Chapter 68: Matchmaker Fairy

Yanira, unaware of Damario’s plans, sat in her bed staring at the window trying to sense any form of magic in the air. She just wanted at least one chance to speak with Farkas. She wanted to know how he was doing. If the others with him were also in good health.


Yanira gasped when a blonde haired fairy suddenly appeared in front of her with a cheerful grin on her face.

“A Fairy?”

“AH~, did you forget us already?”

“No, I was just surprised. I didn’t think I would see fairies again so soon.”

The female fairy giggled with her wings flapping excitedly behind her to the point that Fairy dust began to scatter on Yanira’s bed.

“So what brings you here, Miss. Fairy?”

“Well I noticed that you were looking for the magic in the air, but was having a hard time. I must insist that you stop. You are young, so search magic like the one you are trying to do is VERY dangerous!”

Yanira smiled with her head tilted to the side saying, “But I did it before in Azseldo Kingdom in a tunnel covered in Fairy Dust.”

“That was still dangerous. You were just lucky. Please consider that some spells should not be done at your age.”

“I’m already eleven.”


Yanira flinched at the scolding of the female fairy. Yanira sighed sadly as she looked at the female fairy and asked, “Then is there another way for me to search for Farkas to talk with him?”

The female fairy began to ponder and then smiled saying, “If you promise to be a good girl and wait here, I promise to show him to you.”


The fairy nodded and asked, “So do you promise to be good?”

“I’ll be good.”

“Then wait here. You want the wolf Anyion, right?”

“That’s right, but how did you…?”

“We fairies like to watch you,” stated the fairy and then vanished into a small sparkle. Yanira stared at the place the fairy was before and began to wonder how often the fairies watched her.

Meanwhile, in a wine cellar covered only by the lights of candles located directly under an inn in the kingdom of Rheolis, a group of people in aged clothing were having a serious discussion concerning the plans of war the new king had put forth. These people were against the war the moment it was proposed and they were also against the selection of the new king and as a result had their noble status stripped from them the moment the new king was selected. They were labeled as fallen nobles, but still continued to help the people in the shadows as well as work out a plan to regain the throne for who they believed was the true king: Rasmus Eganus, the current leader of their group and who they once believed was dead.

Rasmus stood before the group listening to their ideas to prevent the war like writing a peaceful negotiation with the king of Azseldo when he arrives, but that was immediately rejected when it was clear that Azseldo might just start attacking the moment they appear and based on Rasmus’s first meeting with the king of Azseldo Kingdom, he believed that the king wouldn’t listen to reason. Another proposal was sabotaging the weapons of the kingdom, but that was also rejected, since Rasmus didn’t want his people to be defenseless.

As the talks continued, the Anyions watched on with complicated looks.

Rosalio, the Anyion of the Rose Spirit, shrugged his shoulders as the talks seemed to intensify and stated, “If you ask me, the main problem is that we don’t have the resources to pull this off even with our powers.” The other Anyions nodded in agreement, but then Willow suddenly added, “The other problem is that the people have already recognized Damario as the new king, so speaking out might have a negative effect. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people claim Rasmus is a fake if he were to appear.”

The Anyions frowned wondering what they could do.

Farkas was also deep in thought, but he suddenly felt something tug the back of his hair. He glanced over his shoulder, but only saw glitter near some barrels of wine. He glanced at the others noticing that they were still listening to the talks and then made his way toward the barrels of wine. He peeked around the barrels trying to grab the glitter, but the glitter seemed to go through his hand like water.

What is this stuff?

“Be a good boy now.”


The next thing Farkas knew, he was pushed forward between the barrels. Farkas immediately vanished leaving no traces of him.

On the other hand, Yanira paced around her room wondering when the fairy would return. It seemed like hours to her, even though it had only been minutes since the fairy left.

“I wonder when she’ll be back?” Yanira muttered to herself. She approached the window to see if there was any sign of the female fairy, but the moment she leaned out the window, a familiar face appeared before her: Farkas.


Before she could even say his name, Farkas collided into her with a yelp making both of them crash onto the floor of her room. Farkas and Yanira both groaned in pain as they lay on the floor.

Farkas was the first to recover rubbing the back of his head, but then his eyes widen when he saw that Yanira was under him.


Yanira smiled at him saying his name. Farkas smiled and hugged Yanira saying, “I’m so glad you’re finally awake.”

Yanira hugged Farkas back saying, “I missed you.”

Farkas chuckled, saying that he missed her as well, but their moment was cut short when Farkas suddenly realized his position on Yanira. He gave out a yelp as he practically catapulted off of Yanira making her blink in confusion.

