Chapter 74: Where is his room…SORRY!

This has become a mission. I must locate a room in this dorm that Kai can stay in or he might have to stay in my room. I am still a pure girl, so allowing a man to stay in my room is not healthy. While I am at it, I will also learn where the others are staying in this dorm. I was surprised they weren’t there to greet me, so I better learn where their rooms are located.

We began to walk down the hall toward door number one. This room is pretty big and should be suited for Kai, since he is a king. The door wasn’t locked, so no one should be in this room…I was wrong. I was immediately greeted by a tornado of rose petals. Do I even have to say who was in the room?


Kai was practically spitting out petals that managed to fly into his mouth. It was actually pretty funny, but I better not laugh…I won’t laugh.

I opened the door wider only to see Zayn striking a pose with rose petals dancing around him. He is as flashy as ever (blasted Narcissist).

Zayn finally took notice of me and the next thing I knew, he was hugging me with bliss on his face.

“My dear Laveda, you finally came to see me!” he cheered and then spun me in the air. Please stop this, it is humiliating. I managed to get out of his hold to land on the ground and stated, “I was actually looking for Simon’s room.”


Oh, looks like Zayn finally noticed Kai at his doorway. Kai was still tossing off the petals from his form muttering curses. Zayn stared at Kai for a while before more petals decorated Kai like a Christmas tree. Kai wiped the petals that landed on his face glaring at Zayn.

“You did that on purpose!”

“It was just a coincidence,” Zayn stated, but even I knew he was lying. Zayn then asked, “So you are Simon Crawford?”

Kai nodded still sweeping the petals off his head.

“I have heard you are a no talent like Laveda, but don’t expect to be on equal grounds like her. You and her live in two different worlds.”

“I never thought we were on equal grounds,” stated Kai. I have to admit that I am surprised he said that, but then he added, “Thanks to her, I am even lower than her. Maybe I should just die.” Whoa, he just took a nose dive into a depressed state. I guess he is just saying that because of the curse I placed on him…I guess I am in control of him because of that, but he needs to look on the bright side. At least you won’t be hurting people now.

Oh, looks like Zayn feels guilty when he saw Kai’s depressed mood.

“I don’t really know what happened, but…I’m sorry.”

Kai straightened up and practically dragged me away from Zayn’s room saying, “Laveda and I need to find my room.” Zayn didn’t even have time to say anything before his door slammed into his face…I wonder why that happened?

After a few turns, I ripped my hand from Kai’s and stated, “You didn’t have to drag me away.”

“I wanted to get away from that guy as soon as possible.”


“His petals are too much,” stated Kai before giving out a small sneeze. Could it be that Kai might have an allergy to the petals?

“Are you allergic to the petals?”

“…Only when there is a lot.”

Kai gave out a few more sneezes before wiping off the remain petals off his face. With his nose a little red and his eyes watery, he looks kind of cute. I noticed a petal still resting on his head and urged him closer. He looked annoyed when he knelt in front of me, but his eyes widen when I plucked the petal from his head.

“Got it off,” I chirped. My voice sounded kind of weird there, but oh well. Kai became a little red. I guess his allergy was still acting up.

“Let’s just find an empty room.”

I nodded and led him to door number two. To be honest, the dorm rooms were next to each other, but I designed that each room had their own hallway and thus created more space in the room. It is almost like an apartment, but my room is still the biggest in this dorm in my opinion. What? In my previous life, I owned an apartment that I paid for myself…I miss that apartment ever so.

Learning my lesson from the previous room, I knocked this time. There was no answer, so this room must be empty. I opened the door and saw…Harold sitting on the bed reading a book. Hold on…isn’t that one of my fanfic books that were published. I didn’t know he read my works when he was alone. I also noticed Silver (Harold’s wind animal form, if you have forgotten) flying around the room and clawing the corner of the room with an unsatisfied look.


Harold heard my voice as he looked up at me and smiled. He closed the book and walked up to me in a quick haste saying, “I see you arrived safely.” I nodded, but before Harold could say anything, I pointed at Silver and asked, “What is Silver doing?”

