Chapter 102: Screams of Pain

            OK, Cecil and I have returned to the past, but we have no idea how much time has passed since we last came here, but we do know that a scream came from the village not too long ago, so with the help of the Chimera we are headed toward the village to find the source of the scream. Sounds like a very bad idea, but we have to watch Luca and for all we know, the scream came from him. We can regret later.

            This Chimera moves pretty fast, even with Cecil and I riding his back. It looks like it only took a few seconds to reach the village, but the Chimera didn’t even step pass the village border. Instead, he began to growl and his fur stood up on end. I used my dark talent and saw that there was curse on the border, but this curse according to what I can see only effects beasts like the Chimera.

            Cecil and I dismount from the Chimera’s back knowing that the Chimera couldn’t advance. I patted the Chimera’s back and said, “Wait for us at the rock. We’ll be back as soon as possible.” The Chimera nodded and gave me one last lick on the cheek before running back.

            I looked back at Cecil and stated, “The border of the village is safe for us to cross, but we must be careful in case there are any guards.” Cecil nodded and grabbed my hand gently. His touch is so warm.

            I thought I would be the one leading Cecil in, but I guess he wanted to lead me. The way he is leading me in is almost like when we traveled the forest together. When I was young, Cecil insisted on meeting my animal friends, so we walked together like this, Cecil leading me with his hand holding mine. This is nice, but I have to stay wary of our surroundings, since we are in a time where demons ruled.


            There’s the scream again and I even felt Cecil jump in surprise from the sudden scream. Hearing the scream again I am definitely sure that the source is in this village.

            “Laveda,” Cecil began in a hush voice, “I hear voices ahead.”

            Hearing his words, I tried to make my steps as soundless as possible, but then I realized that I could just use my dark talent to make us invisible. The duration of this invisibility is pretty short, since I am not quite a master at the Dark talent, but it should keep us safe when we reach the source of the voices.

            “I cast invisibility on us, but we must stay hidden still,” I instructed Cecil and he nodded in reply. We ventured forward and after squeezing between two old cabins, we saw what looked like a town square filled with thin people who looked like they haven’t bathe for days and some even looked exhausted with black bags under their eyes. I can definitely tell that they were slaves of the demons, but then my focus fell at the center of the cluster of people. A woman was hung at the center.

            The woman had bruises decorating her body and dried blood. The tattered clothes she wore did little to cover her damaged skin. She had traces of blood dripping from her lips and her eyes looked empty like she was a doll. Standing beside the woman, I saw the demon, Rikusal (if I remember correctly), holding a spear that was completely red.

            If you guys don’t remember, Rikusal was the demon Cecil and I saw with Luca when we were in the past last. He doesn’t look any different, except the smile on his face as he gripped the spear could only be described as psychotic. Rikusal suddenly stabbed the woman’s dangling leg causing her to scream. I had to cover my mouth to prevent me from screaming myself. I glanced at Cecil and saw the he was cringing in disgust and the hand that wasn’t holding mine was clenched to the point I thought he would hurt himself, so I shook his arm and whispered, “It’s OK,” even though I knew that it was not OK. IT was not OK to watch this woman be tortured publicly. I wanted to yell out, but Rikusal yanked the spear out allowing the woman’s blood to drain from her wounded leg like a fountain and then glanced at the crowd with that unchanging smile of a psycho.

            “This worm,” he began, while pointing his blood-soaked spear at the woman, “claimed to have no strength to carry the stones for my Lord’s statue, so why should I allow this WORM to laze about? It is best to use her as a demonstration of what happens to lazy pests.” He stabbed her leg again and the scream she gave out was just as horrific. I wanted to stop this, but Cecil shook his head at me. This is the past, so interfering might have dire consequences, but…I can’t even stop the tears from escaping my eyes.

            Rikusal yanked his spear out and licked the blood the dripped from the blade. Disgusting…just disgusting.

            “Even worms as lazy as this have a use, but…”

            Rikusal pointed the spear at the woman, who seemed close to death, and declared, “I am willing to let her go, if one of you want to take her place.”

            Take her place? The people here are terrified. No one would want to take this woman’s place no matter how much pain she is in. I could feel my body tremble as Rikusal smirked and said, “No takers? Then this worm will remain here until she breathes her last.” He raised his spear and just seeing the blood glisten from the handle made me SNAP!

            I summoned the wind around my form and felt my eyes burn with tears.


            My anger had overflowed to the point that the invisibility I casted was cancelled and everyone could see me, but only me.

            “Laveda, calm down,” Cecil said as he tried to drag my now floating form back to the ground, but I couldn’t calm down. Not when this demon is still standing there.

            My wind burst from my form and shoved the people around me to the ground. Rikusal somehow maintained his balance as he looked at me with eyes wide with confusion.

            “Spirit magic? It can’t be…Spirit magic is not supposed to be gained by human hands.”

            He was definitely looking at me and this spirit magic he spoke of must be the talents, but I don’t care what he thinks. I just want him to feel pain. I summoned wind blades around me and prepared to fire it at him, but I suddenly felt something pulse around me and the next thing I knew I was back on the ground with no strength in my body. This hasn’t happened before? What is going on?

            “Who are you?”

            Who am I? I recognize this voice.

            “Mr. Dragon?”

            That’s all I could say before I felt the hardness of the ground and my consciousness disappear.

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