“Is something wrong, Farkas?”

“Nothing…just…really nothing!” exclaimed Farkas trying to conceal his blush. Yanira giggled as she stood up and held Farkas’s hands making his tail stand straight and his face to glow red.

“I’m really glad to see that you are OK. I was worried that you and the others didn’t make it to the kingdom.”

Farkas coughed to clear his throat and stated, “We managed to make it to the shore just fine thanks to you, but really, how did you end up with that Damario jerk?”

“It was all by chance,” stated Yanira and added, “I made a contract with the Fire Kraken unknowingly, so he keeps me here until he can discover a way to switch the contract.”

“A contract?”

Yanira nodded and revealed the mark on her forehead.

“I can’t remove it with my knowledge,” stated Yanira and then touched the mark adding, “I also made a promise with the Kraken to be the priestess of this kingdom until I discover who killed the previous priestess and until I find someone who can take my place as priestess.”

Farkas scratched the back of his head in thought saying, “I heard about you becoming priestess…actually I heard that Lady Nira became priestess, so I came on the day Lady Nira would reveal herself to the people to gather information, but I never imagined you were Lady Nira. I especially didn’t expect that you agreed to become priestess because of the Kraken.”

“It is a little hard to take in, but I am willing to take this role for now.”

Farkas nodded and then touched the mark on her forehead saying, “I wonder why the Kraken made a contract with you in the first place.”

“Even I can’t answer that.”

Farkas tried to rub the mark on Yanira’s forehead, but he felt a burning sensation on the tip of his finger making him cringe and pull away.

“Are you OK?” asked Yanira as she grabbed his hand. She noticed a small red mark on his finger tip and asked, “Did the contract on my forehead do this?”

Farkas nodded pulling his hand away and said, “It’s not your fault, so don’t feel bad.” Yanira nodded, but she was visibly upset, so Farkas patted her head making her look at him. He smiled saying, “This burn is nothing, so smile. I like it better when you smile.” Yanira showed a warm smile holding Farkas’s hand to her head.

When Yanira released his hand, she then asked, “So how are the others?”

“They are fine. We are making plans to take back this kingdom.”


Farkas nodded and added, “It’s a little chaotic, but I know we are going in the right direction for the plan.”

“Can you tell me more?”

Farkas nodded and began to recount how they first reached the shores and found shelter at an Inn, which was secretly a base for the resistance that was established when Damario took the throne. The members were the fallen nobles that were forced out of their position by the king and were replaced by nobles that accepted bribes from the king; and their servants, but then Rasmus was appointed the new leader when he revealed his status as the king that was believed to be dead. Currently plans were still being made, but it was more aimed at stopping the war for now, since the war would be the most damaging to the kingdom.

Yanira felt her heart drop when she heard the word “war.” She had been within the castle, but hadn’t heard of the upcoming war. Just the word made her shiver.


“Is a war really going to happen?”

Farkas frowned noticing her discomfort, but answered, “Yes, if Damario has his way.”

“What kingdom is he going to war with?”

“…Azseldo Kingdom.”

Yanira felt like she was struck by lightning. Why would Azseldo Kingdom be the target of war when the kingdom was already in war with Balwar Kingdom? This question left her puzzled.

“Why…why does Damario want to go to war with Azseldo Kingdom?” asked Yanira with her voice slightly shaking.

“He claims that it is revenge for the murder of Rasmus, but we know it is a lie, so the true reason is very much still a mystery.”

Yanira held Farkas’s hands with a small tear struggling to flow from her eyes.

“You must stop this war. Please prevent the war from happening.”

Farkas nodded saying, “We’ll try.” Farkas wiped the tear from her eye with his thumb with a pained look. He knew that Yanira didn’t like war and the fact that Azsledo kingdom was involved made it even worse for her. Farkas hugged her saying, “We’ll definitely try and we will succeed. It will be all right.”

Yanira began to weep in his embrace hoping that nothing bad would happen in the process of stopping the war.

After Yanira’s tears finally stopped flowing, Farkas began to explain how the other Anyions were doing. Yanira smiled as Farkas told her that the Anyions were in gold helath compared to when they were on the ship many days ago and some have even showed how far their powers as Anyions can go.

“I’m so glad that the others are doing so well.”

Farkas nodded, but something suddenly dawned on him as he pushed strands of hair behind his ear.

“So how did you transport me here?”

Yanira giggled asking, “You ask that now?”

“I was just so happy to see you that I forgot to even ask.”

“Well, you got here because I was a good girl.”


