Chapter 66: Wishing for a Miracle

The joyous occasion of a new priestess had been cut short when it was discovered that the new priestess, Lady Nira, had been poisoned. Since that day of her recognition as priestess, she had been unconscious with no signs of waking up; and with a week having passed by, all feared that she would never awaken and with the bruise on her arm growing bigger, many feared that her life would be lost.

Ever since that day, the king, Damario would visit her in her chambers sitting by her side as the palace doctor, Badrick, treated her with medicine to fight against the poison. On one of the days as Damario stared at Yanira’s pale face, he asked Badrick, “Will she wake soon?”

“I cannot say,” stated Badrick as he held Yanira’s pulse on her wrist, “The medicine is preventing the poison from spreading fast, but I haven’t even seen any signs of her awakening.”

“Is there a way to drain the poison out of her or cure it completely?”

“We can’t do that without knowing exactly what the poison is. I am using medicine that I know can hold back poison, but it can’t cure it.”

Damario cursed under his breath as he gazed at Yanira’s sleeping face.

Badrick smiled at Damario saying, “You know, this is the first time I have seen you so worried about another person.”

“Is it?”

Badrick nodded.

“Even when we were younger, you always had a serious attitude, even when Rasmus tried to make jokes with you. I even thought you had no feelings at all at one point, but here you are so concerned for a girl, who is still considered a stranger.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Badrick smirked as he turned away saying, “Figure out your feelings yourself.” Badrick then left the room to retrieve more medicine from his quarters, leaving Damario alone in the room with Yanira.

The room was silent as Damario’s gaze refused to leave Yanira’s sleeping form. He ran his hand through her long red hair and then rested it against her cheek feeling the chill of her skin.

“Lady Nira…Nira, please wake up soon. I feel that I just might go mad.”

As if possessed, Damario leaned toward her face with his lips just inches from hers, but he pulled away when a loud explosion was heard radiating through the castle. Damario ran out of the room demanding what happened, not noticing that the door swung closed behind him caused by the force of a sudden wind.

“I thought he would never leave.”

A man with long white hair floated into the room from the opened window along with two others: Farkas and the Anyion of the stars: Virgo. Farkas and Virgo landed on the ground with light steps and then Farkas looked at the Anyion of the wind, Vaayu.

“Keep an eye out.”

Vaayu nodded using his wind to float before the opened window.

Farkas then looked at Virgo saying, “We only have a few minutes before that fake king and soldiers realize that the explosion was an illusion, so use your power to cure Yanira.”

Virgo nodded as her form began to glow like the shining stars at night. As the Anyion of the stars, she has the power to gather the power of the stars and grant wishes depending on how many stars she has gathered when night has fallen. In the case of curing an unknown poison a thousand stars is required. She held her hand above Yanira gathering the power of the stars to grant the wish of dispelling poison, but then frowned saying, “This is not poison…it is a curse.”

“A curse?”

“I don’t know what this curse is called, but it is sealing her powers along with her soul. If this continues, she will be dead within hours.”

“Then cure her now!”

“I can’t. The power of a million stars is required to dispel a curse. I only have enough to dispel poison.”

Farkas cursed under his breath with his form slightly shaking and then held Yanira’s limp hand. He felt that the world was trying to take Yanira away and just that thought alone scared him.

“Yanira, can you hear me? It’s me: Farkas,” whispered Farkas leaning close to her ear, “I brought Virgo to cure you using her power of the stars, but looks like your condition is a lot worse than what we heard.” Tears began to escape from Farkas’s eyes.

“I know there are times when you grant amazing miracles, so please grant a miracle again this time to save your life…please, Yanira.”

Farkas’s tears seemed to increase as did Vaayu and Virgo’s when they realized that Yanira was close to death.

Farkas’s tear landed on Yanira’s cheek and the next thing he knew, Yanira was suddenly engulfed in a strong wind that forced Farkas and Virgo back.

