I am a manga hunter meaning that I search around for anime and manga that I want to own, especially if it is a series that I love.

Besides my great search for anime and manga for my collection, I also take the time to make recommendations like Light Novels that have been translated online, manga that have yet to be recognized, and anime both licensed and unlicensed. The information I gather for these recommendations are from popular blog sites or from my personal experience with these works. I never claim ownership of these works and recommend people to support the creators as well as the translators if there are any.

This blog site also provides my personal made stories that I’ve written to make them resemble that of a manga or anime. They can also been seen as a light novel in the making. (These stories of mine are not allowed to be posted on any other site unless I have given them permission.)

As a Manga Hunter I have scenes in manga, anime, light novels, and visual novels that I just love, so in this blog site there is a Favorite Scenes page that shows favorite scenes from different works, but in script format, since I don’t want to get in trouble by having scans of manga.


Meng Meng The current mascot of Manga Hunter's Blog
Meng Meng
The current mascot of Manga Hunter’s Blog


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