Chapter 74: A Memory from a Year Ago

Leveret Sou, the second prince of Azseldo Kingdom, was waiting in the church next to his older brother, Shuyu Sou. That day was the wedding between Shuyu Sou and Yanira Castleheart with Leveret acting as best man. It was no secret that Shuyu despised Leveret, but Leveret still hoped that Shuyu would accept him and he believed that his position as best man was a step closer to his brother’s good side.

When the bell tolled, he saw Yanira enter the church in her wedding gown that made her shine with beauty. Leveret had seen how she looked in her wedding dress before the wedding started, but seeing it as she walked down the aisle still made him feel amazed. He wanted to compliment her over and over again when the wedding is complete and he wanted to gift her the book he promised her, but sadly he didn’t get to see her after the wedding. In fact, the wedding was never completed, since an unknown Anyion with black wings had kidnapped Yanira before she could say her vows.

Leveret remembered that Shuyu had nearly gone insane that day or maybe he did go insane, since he nearly destroyed the kingdom looking for Yanira, while also trying to destroy any Anyion located in the kingdom. The kingdom was only stable thanks to Shuyu’s advisors: Kaysan Liam and Raul Zia. Kaysan kept the order with the people, while Raul protected the inner workings of the castle, but none of them could prevent the war between Balwar Kingdom and Azseldo Kingdom. Shuyu was a true warrior in the war as he managed to continue the fight against Balwar, while also continuing his quest to look for Yanira.

During that time of the war that continued for months, Leveret was forced to fight in the war. He had killed many soldiers of Balwar Kingdom and no matter how many he killed, it wasn’t any easier.

One day, he went to Shuyu’s tent to discuss the plan for the war, but before he could enter, he was pulled aside by Nigam Obi, a salve of Azseldo Kingdom who was assigned in making weapons for Azseldo kingdom during the war and secretly Leveret’s close friend.

“Nigam, what are you doing here?”

“I needed to speak with you.”

“Can it wait? I need to speak with Big Brother.”



Nigam sighed scratching the back of his head.

“While I was making a new bomb in my lab, I overheard his majesty speaking with Raul about you.”

“About me? Why?”

“Apparently his majesty sees you as a weakness and wants you to disappear.”

“…That’s insane. He hates me, but he wouldn’t…”

“I didn’t tell you this, but back when Yanira was kidnapped in that camp, she told me that she had a dream where his majesty killed you after slaughtering the people in the camp.”

“…I know about that, but Yanira changed that, so I don’t think he would…”

“But from what I have seen in these months, since Yanira disappeared, I wouldn’t be surprised if he slit your throat.”

Leveret felt cold sweat on his forehead and asked, “Why would you tell me this?”

“Because you are my friend and I don’t want to see you get hurt. I also don’t want you to disappear like Yanira did.”

Leveret saw a tear escape Nigam’s eyes and sighed saying, “Come on, don’t cry. I won’t see Big Brother now, so don’t worry.” Nigam nodded and then began to walk off back to the lab that was set up for him.

Leveret glanced at his brother’s tent and then walked away to go back to his own tent.

The moment Leveret entered his tent; he sat on a sealed wooden box and pulled out a thick book that was hidden under a stained cloth. He ran his finger along the title of the book: The Mystic Garden. It was a story about fairies in a garden and how wishes were granted within this garden as well. This was the book he had promised to hand to Yanira after she was married, but never did.

Leveret then pulled out a key that was gifted to him by Yanira so long ago. It was the key to the garden his brother gifted her, but Yanira had given him the key. He did lose the key once, but Yanira had retrieved it and given it back to him. Just remembering her smile as she palced the key back in his hand made his heart hurt. He clenched the key and held it to his chest as he began to weep.

Leveret wanted some way to find her. He wanted her to read the book about a magical garden and he wanted to show her the garden that he had protected during her absence. He especially wanted to hug her in his arms to feel her warmth once again. He missed her so much that just thinking about her made his heart hurt.

Leveret suddenly felt a breeze enter his tent making him shiver, but his eyes widened when he heard a familiar voice say, “I see that your heart is still in turmoil young prince.” Leveret glanced over his shoulder wiping away his tears as he looked at his sudden visitor: Aurora Saiya, the hidden priestess of Azseldo Kingdom.

“What brings you here, Priestess?”

“Is it wrong for me to be here, young prince?”

“If Big Brother sees you, you will disappear, right?”

Aurora nodded saying, “That’s true, but I know he won’t enter here this night, since his advisors are making war plans with him as witness.”

Leveret nodded, already aware that plans were being made for the war grounds the very next day and it involved taking down troops in the fronts using the bombs that Nigam made. He wasn’t at all surprised that Aurora knew of the plans, since she possessed the future sight.

“Did you just come to see me tonight?” asked Leveret as placed the thick book back under the stained cloth.

Aurora was silent for a short while, before she asked, “Do you miss Yanira?”

Leveret felt a slight jolt at the sound of Yanira’s name and then remembered her innocent smile causing a tear to escape his eyes. He wiped the tear away, but Aurora saw it and stated, “So you do miss her?”

“I do,” admitted Leveret and asked, “Why ask me now?”

“I have seen a future where you do see her again.”

“Really?” exclaimed Leveret as he shot up from his seat. Aurora nodded and then handed him an amulet with the symbol of a howling wolf.

“What is this?” Levert asked as he examined the amulet.

“It is a Cursed One amulet.”

“Cursed one…why would you have this?”

“I have gathered quite a few objects during the years before this curse fell on me. Now if you wish to see Yanira Castleheart again then offer a drop of your blood on this amulet.”

Leveret stared at the amulet that seemed to glow red and then asked, “Will this really let me see her again?” Aurora nodded and then began to vanish saying, “Trust your heart, young prince.”

When Aurora was gone, Leveret stared at the amulet again and then at the silver key. He remembered Yanira’s laughter and the last words she said to him that day she vanished: “Farewell my future brother.”

Leveret bit the tip of his thumb drawing blood. He then pressed his bleeding thumb on the amulet with seriousness in his eyes. The amulet began to glow a deep red before the red light began to surround him.

I want to see you again.

            The red light burst leaving no trace of Leveret in the tent.

How could Leveret know that the Amulet would trap him in the Youth Chamber and that his wish to see Yanira again wouldn’t happen until months had passed? Yet when Leveret saw Yanira, he wasn’t sure if she was the one he was looking for.

Currently, Leveret was in the room he was assigned in the housing for the cursed youths from the Youth Chamber. He browsed through the books on his bookshelf before turning away from the shelf and looking out the window. His gaze landed on the Priestess Temple that was only a few minutes’ walk from his location.

Leveret wanted to meet the priestess again to know exactly if she was the one he was looking for…to know if she was Yanira in disguise.

As he gazed out the window, he noticed Molech returning to the housing with Minzhe over his shoulder. As Minzhe kicked and shook his arms on Molech’s shoulder, he began to wonder how Minzhe always found a way out of the housing, even though it was heavily guarded to the point no one could leave the housing and yet Minzhe found a way out. Leveret smirked as he ran a hand though his black hair making the silver streak in his hair give off a shine.

I guess I better get on Minzhe’s good side if I want to see the Priestess.

            Leveret just hoped that all this waiting will finally allow him to see Yanira again.

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