Chapter 95: A Prequel Game I never got to play

This is really shocking. The time Cecil and I were sent to was the past; and not just any past: a time before the founding of Fairsky. Actually, the country right now is called Zourari, meaning dark kingdom for the demons. It was a time where a demon king called Kerberos ruled the land and forced the human race to be slaves to the demons. The other countries were also ruled, but the main force was in Zourari. Talents weren’t even established yet and the first king has not taken action yet. How do I know that part? Well the so called king is right in front of Cecil and me smiling.

Cecil must have realized this as well, since he has a forced smile on his face. Cecil does read history too.

“Is something wrong, you two?”

Cecil shook his head and grabbed my arm saying, “I need to have a word with Laveda.” With that, Cecil dragged me to the bush and leaned toward my ear asking, “Do you think the time we are supposed to watch is him taking action to overthrow the demons?”

“Maybe, but it doesn’t look like he is ready to take action. I mean you saw how he spoke to that demon.”

“He could have been pretending.”

“That’s true.”

I’m not really sure that we are supposed to watch Luca. I mean his story would be pretty long. He would need to escape the village he is currently in; find the people who carry the different Talents to make his Hero Team; fight and seal the Higher Tier demons; and then defeat the Demon King Kerberos before being crowned king…that sounded like an RPG quest…NOW I REMEMBER!

Remember how I mentioned that I played this Otome game in one night? Well I forgot to mention that there was a prequel for the Otome Game that I didn’t get to play. It was called: Elements Quest! It was an RPG style game where you play as the main character: Luca. The object was to gather the Element Talents that were housed in individuals and then defeat the Demon King and then become the new king. It was directed more to the male audiences, so I didn’t play it. Actually, the Otome Game was made as a sequel to cater more to the female audiences, but men also liked this game, since the RPG elements were still in the game. I guess I should have played the prequel before playing the Otome game, but I wanted hot guys to be my eye candy during that time, so you can’t blame me for not playing the prequel.

“Laveda, are you OK?”

“I’m fine. I was just thinking that I should pay more attention to prequels.”


“Forget I said that.”


Cecil looks pretty confused. I guess I went into my thoughts for too long. Looks like Luca is concerned too judging by how he is looking in our direction.

“Cecil, I think we should watch him for now and if we are not supposed to watch him we can leave anytime we want.”

Cecil nodded and then we both headed back to Luca.



“Are you going to turn us in to that demon?”

Luca’s eyes visibly widened when Cecil asked this question, but it was right for Cecil to ask. I trust Luca, but it would be strange if we weren’t suspicious of him, since he does work under a demon.

Luca scratched the back of his head saying, “I won’t do that. I mean you two are obviously escaped slaves and that would mean instant death if Lord Rikusal got his hands on you.”

“That’s kind of you,” Cecil stated, but I could tell that he was bothered that we were mistaken as slaves, but I find it only natural, since no human in this time wasn’t a slave.

“So what do you plan to do with us?” I asked, but before Luca could say a word, the thorns behind us began to tremble. Those thorns aren’t going to come alive, right? I was planning to use my plant talent in an attempt to stop the shaking, but Luca suddenly pushed Cecil and I behind him warning us to stay back.

After a few more tremors a winged beast burst from the thorns screeching like a bat. This beast had a snake tail and bat wings, but the body itself was that of a tiger. This is definitely a chimera. It looks really huge and its eyes are pure red like blood…SCARY! I began to whimper, but Cecil held me protectively. I’m glad Cecil is here.

Luca waved his right hand and wind began to surround his arm like a cyclone. So he has the wind talent. Well I shouldn’t be surprised, since the royals were known to have the wind talent like Harold. Harold’s father (the current king) has the earth talent, but he is a rarity just like Roland.

Anyway, Luca used the wind to smack the winged creature away making it tumble along the ground. The creature gave out a whimper as it rolled on the ground…the sound it made was kind of cute.

“Don’t even think about it Laveda,” Cecil whispered to me. Did he realize that my cute sensor was tingling? Don’t worry Cecil I won’t act, since this creature is positively scary and not at all cute.

