Chapter 67: Damario’s Gift

The news of Lady Nira’s recovery spread across the kingdom of Rheolis like wild fire making people jump for joy and thank the Gods for her recovery. Yanira, on the other hand, was more focused on one thing: filling her empty stomach.

The moment Yanira awoke, she was given a meal that was easy on her stomach and yet delicious to her taste buds. Yanira was practically stuffing her cheeks like a squirrel trying to hog the nuts of a tree for winter. Just the sight of her stuffed cheeks made Lia, the maid in charge of her, shiver in laughter with one hand covering her mouth.

Lia managed to compose herself after a while and stated, in a polite manner, “Lady Nira, no one is going to take the food from you, so please swallow.” Yanira nodded swallowing the food. She then drank a glass of water before asking, “So how long was I asleep?”

“More than a week now, I’m afraid, but the entire kingdom is relieved that you have finally recovered from the poison.”

“Poison…do they know who was responsible?”

“That is still being investigated, Lady Nira.”

Yanira nodded in understanding and then took the last bite of her food before handing the empty tray to Lia.

“Please thank the chef for the hard work.”

Lia nodded and was about to walk out with the empty tray in hand, but Yanira suddenly asked, “Do you have any idea how I was cured?”

“…That is also being investigated, Lady Nira.”

Lia then left the room leaving Yanira sitting on her large bed. Yanira was silent as she placed the tip of her fingers against her lips. She remembered that her lips felt warm as her strength returned, but she also remembered a familiar voice saying her name. It was a voice she would always remember, even as she slept: Farkas’s voice. She knew that he somehow visited her and that he was part of the reason why she was now better. As for how he helped cure her, was still a mystery to her. She just wished that she got another look at him before he disappeared from her sight again.

Yanira slipped out of the bed with her legs slightly shaking and approached the opened the window. She was surprised that the window was no longer chained or locked, but she was glad to feel the breeze of the window enter the room sending strands of red hair behind her back. She then remembered that the bracelet sealing her powers was gone and stretched her hand outside the window.

Maybe I can see you now.

            Yanira closed her eyes trying to sense the magic in the air that should be provided by the fairies that she knows exist in this kingdom. She noticed a spark and tried to reach for it using her spirit, but her body was suddenly pulled back making her open her eyes with a gasp.

Yanira looked over her shoulder and was shocked to see Damario with a concerned look in his eyes.

“Lady Nira, what were you doing?”

“I was…”

“Were you trying to escape?”

Damario was almost yelling when he asked the question making her slightly flinch.

“I wasn’t trying to escape? I was just feeling the breeze.”

Yanira spoke the truth about not escaping, but didn’t reveal that she was trying to see if she could contact Farkas using the magic hidden in the air.

Damario believed her words and guided her back to the bed. He sat her down saying, “You just woke up, so please stay in bed for the day.”


“No buts! As king, I order you to stay in bed.”

Yanira sighed saying, “I will obey.”

“Good,” stated Damario, but then handed her a pouch making her confused.

“What is this?”

“A gift and you can’t return it, so wear it proudly.”

With those words, Damario then left the room once again ordering her to remain in bed.

Yanira stared at the closed door before returning her gaze to the pouch in her hand. She knew it was something hard judging by the hard bulge in the pouch, but for what it was, she was still clueless. She pulled the string to open the pouch and then shook it a bit making a small object fall from it: a stone with pink and white hues with a gold chain. She dangled the unusual stone before her eyes by the gold chain.

“Pretty…and yet…it looks familiar.”

Yanira placed the chain around her neck and allowed the stone to rest on her chest. She found the stone quite lovely and found that it made her feel warm on the inside.

I wonder where Damario found such a stone.

            Meanwhile, Charnak was following Damario as he headed back to his office to work on some papers concerning the upcoming war. Charnak glanced at Damario and asked, “Why did you gift Lady Nira the stone you stole from the king of Azseldo Kingdom?”

“You are educated, even you should be aware what that signifies.”

“…I am, but I find it hard to believe.”

Damario only smirked as he finally entered his office with Charnak behind. As Damario sat in his chair to work on the papers with Charnak gathering war plans from the shelves, he found himself smiling to himself.

In Rheolis, when a king gives a treasure that was taken from an enemy country like the precious stone from the king of Azseldo Kingdom to a woman, that woman is labeled as queen or in the case the woman is not yet married to the king, it means that she is the future queen. In other words, what Damario did by giving Yanira the stolen treasure of Azseldo Kingdom, was in fact a proposal. He just hoped that someone would explain this to “Lady Nira” when she has recovered. He knew that most would be against his proposal for marriage with Lady Nira, since she was a foreigner and still a stranger, but he felt more connected with her ever since she fell ill from the poison, so he took the offer that the previous priestess made of making Lady Nira his queen to please the kingdom, but to especially please himself.

Damario did take into account that taking that stone from Azseldo Kingdom was an act of hostility, since that stone was meant as a gift to the missing queen: Yanira Castleheart. He actually took the stone to give Azseldo Kingdom a reason to attack Rheolis Kingdom, but he did plan to win as per his plan and with winning he would gain another kingdom across the sea as well as the approval of all the people, so giving the stone to Lady Nira he felt that there wouldn’t be any consequences, especially toward her.

Damario suddenly stopped writing coming to a realization: he had met the missing queen of Azseldo Kingdom when he was at sea with Rasmus. She had red hair and golden eyes…just like Lady Nira. Damario shook his head refusing to believe that Lady Nira was actually Yanira. He also noted that the missing queen when he met her was a small child. Lady Nira on the other hand looks like she is in her teens.

Damario managed to calm down any suspicions he felt and continued his work. He had to finish the organization of his army as well as make it clear to all that the priestess of Rheolis would also be the queen of Rheolis Kingdom.

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