The small female fairy suddenly appeared next to Yanira with a giggle making Farkas gasp in surprise.

“Hello Wolf Anyion!” chirped the female fairy, “I am the one who brought you here because the princess was a very good girl.”

Farkas stared at the chipper fairy as she hovered before him with her flapping wings spreading fairy dust on the ground.

“A fairy…there’s really a fairy here?” muttered Farkas with wide eyes. Yanira nodded saying, “There are so many in this kingdom.”

The female fairy nodded in agreement saying, “But mortals don’t notice us.” The female fairy then rubbed against Yanira’s cheek.

“The princess is different though. She accepted our existence very quickly. We like her.”

Yanira giggled in delight as the female fairy rubbed her cheek. The female fairy then hovered before Farkas making him slightly flinch.

“You were also a good boy to the princess last night. Granting some of your feelings for her to allow her to be cured. Such a good boy.”

Farkas immediately turned red with his tail standing straight behind him.

Yanira perked up with a bright smile saying, “So Farkas really did come and cure me!”

The female fairy nodded adding, “There were two others that came: the wind Anyion and the star Anyion. They were truly helpful. The Kraken and my other fairy friends also thanked them.”

Yanira glanced at Farkas who was red in the cheeks and asked, “Can you thank Virgo and Vaayu for me when you get back?” Farkas nodded trying to cover his reddening face.

The female giggled at Farkas’s reddened expression and leaned toward his ear asking, “Should I tell her that you gave her a kiss before leaving last night.”

“Don’t you dare!” yelled Farkas, but immediately covered his mouth making Yanira tilt her head in confusion.

The female fairy giggled in delight as she flew around Farkas and Yanira. She then sat on the edge of the side table next to the bed and asked, “So are you two done talking now or do you want more time?”

Yanira and Farkas glanced at each other realizing that they would soon need to part. In truth, Farkas wanted to take Yanira with him back to the others, but he knew that Yanira needed to remain as Priestess of the kingdom. Yanira also knew that she must remain, but she hoped to at least be of help to her friends when the time was right.

“Farkas, I…”

“Don’t worry, Yanira. I understand. I promise to come back for you when the time is right.”

Yanira nodded and then removed the necklace with the stone from her neck. She placed it around Farkas’s neck saying, “Keep that with you, so you know that I am waiting for you.” Farkas nodded and glanced at the female fairy saying, “I’m ready to go back.”

The female fairy nodded and flew off the table. She flew around Farkas sending fairy dust over his form. The female fairy suddenly glanced at Yanira with a smile saying, “Please send him off.”

Yanira didn’t understand what the small fairy meant, but she was suddenly pushed forward by a strong force that made her fall toward Farkas. Farkas reached out to grab her, but the next thing he knew, he felt the soft touch of Yanira’s lips against his cheek. After that brief kiss, Farkas vanished from the room.

Yanira knelt on the ground with wide eyes and then turned red as she covered her face.

The female fairy, who remained in the room, giggled and stated, “I think he liked the farewell kiss.”

“Small one,” muttered Yanira with red cheeks; “Was the kiss really necessary?”

“Nope, but it was a nice touch.”

Yanira whimpered her hands slowly beginning to cover her mouth.

Meanwhile, Farkas had returned to the base as red as a tomato sitting between two barrels of wine. He couldn’t get his head around it…Yanira had kissed his cheek before he left. Did that mean Yanira liked him or did it mean something else?

Willow, who took notice of him as the meeting continued, asked, “Farkas, why are you sitting there?”

Farkas stood up trying to conceal his blush.

“I was doing nothing.”

Willow stared at her younger brother with suspicion in her eyes and then asked, “Oh really? Then can you explain where that necklace around your neck came from?”

Farkas flinched as his gaze landed on the precious stone Yanira lent him before their parting. Farkas gripped the stone in his hand saying, “I’ll explain later.”

“…Fine, but no secrets. You may have gotten taller, but you are still just an innocent fourteen-year-old.”

“Please don’t mention my age,” muttered Farkas as he covered his face with one hand. In truth, he was embarrassed that he was young and yet he was as tall as a seventeen-year-old. Not looking his age made him feel somewhat vulnerable. He then remembered that Yanira also looked to be thirteen or fourteen, even though he was aware that she should be about eleven, since the first time he met her, she was just ten. He could only imagine how Yanira felt looking older than her real age. He was just glad that he was just a bit taller than her.

As Farkas began to ponder about how Yanira looked, Willow noticed the small imprint of glitter against his cheek like it was lipstick. She smiled and wondered when Farkas would reveal that he had an encounter with the princess.

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