Chapter 103: Face to face with a demon

I opened my eyes and I expected to be back in my original time, since I don’t think it would be wise to be unconscious in the past, but I was wrong. Here I am, lying on the floor of a wooden cage. I got up and looked around. I am in a cabin, but the interior is neat like a guest bedroom or a guesthouse, so whoever lives here might be rich. There is also no sign of Cecil. Was he captured too or is he back in the present?

            Cecil…he looked so scared when I snapped. I should have been calmer and dealt with the situation better, but that demon needed to be punished. Maybe I need anger management classes when I get back. I also need to apologize to Cecil for messing this up.

            Now that I think about it, before I passed out, I thought I heard Mr. Dragon speaking to me through my mind. If you guys don’t remember, Mr. Dragon was the one who allowed Harold and I to get to the peak of our wind talent. I haven’t seen him, since that time, but why would he speak to me in the past? Did he already exist here and if so, why speak to me?

            I hear a creak…a door opening? I don’t think I saw a door…oh, it was behind the solid wood panel of the cage. Footsteps, so there is definitely someone walking in. Who is that person? It is the bastard demon, Rikusal! I hope he burns. Thinking of burning. I tried to use my fire talent, but the flame wouldn’t even come out…uh oh. Is there a talent seal somewhere in this room? Definitely not good.

            Rikusal chuckled as he looked at my small form. I really want to smack the smirk off his face.

            “Don’t look at me like that little one,” Rikusal said, “I’m being generous by allowing you into my house.”

            Generous? You have me in a cage, so how is this generous? He is so hateful. Rikusal looked me over and then stated, “You are not a slave from my village, so where did you come from, little one?”

            I remained silent. I refuse to give him the satisfaction of an answer from my lips.

            “Are you mute? Strange, I could have sworn you spoke when releasing the wind,” he stated and then smirked saying, “So how does a human such as yourself get the blessing of an element spirit?”

            Blessing? I guess that’s what you call Talents in the past. I still refuse to acknowledge him with an answer.

            “Still silent?”

            He suddenly opened the cage, but his form is pretty large, so I can’t dash pass him, especially when I don’t have any of my talents active, but I can do THIS!

            I launched myself forward and chomped down on his extended hand. I bit as hard as I could as he remained frozen in place. The next thing I knew, he screamed and began to toss me around trying to make me release. I refuse to let go.

            “You brat!”

            He used a very strong force to send me flying against the wall, but even though the impact should have been painful, it wasn’t. Looks like I owe Kai another apology when I get back, since he should be withering in pain right about now.

            I managed to sit up and glare at Rikusal as he looked down at his bleeding hand. I really bit him good. Serves him right, but the blood on my lips tastes awful.

            Rikusal glared daggers at me, but his face that was filled with anger, suddenly revealed one of amusement…why is he amused? Is he a masochist?

            “Looks like my Lord will enjoy this year’s offering.”

            Offering…DOES HE MEAN ME?

            I took his words as a signal that I had to run, so I did, just before he ran at me trying to grab me. I ducked out of his reach and then kicked a bucket on the ground at him. To my great luck it covered his head. I never thought I would experience the pleasure of dumping a bucket on someone’s head like in an anime.

            I ran to the only door, but to my surprise, I was lifted off the ground not by a hand, but by the wind. Note: I am not controlling this wind. I was dragged out through the roof and after hovering in the air for a short while, I was sent toward the thick trees. The leaves hit my face as I flew through and then I felt the warmness of an embrace around my small form. I glanced up at the source and saw the familiar concerned look of Luca.


            Luca sighed and hugged me saying, “I told you to stay in place didn’t I?” I guess Luca did return to where Cecil and I were before and must have been worried when we weren’t there, but…

            “Luca, were you the one who helped me escape?”

            Luca nodded.

            “But how did you know I was in there.”

            Luca glanced over his shoulder and said, “He told me.”

            I glanced behind Luca and saw Cecil leaning against the tree with a relieved look.


            Cecil approached me saying, “I saw where that demon took you and then found Luca in the place where we last saw him and asked for his help.”

            I nodded and then said my thanks to Cecil and Luca, but after saying my thanks, I heard a loud yell from the village.

            Luca picked me up and said, “You’re not safe here. If Lord Rikusal has an interest in you, you are definitely not to come back here.” With those words, Luca ran from the village with Cecil by his side and me in his arms.

            I looked back in the direction of the village and realized that if Luca were to go back to that village, he would be most likely be killed for helping me escape and that would mean the future I come from would never exist, so I said something that I wasn’t sure was right or wrong.

            “Come with us.”

            “What?” Luca asked with wide eyes.

            “If you go back, you will be killed, so please come with us.”

            Luca was silent, but then smiled saying, “I have to stay for my people.”

            I pressed my lips together in worry. What can we do to prevent him from getting killed, but then I remembered his talent: wind.

            “Luca, listen carefully,” I began as I leaned closer to his ear, “Look for the dragon who masters the wind.”


            I nodded and added, “Learn from the dragon to reach the peak of your talent and when you do, then you can return.”

            “What are you saying, Laveda?”

            “Please, remember my words,” I whispered and the next thing I knew, Cecil and I were engulfed by a light. I think Luca was trying to call to us, but I couldn’t hear his words anymore, but I did feel something warm touch my ear before the light covered my sight completely.

            “I will train him well.”

            I knew that Mr. Dragon wouldn’t let me down.

            When the light cleared, Cecil and I were back in the classroom with the others who were looking at us and asking if we were all right. I nodded, but I noticed Cecil looking at me in concern. I guess even he is wondering if we did the right thing in interfering, but I hope our choice was right.

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