Chapter 92: Inventor?

I am so tired. I can barely even move now. My bed is so nice and soft. Bibi and Darkie are also soft. I am so sleepy. I fall asleep and dream of fluffy clouds. These clouds are nice and soft. They are not wet at all, unlike the clouds in real life…Huh, why does it feel like an earthquake in my room?


I was jolted awake as was Bibi and Darkie. That scream was really loud. I slipped out of bed taking Bibi and Darkie with me. I exited my room and tried to locate where that tremor and scream originated from. Judging by how high the scream was; my guess is that the scream is from either Abigail or Eleanor (I don’t want to think that the boys here have high pitched screams). The tremor was also pretty close, so Eleanor’s room is the most likely source, since Abigail is farther from my room. I guess the tremor didn’t wake the others, since I am the only one running down the hall.

Let’s see…found Eleanor’s room. I better knock first. I could be wrong that the tremor came from her room.

“Eleanor, are you OK?”


There is no answer.



Strange…that voice didn’t belong to Eleanor. I opened the door and saw that the room was a wreck…WHY? I practically ran into the room trying to find the reason for the mess, but my thoughts were interrupted when I saw Eleanor sitting on her bed with her eyes close to tears.

“Eleanor!” I exclaimed as I ran to her wondering if she was hurt in any way. Even Bibi and Darkie seemed concerned, but Bibi suddenly had a glint in his eye as he ran behind me and did a flying kick toward something…someone. That someone managed to dodged and fired what looked like a gun at Bibi…WHY IS THERE A GUN? Instead of bullets, a net came out and wrapped around Bibi before pinning him to the ground. Bibi struggled in the net, but the net showed no sign of tearing.


I tried to run to his aid as did Darkie, but the stranger in the room shot the net at Darkie pinning him to the floor as well. He pointed the gun at me, but I raised my hands in surrender. I don’t want to get pinned to the floor.

The stranger chuckled and placed the gun back in its holster.

“I didn’t expect to get attacked when I came to this dorm, especially since I placed a sound shield in this area.”

The stranger sounds like a man…wait a moment, he looks pretty short. Maybe just an inch or two above my height. The short man adjusted the hat he wore revealing his brown eyes and short brown hair…oh wait, his hair has a small ponytail, so it is medium length at best. He wore what looked like a steampunk cosplay. I have to admit that he looked pretty cool, but being cool doesn’t excuse him for breaking in.

“Who are you?” I demanded.

“Wouldn’t it be more polite to introduce yourself first?”

“No need for politeness for a guy who breaks into an innocent girl’s room!”

I could feel Eleanor grab the back of my nightgown as she shook. She must have been really shocked to see this stranger…wait a minute, he looks familiar.

“So are you going to tell your name?” I demanded again…he really does look familiar.

“I was going to introduce myself anyway to the Light User,” stated the stranger with a shrug of his shoulders and then smirked, while pointing his index finger in our direction, “The name is Clive Sparks, the greatest inventor of all time!”

THAT’S WHY HE LOOKED FAMILIAR! He appeared in the game as a tutorial on how to use element orbs. I guess I should explain. Element orbs are kind of like alchemy where it only activates when a person with a talent is holding it. For example: let’s say you have a talent in earth, but you want to use a little bit of the water talent. You can use the water element orb along with your earth talent in order to use something close to a water talent. These orbs are a one-time use and can only be used one at a time (no combing orbs with another orb), so they are usually bought in bulk. These are used for fun or on the RPG part of the game. Talentless people cannot use the orbs, since you need a talent to activate them.

That’s the basic idea of element orbs. Clive, the inventor, explains this to Eleanor, since he found her interesting and you can buy special items from him either for fighting or to gain favors with the capture targets. There was a debate in the forums wondering why he wasn’t a capture target, especially since in the game he was the voice of reason for when Eleanor felt conflicted with the love interests or just sad in general. He is also pretty good looking if I say so myself. He actually lives on campus as a professor, but he is picky on who he teaches.

Wait a moment, in the game he appeared to Eleanor at night, but it was a quiet visit since he used his time talent (that’s his talent) to activate a teleportation orb (he created that). Why was his visit so loud this time?

…I got my answer when I noticed a plane sticking out of the crumbled wall…WHY IS THERE A PLANE IN THIS WORLD? Planes don’t exist here, so why?

“Hey little girl, are you still here?”

“Don’t call me little,” I stated with a glare. I pointed at the plane and asked, “Why is that sticking out of the wall?”

“Oh that…I flew it in. I still need to work on the landing of that thing though.”

“Flew it in…wasn’t there a better way to get in here? You could have used an orb.”

“Orb…that’s no fun.”


Clive visibly took a step back, so I guess he realized how mad I was.

