Chapter 21: Glacier Climbing…NO SHORT CUTS!



“What is this?”


Currently in front of us is a block of ice like the glacier that sunk the Titanic (please don’t find this offensive) that I made secretly while Nate was taking a potty break. Nate was wearing a helmet and had a rope around his waist once again and I even handed him a snow pick for climbing a mountain.

“Training for what?”

“To climb a mountain.”

“But I already know how…”

“How many times have you fallen while with me?”

“…point taken.”

I nodded and patted the side of the glacier.

“This is sturdy enough to support your weight and just in case you fall again, I can support you using the rope around your waist.”

Nate nodded and reached toward the glacier, but I stopped him adding, “If you reach the top…”

I pointed upward and on top of the glacier is our new friend Polka curled up in a ball.

“I’ll let you cuddle Polka.”

Nate’s eyes immediately lit up. I knew this would be a good motivation. Nate immediately grabbed the side of the glacier and began to climb and immediately…fell down. Are you serious? You barely made it up an inch.

“Nate, how did you manage to survive this long?”

“There was a path I found.”

“So you walked and started climbing recently?”

Nate nodded with a blush in his cheeks. I am seriously worried about this boy. He really needs training.

“All right Nate. You will not climb this mountain until you have reached the top of this glacier ten times.”


“That’s an easy number to reach.”


“You get to cuddle Polka ten times.”

“I’ll do it.”

He is so easy to convince. Nate is climbing again…and he has fallen again. It seems to be his destiny to fall off this mountain. No! I refuse to give up on him! I will make his future happy without that pain of a failure in this mountain.


…I am starting to give up on this boy. How many times are you going to fall?

I heard Polka give out a mew as she looked down at us from on top of the glacier. Her eyes seem to be saying, “not to give up.” Those eyes of Polka also seem to be glowing with cuteness. Polka just gave out a yawn…SO CUTE!

Oh how nice. Nate is starting to climb the glacier faster. Polka’s motivation speech (the meow and yawn) seem to be successful. Climb higher!



Phew, looks like he managed to save himself this time. He is getting closer to the top.

Nate finally grabbed the top of the glacier and then used his other hand to caress Polka’s small head. I am so proud of you Nate. I feel like crying. Nate slid down the glacier back to the ground and smiled at me.

“How was that Reino?”

“Very good. Now you still have to climb that glacier nine more times.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely serious and come on, Polka looks eager to be petted again.”

Nate looked up at Polka who was meowing at him. Polka is so cute! Nate is also adorable with his big eyes looking at Polka. He’s like a kid entering a puppy store. Nate is climbing the glacier again and I have to admit that his grip is a little better and he is actually making sure that he has a good foot hold.

While is climbing that glacier, I will make a meal. We had soup yesterday, so I’ll make some eggs for today. I love to eat sunny side up eggs, but considering my location, scrambled eggs would be more convenient.

I grabbed the eggs from my bag and I have to say that considering how fragile they are, there isn’t a single crack on them. These are some tough eggs.

I brought a bowl, so I can…

“Reino, I’m done!”

That was faster than I thought. I looked at Nate and saw that he was sitting on the top of the glacier petting Polka in his lap. I’m glad he is on top, but I have this strange feeling.

“Did you really climb this glacier ten times?”

Nate looked away from me, but I can see sweat on the side of his face as he muttered, “Yes.”

“Nate, Look me in the eye and say that.”

“I did.”

He is still looking away from me. The only way to see if he is telling the truth is t see for myself.

I climb the glacier in a decent speed and then grab his dangling leg making Nate flinch. I close my eyes and activate my time talent.

I saw a vision of Nate looking at my back as I dug for the eggs and bowl in my bag and then climb the mountain once before sitting on top of the glacier and placing Polka on his lap.

I open my eyes glaring at Nate, who has a bewildered expression.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t know just because I turned my back?”

Nate gulped saying, “What are you talking about?”

“You only climbed this glacier two times, right?”



“All right, I’m sorry, but climbing this thing is hard and I wanted to pet Polka.”

I groan and then urged Polka into my arms. Polka gladly left Nate’s arms to go into mine. I jumped down from the glacier and then looked at Nate with a glare.

“Until you climb this glacier twenty times, I am keeping Polka and you are not allowed to eat my cooking.”               

            “I thought you said ten and that I would get to pet Polka ten times.”

“You lost that privilege when you lied, so get climbing, unless you want to go without food and without Polka,” I stated and even held Polka as far away as I can from him to make my point clear.

Nate hung his head in defeat and continued his training. I know what I am doing sounds mean, but this is all for his future. No pain means no gain.

I better get some eggs cooking, while he is climbing and with Polka watching him, she can make sure that he climbs that glacier the correct number of times. This is all for your future Nate, so don’t give up.           

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