Chapter 75: Escape Artist

As the sun began to rise on the kingdom of Rheolis, Yanira also rose from her bed stretching up like a cat in a lazy afternoon. She heard a small yawn next to her and smiled at the small golden dragon lying next to her.

“Time to get up, Fashan.”

Fashan gave out another yawn and then began to stretch, while flexing his wings. Yanira giggled at the sight as she slipped out of her bed. She changed into her priestess clothing and then headed to the kitchen of the temple with Fashan trotting right behind her.

When she reached the kitchen she began to make pancakes using the ingredients that were provided to her just a few days ago…days…she’s been in the temple for days since the curse incident with no chance to step out undetected. She momentarily stopped in her movements as she wondered if the Youth Chamber case was close to being solved, but when Fashan nudged her still hand, Yanira continued her cooking reassuring Fashan that she was fine. Halfway making the pancakes, she decided to make an extra portion for the small child she was sure would visit once again, when he makes his daily escape.

Meanwhile Minzhe was pressed against one of the halls as he walked examining his surroundings with a keen eye. He gave a look of relief when he saw that the coast was clear, but as he turned a corner he ran into a pair of long legs.

“Where do you think you’re going, little guy?”

Minzhe glanced up and saw that he had run into one of the youths that had been rescued from the Youth Chamber: Leveret, but Minzhe found his name too difficult to pronounce, so he always called him by a nickname: Lev.


“That’s right, so where are you going?”

“Novare,” (Nowhere) stated Minzhe as he held his hands behind his back as if he were hiding something.

“Nowhere, huh? Then I guess little Minzhe doesn’t want to eat the sweets at Miss. Nira’s temple.”

“I want, I want!” chirped out Minzhe. Leveret chuckled finding Minzhe’s childish voice quite adorable.

“You know, I am a little jealous that you can eat her sweets, so how about taking me with you.”

“Don’t wanna.” (Don’t Want to.)

Leveret forced a smile on his face wondering why for the past few days, Minzhe was adamant on going alone to Priestess Nira’s place and not even considering bringing Leveret along, even though Leveret was one of the few people who spoke with Minzhe and even asked to join many times. Even though Leveret got close to Minzhe with the sole purpose of visiting Lady Nira, he still felt a bit peeved that Minzhe showed little sign of accepting his company.

“Why not? Wouldn’t it be fun if I came along?”

Minzhe began to pout saying, “You would hog Nira.”

“Hog her…why would you think that?” asked Leveret wondering why Minzhe would even say that in the first place.

“Because Nira is pretty and men like pretty, right?”


Leveret just couldn’t find the words in reply for this strange statement. He did find the priestess charming when he first saw her on the day he was rescued from the Youth Chamber, but his thoughts were not on how pretty she was at the time, but how much she resembled Yanira. He needed to know if Lady Nira was actually Princess Yanira…he had to know.

“She’s pretty, but I wouldn’t hog her. She likes Minzhe more than me, so why worry?”


“Very true, so can you please take me along just this once with a cherry on top?”

“Where is the cherry?”

Leveret chuckled saying, “That’s just an expression.”

“No cherry, no go.”

“You little…OK, I’ll get you a cherry when we get back, so let’s go before the Captain catches us.”

Minzhe nodded as he grabbed Leveret’s hand and began to lead him down the hall. A smile formed on Leveret’s face as he followed the young boy hoping to see the priestess this time, but his smile faltered when Minzhe led him to a window that was always locked.

“Exit here,” stated Minzhe as he approached the window that was supposed to be locked.

“Minzhe, are you sure this is the window to leave from?” asked Leveret with an uneasy look. Minzhe nodded and pushed open the open making Leveret’s eyes open wide.

“How did you…?”

“Window always open!” chirped Minzhe and climbed out the window. Leveret followed after Minzhe, but the moment he was out, the window shut behind him. Leveret pulled on the window and even pushed it, but it was clearly locked.

“How do you get back in, if you are not captured on the way back by the captain?” asked Leveret as he glanced back at the small boy. Minzhe approached the window and pulled it open without any struggle.

“Always open!” he chirped once again. Leveret only stared at the now open window before it shut itself once again. In his opinion, Minzhe could become the greatest escape artist in the future if doors and windows never remain locked with him.

“Time to go,” stated Minzhe grabbing Leveret’s hand. Leveret followed Minzhe, but still glanced back at the closed window in wonder.

Unknown to Leveret and Minzhe, Molech was once again in the mansion wondering how Minzhe escaped from the housing when all the doors and windows were locked. He had no idea that Minzhe indeed was an escape artist in the making, especially if he was being blocked from visiting Yanira.

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