Luca summoned more wind and continued to whip the creature on the ground. The winged creature’s eyes no longer glowed and it instead began to cover its head with both paws as its wings tucked in trying to protect itself from the wind attacks. It really looks pitiful.



“That is not a creature to cuddle.”



Cecil really knows me. He knows that I now want to protect that creature since the scare meter is no longer active. Its cuteness level is rising…sorry Cecil. I managed to slip from Cecil’s hold and dash toward the winged creature. Luca immediately withdrew his wind when I interfered.

“Laveda, what are you doing?”

I didn’t answer Luca or Cecil when they called out to me. Instead, I began to examine the winged creature that was trembling in fright.

“Are you OK?” I asked. The winged creature peeked up at me from under his paw before covering his face again. SO CUTE! I tugged on its paw asking if it was all right. It’s not attacking me, so my animal talent must have an effect on it. I suddenly noticed a thorn on its side and placed my hand on it. The winged creature gave out a cry and swiped its paw toward my face, but I managed to dodge (barely).

“Laveda!” I heard Cecil scream. I knew he was about to interfere, so I faced him telling him that I was all right and not to do anything. Cecil seemed to trust my words, but Luca looked like he was about to act. Thankfully, Cecil managed to convince Luca not to act, but Luca seemed doubtful.

I looked back at the winged creature and stated, “I’m just going to remove this thorn from your side and then heal you up, OK.” The winged creature only gave out a grunt before turning its head away. I guess that’s a sign that it is OK for me to act. I yanked the thorn out and then used my light talent to heal the wound. It healed pretty fast, so the winged creature didn’t seem to feel any pain.

“All done,” I announced. The winged creature examined the area where the thorn was before and then faced me with a low growl. It then licked my face causing me to fall back.

“Wet,” I muttered as I wiped my face off from the drool. The creature then began to lick my hair making it stand up like I had witch’s hair.

“Stop it,” I stated, but the winged creature continued to give me a bath. I really need to take a bath after this.

I could hear Cecil laughing making me glare at him. I need to get back at him somehow. I then noticed that Luca was staring at me with wide eyes.

“I something wrong, Luca?” I asked as the winged creature began to hug me with its big arms. Luca pointed at the winged creature asking, “Why is that ferocious creature so close to you?”

How do I explain this? It shouldn’t hurt to tell him.

“Because of my element talent.”

“Element talent?”

“That’s right. You know how you control the element of wind. Well, I control the animal element. Pretty neat, right?”

Luca stared at his hand and then glanced back at me asking, “So you are like me?”

I nodded and then added, “There are many others like you.”

“Others like me…but where?”

“You’ll need to find them silly,” I chirped as the winged creature began to purr against me. Luca looks a bit shocked, but came back to his senses when Cecil patted the side of his leg saying, “You better report to that demon before he gets suspicious.” Luca nodded and began to walk off, but stopped in his tracks and glanced back at Cecil and me.

“I’ll return tomorrow, so please remain here a bit longer.”

Cecil and I looked to one another and then back at Luca giving a nod. Luca smiled and then ran off out of sight.

Cecil then sighed and looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Was it really wise to reveal that you have a talent to that guy?”

“…I don’t know.”

Cecil sighed again. I don’t know if what I did would effect this timeline, but it should be fine…I think.

I suddenly felt a jolt and the next thing I knew, Cecil and I began to disappear from the area. Oh well, I guess we can come back later.


Oh dear, the winged creature is trying to grab me, but its paws are only going through me now. It’s crying now.

“I’ll be back soon.”

“Your majesty!”

Huh? The winged creature addressed me the same way as Goldie does. Actually, I understood his words. It’s another boy creature. I wonder where the girl creatures are.

“Why did you call me…?”

Before I could even finish my sentence, Cecil and I found ourselves in the classroom. That was pretty strange. The others were pretty shocked to see Cecil and I appear together, but they were more shocked that I was covered in drool…I guess I should wash up.

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