Needed for this World

Operation Liberate Men by: Mira Lee

Translation from JanimeS

Characters in this part:

Suha: main girl character pretending to be a guy

Danium: a member of Operation Liberate Men and kind of a secondary leader

Ati: a member of the Operation Liberate Men who is kind to all members

Guy (#): members of the Liberate Men

Italics= thoughts

(Suha looks at Ati with hearts in her eyes after being comforted by him)

Danium: Don’t bother Ati! Keep walking!

Suha: Compared to Ati, he is…

Danium: Oh~, your eyes look energized. Maybe we don’t have to take a break after all

Suha: (left hand under chin with eyes closed in thought) I see…Danium, you are indeed needed for this world.

Guy #1: Eh? This is new.

Guy #2: Never see Suha compliment Danium before.

Suha: How we know white is because black exists! How we are grateful for clean water is because we know how bad polluted water is! How we realize sweet scent of flowers is because we know awful odors!

Ati: Oh my.

Suha: If it weren’t you, I wouldn’t have realized warmness from others.

(Suha holds Danium hands, while Danium is in shock.)

Suha: So Danium, you exist in order to make other good people shine more. Of course, I guess you don’t mean to be this way.

Danium: (vein popping from forehead) So…I am black, mud, and dirty?

Suha: I didn’t say that.

(Suha turns away)

Suha: But seeing you say those words out loud, I guess you have some idea of your true form.

Danium: YOU-!

(Ati holds back Danium as Suha runs away.)

Ati: Let him go, Danium.

Danium:  Why should I?! Let go of me!

End of Scene

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