“Vaayu, are you doing this?” Farkas asked as he glanced back at Vaayu, but Vaayu shook his head staring at the wind that surrounded Yanira, lifting her up from the bed. As the wind grew stronger, a man with long white hair appeared holding Yanira to his chest. Farkas frowned recognizing the man as the one who saved Yanira and him back on Ravenclaw’s ship.

“You again?”

The white haired man only took one glance at Farkas before looking back at Yanira’s sleeping form.

“I’m sorry it took so long, but the curse held me back,” stated the white haired man as he caressed Yanira’s cheek. He pressed his lips against Yanira’s forehead and became clear to Farkas, Virgo, and Vaayu that Yanira’s complexion was beginning to improve. The bruise on her arm also began to fade. The moment the bruise was gone, the white haired man removed his lips from her forehead and gave a small peck to her lips, before facing the three Anyions.

“I will thank you this time, since your tears helped me break through the curse, but know that Yanira is my princess.”

With those words, the white haired man vanished allowing the wind to lower Yanira onto the bed. Farkas stared at Yanira before saying, “That man saved her again.”

“Do you know who he is?” asked Virgo. Farkas shook his head saying, “I still don’t know who he is, but I can tell you now that Yanira does not belong to him.”

Virgo and Vaayu could hear the displeasure in Farkas’s voice and decided not to question him further on the white haired man.

Farkas suddenly sensed another presence and prepared to fight, but was shocked to see a braid haired man standing next to Yanira’s bed with fairies hovering around him. The braid haired man bowed before Farkas, Virgo, and Vaayu in gratitude as did the fairies saying, “Thank you for helping my master” before they vanished without a trace.

“Have you seen that man before?” asked Virgo the moment the man vanished. Farkas shook his head and began to frown wondering if any other men were close to Yanira, but his line of thought was broken when Vaayu exclaimed, “The king and soldiers are returning.” Vaayu surrounded them in wind and began to carry them out of the room quickly, but Farkas struggled free making Virgo and Vaayu panic, but fell still the moment they saw Farkas lean over Yanira and capture her lips with his. Farkas removed his lips from Yanira’s saying, “Just wait a little longer. I promise to come back for you.”

Farkas then pressed his forehead to hers before running back to Vaayu and Virgo to ride the wind down.

As they soared through the air, Vaayu smirked at Farkas saying, “I guess you really like Yanira, huh?”

Farkas smiled and stated, “That’s true.”

Virgo frowned saying, “Isn’t that a problem? I mean you are aware how his majesty feels toward her.”

“I know and I only just realized how much she means to me too.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“…What else? I am going to continue liking her.”

Vaayu and Virgo sighed realizing that Farkas would continue to like her even if she were to fall for another. To them, they found Farkas’s romance toward Yanira to be a sad one.

Meanwhile, Damario returned to Yanira’s room with an angered expression. It was shocking enough to see an explosion in the courtyard to the point he thought the castle was being attacked by a coup unhappy with the upcoming war, but it was even more unbelievable for the explosion to just be an illusion conjured up by a short spell. He ordered his soldiers to investigate the cause of the illusion and for the reason for the illusion to be conjured up in the first place. He just couldn’t understand why such a diversion was made. To clear his thoughts, he returned to Yanira’s room.

Damario sat next to Yanira’s bedside, but suddenly noticed that the bruise on her arm had finally vanished. Any thoughts of anger vanished immediately as he held Yanira’s healed arm in his hands. He felt the warmness of her skin return and the complexion return to normal as well as her breathing. It was an absolute miracle for him.

“I’m so glad you’re OK,” he muttered holding her hand to his chin, but his eyes suddenly widened when he heard her mutter out a name.


“…Who is Farkas?”

The name repeated in his head like a curse. It made his stomach turn and made him feel nauseous. He held her hand slightly tighter with his form shaking.

What is this feeling?

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