Stage 22: Shadow Wolves Battle

The battle music boomed all around them as the Shadow Wolves rushed at them in a speed that was almost impossible to follow, but thanks to Dash’s high speed, he managed to throw his ninja stars at the wolves grazing them on the side letting black blood ooze from the wound.

2% damage Shadow Wolf #1

2% damage Shadow Wolf #2

Dash clicked his tongue making a back flip to dodge an attack as Anthea spun around to swing her blade only to miss and be forced to tumble back. One of the Shadow Wolves scratched the side of Anthea’s arm making her scream out in pain as a result.

10% damage NPC Vendor Anthea

Anthea held her bleeding arm and muttered, “Healing touch.” Light emitted from her hand and healed the wound instantly.

10% recovery NPC Vendor Anthea

With her arm healed, she swung her blade down and yelled out, “OCEAN WAVE!” Water burst from the ground and collided with the two Shadow Wolves making them give out a whimper before colliding into a pillar.

20% damage Shadow Wolf #1

30% damage Shadow Wolf #2

Dash whistled in amusement and stated, “Strong attack, have any more like that?” Anthea shook her head saying, “The rest of my abilities are defensive.” Dash clicked his tongue removing a handful of ninja stars from his sleeve.

“Then I better show these wolves Hell.”

Dash rushed toward the recovering Shadow Wolves and then threw the ninja stars at them, but then immediately threw a white powder with those ninja stars.


The ninja stars impaled the Shadow Wolves sending blood flying.

70% damage Shadow Wolf #1

60% damage Shadow Wolf #2

Shadow Wolf #1 and Shadow Wolf # 2 have been poisoned.

The Shadow Wolves were breathing heavily as they tried to rush toward Anthea and Dash, but Dash rushed at them instead and kicked them each one time making the wolves whimper and then collide into the ground.

50% damage Shadow Wolf #1

50% damage Shadow Wolf #2

The Shadow Wolves instantly turned to dust as the battle music…continued.

Anthea looked around in confusion as did Dash wondering why the music was still going on, but their question was answered when they heard chuckling behind them. They glanced over their shoulder and saw Lysander with Hero Killer in his hand.

Dash clicked his tongue saying, “So he caught up.”

Lysander chuckled and pointed the blade at the two.

“The battle still continues dear heroes, so fight me or fall before my great blade,” stated Lysander in a mocking tone. Anthea frowned turning her sword at the Goblin King.

“We will defeat you,” stated Anthea. Lysander smirked, but then came to a realization as he stared at Anthea.

“How did you remove the curse seal from your body?”

“Dash removed it with his fire.”

Lysander frowned and then glared at the Ninja Hero, who was pulling out more Ninja Stars from his sleeve.

“You dare harm my pet.”

“Miss. NPC isn’t your pet. POISON STAR SHOWER!”

Dash threw the attack at Lysander, but Lysander used the sword to smack the stars away with no damage.

“You’re going to need more than that to defeat me hero,” stated Lysander and rushed at Dash at an incredible speed. Dash avoided Lysander’s attack only missing the end of the blade by an inch.

“Don’t let that sword cut you!” called out Anthea.

“I know,” muttered Dash pulling out a long sword attached to his back. He went into a fighting stance in front of Lysander with seriousness in his eyes.

“My mission is to kill you and I will carry that out.”

Lysander smirked daring Dash to attack. Dash prepared to rush at Lysander, but paused and instead jumped back to Anthea’s position. At that moment, an Earth Golem rose up from the ground and roared at Lysander.

Beast Tamer Simba has joined the battle.

“Beast Tamer?”

Anthea looked pass the Golem and saw Simba smirking with a whip in his hand. Anthea smiled, but her smile grew wider when she saw familiar faces right behind Simba: Sapphire, Hazel, Geronimo, and Sky.

“Guys!” called Anthea. Sky waved at her and then gripped the staff in his hand.

“We’ll help you out.”

The others nodded in agreement pulling out their weapons of choice.

Dancer Sapphire, Thief Hazel, Barbarian Geronimo, and Swordsman Sky have joined the battle.

Dancer Sapphire, Thief Hazel, Barbarian Geronimo, and Swordsman Sky are cursed with Confinement Seal.

Hazel scoffed saying, “We knew that already, but we can fight normally if we try.” With those words, Hazel threw a rock toward Lysander. Lysander shattered the rock and then smirked.

“Looks like it is time to end you heroes once and for all.”

Lysander chuckled in amusement as Anthea and the others prepared to fight.

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