Chapter 1: Destruction Flag please leave my future

Two years have passed since my discovery that I was reincarnated in an Otome game. My name is no longer Fatima Reina, but Laveda Lorenzino, the youngest daughter in the Lorenzino family and sadly the family that will fall into ruin thanks to my older sister Abigail Lorenzino, the villainous character of the famous Otome Game: Key of Fortune Love.

 Sounds absolutely crazy, but I was reincarnated in an Otome Game just like in a light novel or manga, but really, shouldn’t I have been born as the villainous character if I am the main character, but that wouldn’t have been good either. Either way I am doomed to a disaster flag just by being the little sister and get this: my only line in the game was “Big sister.” The reason being is that I am a side character. Side character: meaning that I don’t matter, so why should I have a disaster flag in my future?

To make matters worse, my life now isn’t happy at all since it was discovered I have no magic talent, courtesy of a magic measuring crystal ball. People with no magic talent are basically trash and my family treats me as so. It was the same in the game, but still, it hurts a bit and even though I was mistreated, I was supposed to look up to my sister as the best, but with my memories, I only see her as a bitch. I know I shouldn’t curse, but really she is a bitch. She flaunts her ice power around me and when I do something she doesn’t like, she freezes my arm. I swear I take more hot baths in a day than anyone else in the world. She even convinces father to get her new clothes and father buys her those clothes ignoring my presence. I’m starting to wonder how this “little sister” managed to survive to the game storyline.

Some of you must be wondering and since I have nothing better to do with my family neglecting me when I am just two, I will explain the game I was reincarnated in.

The Otome Game, Key of Fortune Love, takes place in a magical country called Fairsky where there are people, mostly royals; that have talent in magic, but talent in only one element. When you think element you think of fire, wind, water, and earth. The basics right? Well in the game there are other elements besides those four: light, darkness, ice, wood, animal, and time. My “family” has talent in the element of ice and some of you may be thinking that ice and water belong in the same category, but my family can’t control water unless it is solid, thus why it has its own category of element. Anyway, to nurture these talents the children with the talents are sent to an Academy called Anshumeva…kind of a funny sounding word. That’s where the story takes place. The heroine, Eleanor Quits, enters this Academy, but because of her original birth as a commoner, which was pretty rare, she was mistreated and throughout the game she interacts with the capture targets.

With capture targets in mind there are a total of seven capture targets with one secret character, so that would actually be eight targets that can be captured. One is the prince and heir to the country with the talent of wind, Harold Ozmad. Harold Ozma will be engaged to my sister when they reach age six and later cancel the engagement when he falls in love with the heroine at age sixteen…the number of my doom. Apparently he has issues with people fighting for the throne since he was the son of mistress and tries to show his affections to his younger half-brother, Roland Ozma, another capture target and the son of the lawful queen. Roland definitely has issues with his mother and trying to get the throne. He has talent in the element of earth and pretty smart too. I have to admit that he was one of the easiest targets in the game.

Another character that can be captured is Theodore Lorenzino, my soon to be older brother who has talent in the element of animal meaning that he can communicate with animals which is pretty good for his talent and to help with his loneliness. I remember the back story was that my father adopted him to gain favor from the royals, but he treated him so well that mother, Abigail, and myself mistreated him to the point of being afraid of humans. Seriously, why would my character mistreat him when she was mistreated too? I should meet him when I am four or five considering he was adopted when Abigail turned seven.

Next capture target is Cecil Memphis, a cousin of the Lorenzino family with the talent of time, of course, I’m not supposed to know this yet since he is hiding his true talent by pretending to communicate with animals. I would go into deeper detail, but I feel like such a jerk revealing sensitive information about him. He was actually one of my favorites and I should meet him soon, I hope.

Moving onto the next target: Ryunosuke Bosatsu, a foreign teacher from another imaginary country called Arandra with the talent in the element of water. He is a kindhearted teacher, but, as the heroine will discover, he has a fear of girls when not working as a teacher…the dialogue in the game for him was pretty funny. The reason for his fear is kind of complex and I don’t seem to remember since it was pretty tragic. May his heart be healed.

Now for Zayn Rupus, another capture target, but the most annoying. Why? Because he is a narcissist. I swear I wanted to push him out the window every time he praised himself like he was in a host club. He’s even the student council president with a sadistic side with the talent in the element of wood. Talking about him makes me angry so to the next target.

The next capture target is Nathaniel Agni, a delinquent with a scary stare and with the talent in the element of fire. I don’t remember his route very well since he was just too nice of a character, even though he fought other students. I do remember his goggles though since they were so cute just like in an anime.

The secret character is Kai Tushin…I beat his level, but I finished so fast that I forgot most of it, but I do know he has the talent in the element of darkness. I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt.

Anyway, besides capturing the target the heroine has to master her talent in the element of light and battle some students and monsters like in a card game, but since I am really in the game there might not be cards, only magic. At the end the key to the country, which is said to only appear in a pure heart chooses the heroine and then the heroine will be granted the wish to protect the country for another 100 years and choose her husband to be, in other words, the capture target she chose.

I would root for the good guys, but I don’t want to have a disaster end because of my stupid sister. Actually, my sister would bully the heroine every day and in the end of the game, the heroine reveals my sister as an evil being and banishes her from the country. In some roots, my sister is burned alive or beheaded or impaled or torn to shreds…the disaster end also leads to the family being banished or executed depending on the severity of the accusations of bullying…THAT’S JUST TOO MUCH! I don’t want to die or fall into ruin because of my bitch sister.

I really loved this game, but now I am in it and I am doomed to a sad future. This is so mean.

Wait a minute; I am a grown woman (in mind only). I can change my future for the better. I would start by getting on my sister’s good side, but she obviously hates me and if I reveal that she has a doomed future, I may be frozen to death and my parents wouldn’t even care. Heck, they might throw a banquet for the end of the trash, which is me. So my sister can suffer by herself, so sorry dear Abigail.

My plan instead is to get stronger on my own by increasing my knowledge and physical strength. Having a strong body and mind makes for a good future right? I also need to make plans to get away from my family when I can. Even though I am obviously hated, I am forbidden from leaving the family since my family can’t be known for throwing away their own flesh and blood. They rather have me die by natural causes (starvation being counted as a natural cause).

Now that I think about it, even my hair is different from theirs. My hair isn’t bluish white…it is just plain white like untouched snow and my eyes were golden when theirs were blue. I really do look strange and considering my looks and my lack of magic talent, it is no wonder I had nothing really to do in the game. I really am a side character.

OK, getting back on track, I will gather as many books as I can about this world and flex my muscles in the back forest, I’m sure the animals there won’t mind…as long as I don’t see a bear. My family wouldn’t really care what I do, but I’ll try to keep it a secret the best as I can.

I’m getting kind of tired and it might be because I have the body of a two-year-old, so currently I am heading to my bedroom to sleep, while avoiding my sadistic sister. I really hate calling her that. No wonder I cheered when she fell into disaster in the game, but that won’t happen until she is sixteen and I am fifteen.

I forgot to mention this, but I will enter the same academy as my sister when I am of age, even though I have no magic talent. I will just be part of the reject class and my sister even pretends not to know me, even though I call her big sister. I seem to be such a tragic character.

I have to stop thinking like this if I want my future to bright. I will get a decent job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy. Those are my goals and disaster flags will never get in my way!

Oh Lord, I am so tired. I am ready to crawl to my room. I managed to get into my room and into my bed with cheap blankets. The special blankets were reserved for my sister. Where’s child protection services when you need them?

I’m going to crash and put my plan into motion tomorrow.

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