“Sorry, I’ll fix it right way.”

Clive pushed the plane outside and then activated his time talent. With time talent you can repair damaged objects by rewinding the time on it, but that takes practice. Obviously, Clive practiced a lot, since the wall was repaired in no time. Clive nodded and then faced Eleanor and me.

“I planned to only explain the orbs to the light User, but I can let the little girl join as well.”

“I am not little!”

“You are. No need to feel offended. I’m 28 and I am still short.”

He does have a point. I’m not sure if his height is a curse like mine, but he doesn’t seem bothered. Maybe it isn’t a curse.

“All right ladies, please introduce yourselves and then I can tell you all about the inventions I have that you guys can purchase.”

…Huh? Wasn’t he supposed to only tell us about the element orbs? Maybe I skipped the part about his inventions when it came up in the game, but this is still confusing…actually before he starts teaching…


“Just call me Clive.”

“…Clive, can you please release Bibi and Darkie first?”

That’s right, Bibi and Darkie are still struggling in the nets that Clive trapped them in. Clive chuckled and peeled the net off of Darkie and Bibi. I wasn’t at all surprised that Bibi kicked Clive in the chin before jumping into my arms. Darkie just glared at Clive menacingly with a small growl.

Clive rubbed his chin saying, “Your bear can really kick.”

“He doesn’t like you.”

“I can tell.”

Clive rubbed his chin one last time and then clapped his hands together.

“All right, please let me hear your names.”

“Eleanor Quits.”

Eleanor finally looks calm after the previous shock of having a plane crash into her room.

“Laveda Lorenzino.”

“OK, you guys must be wondering why I want to tell you guys about my inventions, right?”

“Yes, but is this really the best time to tell us? Do you know what time it is?”

I am pretty grouchy, since it is my bedtime.

“I guess you’re right, but I thought it would be a good time, since I made these Element Orbs a whole lot better.”


Clive pulled out two element orbs and slammed them together. The next thing I saw was ice covered in flames emitting from his hands…HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? You can only use one element orb and he is using two. Is this an upgrade for the game or something?

“Amazing,” I stated as I clapped my hands in excitedly. Eleanor also clapped, but she looked pretty confused. Bibi and Darkie clapped as well, but they were most likely copying me.

“Amazing is right,” stated Clive as he dispersed the flame and ice in his hands, “Element Orbs can only be used one at a time, but with a few adjustments from yours truly, I have managed to make it possible to use two orbs at once…you do know what element orbs are, right?”

I nodded, but Eleanor shook her head. Clive began to explain the element orbs to Eleanor and as he did, I began to examine what was left of the next that was sticking on Darkie’s body. This is like the spider web from a superhero movie or maybe more like silly string. It feels so light and yet Bibi and Darkie couldn’t escape. What material was used for this net?

“Do you understand now, Eleanor?”

Eleanor nodded after the explanation about the element orbs. I have to admit that I am now eager to hear more about these inventions of Clive’s. Even my drowsiness is gone.

“Now for the next invention,” Stated Clive and then yanked out what looked like a handful of red marbles, “I call these Bang Marbles.”

“Bang Marbles?”

Clive tossed them toward the wall that was originally damaged and then next thing we knew, the wall was once again damaged by the explosion from the marbles. Clive repaired the wall with his talent and stated, “With these marbles, an explosion can be made and people with no talents can use them too.”

That’s interesting, but those are still pretty dangerous.

“The next invention is an Emergency Patch.”

He pulled out knife and then made a small scratch on his arm. Why would he cut himself? He then pulled out a gauze patch and pressed it on the wound. The gauze vanished and so did the wound.

“That’s amazing,” I cheered and even Eleanor looked excited. Clive nodded with a smile on his face.

“If a healer isn’t close by then you can use this Emergency Patch to heal your wound.”

I wonder what he will show next. My heart is practically racing. Oh, he is looking at his pocket watch.

“Looks like I have to get back, but if you want more information then please wait for me when night arrives.”

Clive was about to break the wall, but I stopped him saying, “Please use a teleportation orb.” Clive nodded and added, “I’ll take the plane with me too.”

Clive pulled out a teleportation orb from his pocket, but before he could activate it, he looked at Eleanor and me and stated, “To be honest, I came here by accident, but I’m glad you girls like my inventions.” He then activated the orb, disappearing from the room.

I then returned to Eleanor and asked, “Are you OK with Clive visiting at night?” Eleanor nodded saying, “It was pretty interesting to see those inventions of his, but I hope he doesn’t crash in like today.”

I nodded in agreement. After making sure that Eleanor was OK, I left her room taking Darkie and Bibi with me. Clive was such an interesting character, but it is really time to sleep.

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