More dust flew in the air at the next sweep of the broom and Yanira made sure to blow on it. The dust once again sparkled before vanishing.

Yanira suddenly heard a knock on the door of the temple. She placed the broom against the wall gently and ran to the closed door, while adjusting her long red hair. With a small tuck of her hair behind her ear, she opened the temple door and saw Charnak.

“Charnak, nice to see you,” greeted Yanira, remembering the name of the slave. Charnak didn’t even nod as he stared at her.

“Lady Nira, His Majesty has told me to inform you that you will be appearing before the people tomorrow morning.”

“Appear before the people? What for?” asked Yanira with her head tilted to the side in thought.

“You might not be aware, but some people are not quite keen with the idea of you being a priestess, so you will have to prove that you are worthy of the position. If you fail then Lady Christine will get the title of Priestess.”

“But this is way too sudden,” reasoned Yanira and then asked, “And who is Lady Christine?”

“…Someone who deserves to be priestess.”

Charnak turned his back from Yanira and added, “You will go to the main hall of the castle to meet with his majesty when morning arrives. Don’t be late.” With those words, Charnak began to leave, but before he could leave, Yanira suddenly grabbed his wrist making him glance back at her.

“Release me now,” snapped Charnak, but Yanira shook her head and pulled up his sleeve to reveal the long bruise of a whip on his forearm.

“You’re hurt, you need treatment,” urged Yanira momentarily forgetting the message Charnak delivered her, but Charnak shook his head ripping his arm from her.

“I do not need your treatment.”

Charnak attempted to walk away again, but this time fell on one knee with a cringe. Yanira immediately took notice of the bruises on his ankles and knelt next to him.

“Please Charnak, let me treat you. At least until you are able to walk.”

Charnak was silent, but looked more eager to leave. Yanira puffed out her cheeks in annoyance and tapped his forehead making him slightly cringe.

“Let me treat you or I will punish you myself.”

Charnak finally nodded rubbing the sore spot on his forehead. Yanira led him into the temple and then into a room with a sofa. She sat him down on the sofa and then stated, “I need you to show me all the places you are hurt.”

“Why should I?”

Yanira tapped his forehead making him flinch.

“Can you please show me now?”

Charnak scoffed and then removed his shirt and rolled up his pants. Yanira was shocked to see the bruises caused by whips all over his body. If it wasn’t for his clothing, all would see how much he was whipped. Yanira held his arm up and asked, “Did his majesty do this to you?”

“His Majesty has no need to whip me.”

“Then who did this to you?”

“That does not concern you.”

Yanira sighed saying, “Fine. I will treat the bruises to lessen the pain.” Charnak nodded and watched as Yanira began to grab different herbs from the shelves.

“You seem familiar where everything is.”

“Well I had time to explore this temple when the captain had me confined here for a short while.”

“For the suspicion of you being the murderer of the previous priestess?”

“That’s correct, but I believe that his majesty has already announced that I was innocent of that crime.”

“The captain still believes you are guilty.”

“…I guess he will believe that I am innocent when the true killer is caught,” stated Yanira as she began to crush the gathered herbs into a powder, which she then placed into a wooden cup of clear water. The water slowly changed into a blue color and a small hue of red on the surface. With a nod, she turned back to Charnak with the changed water in hand. She knelt before him saying, “Please drink this.”

“What is it?”

“A medicine to reduce pain.”

Charnak took the cup from Yanira and gulped it down only to gag and nearly spit out the water.

“It tastes horrible.”

“Well I didn’t have an herb to make it sweet and the spell that would have helped with the taste is still sealed, since his majesty Damario hasn’t removed the bracelet from me yet,” stated Yanira as she showed the bracelet still on her wrist. Charnak groaned, but he suddenly began to notice that the bruises around his arm was beginning to fade.

“Your medicine seems to be working.”

Yanira nodded with a giggle and stated, “I plan to give this recipe to Doctor Badrick when I have the chance. It will definitely help him in healing his patients…of course I will also tell him what herb he needs to make it drinkable.”

“So this medicine isn’t only for priestesses to use?”

“Of course not. If you are aware, a priestess’s job is also to spread knowledge when needed to the people of the kingdom, so this medicine can be shared.”

Yanira suddenly grabbed a book from a shelf in the room and began to slip through it with excitement in her eyes.

“I actually learned some new spells that I wasn’t even aware existed for a priestess. I guess books for a priestess differ when it comes to a foreign kingdom.”

“Wait a minute, you are aware of priestess spells already?”

Yanira nodded.

“I thought you knew, since I have to wear this bracelet.”

“You were only made to wear the bracelet, since the previous Priestess recommended it,” stated Charnak and then asked, “How long have you known spells for a priestess?”

Yanira paused for a while and then smiled saying, “I guess for about a year now.”

Yanira suddenly showed a page in the book she was looking through to Charnak saying, “I plan to learn this spell using the element of fire.”

Charnak glanced at the spell, but felt perplexed when he couldn’t read a single word on it. As a slave, he was taught only the minimal knowledge needed to serve a master, but this language in this book was unfamiliar to him. It made him wonder if his majesty could even read it.

Yanira noticed Charnak’s expression coming to a realization and then withdrew the book with a sorry look.

“I apologize, I forgot that others besides a priestess can’t read the words of this type of book.”

“So it is a language known only to a priestess?” asked Charnak with wide eyes.

Yanira nodded and added, “These words are special.” Charnak frowned, but he was secretly glad that it wasn’t because of his status as a slave. He watched as Yanira placed the book back on the shelf and then grabbed what looked a piece of rock from the shelf next to the book. Yanira walked back to Charnak and held the rock to him saying, “Keep this in your pocket. It will protect you.”

“Why should I…?”

“Seeing that you are still reluctant to tell me who whipped you, you can at least accept this…please.”

Charnak rolled his eyes and placed the rock into his pocket with thoughts to toss it when he leaves the temple. Charnak stood up from the sofa and stated that he was all right to walk and began to head toward the exit of the temple.

Yanira watched him leave and exclaimed, “I will prove I am fit to be priestess, so please support me when the time comes!” Charnak stopped momentarily and then continued to walk through the door out of sight.

Yanira sighed and then sat on the sofa hoping that the stone would protect Charnak from whoever was causing him harm. She then looked back at the shelf where the stone was before with a somewhat troubled look.

Hopefully I will not need the stone tomorrow.

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