“Oh, he’s trying to find a way out.”

“Shouldn’t you just open the door or window?”

“It’s not that simple.”

What does he mean by that? Before I could ask anything, Kai approached Harold with a smile saying, “Hello your majesty if I am correct, my name is Simon Crawford. I am a student of this dorm.”

Harold frowned at Simon for some reason.

“I remember your name being mentioned, but why are you here…with Laveda?”

“She is assisting me in finding a vacant room.”

“Then allow me to…”

I have no idea what happened, but Kai and me were practically dragged out of the room by an unseen force and then the door slammed in Harold’s face…WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

I tried to approach, but I felt something dragging me away. Really, what is going on?

“I guess we head to the next room,” Kai stated turning his back from Harold’s room.

“Are you serious? Harold must be trapped in that room!”

“Doesn’t concern me.”

I pinched my arm in retaliation making him cringe and glare at me.

“Look, I know you are worried, but you can help him later after finding me a room.”


“Can you even approach the room right now?”

I tried to approach the room, but I was once again dragged away from it. I guess I really need to come back later.

“Harold, I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’ll get you out when I can.”

There was no answer, so all I could hope was that he heard me.

I went to Kai to lead him to door number three, even though I was still worried about Harold. I bet you guys are wondering why I didn’t just use my talents to free him, but it is dangerous if I don’t even know the cause of why he is trapped. I just might accidentally explode him. So better safe than sorry.

I didn’t even bother knocking this time, since it is obvious that if this room is like Harold’s than they won’t hear the knock from inside. I opened the door and saw…WHY THE HECK IS AN ARMY OF GOLEM DOLLS GETTING READY FOR BATTLE? They are holding some pretty sharp scissors and some even have needles. SCARY! If you guys haven’t guessed, this room belongs to Roland Ozma. Oh, he’s standing on the bed like he is on a fortress.

“All right, my dolls, we are going to escape from this room this time.”

The dolls waved their “weapons” above their heads like they were cheering their captain. This is quite a strange scene. It reminds me of the wicked witch of the west when she ordered her monkeys to fly. The scene is pretty funny, but I won’t laugh.


“Huh, ah! Laveda, you finally came!” exclaimed Roland with a lot of excitement as he jumped from the bed and then ran toward me. He lifted me up with no problem and then asked, “What took you so long?”

“Well I…”

I suddenly noticed the dolls tilting their heads in my direction…that’s kind of creepy. Roland seemed to notice it too and stated, “Try to locate a way out.” The dolls nodded and then they were scurrying all over the floor like mice with their make shift weapons in hand.

“Roland, you really need to explain what’s going on. Why can’t you leave the room, especially since the door is open now?”

“To be honest, this is as far as I can go. I can’t even step out without being pulled back in.”

“Why is this happening to you?”

Roland frowned and muttered, “The Headmaster is to blame.”

“The Headmaster?”

Roland nodded.

“We arrived here and then we were given the rundown of the experiment we were involved in, but when we asked to wait for you to arrive, the Headmaster told us that it wouldn’t do and that the experiment’s first phase will start for us. Next thing I knew, I was in this room with a small note saying for me to escape from the room using my talent.”

This is really strange. I don’t remember this phase being in the experiment. I guess another difference from the game. I was going to ask Roland something else, but Kai suddenly plucked me from Roland’s arms and placed me behind him…why did he do that?

Roland is glaring at Kai. Please no glaring battles.

“Who are you?”

“Simon Crawford is the name and you must be Roland Ozma, the second prince, right?”

“That’s right, so what gave you the right to pull Laveda from me?”

“To protect me.”

“What are you…?”

The next thing I knew, Kai and I were pulled from the door by the same force and then the door slammed in front of Roland…

“How did you know this was going to happen at this moment?”

“I kind of felt it was going to happen, but I wasn’t completely sure.”

“So why pull me away from Roland?”

“I couldn’t take the chance of you getting hurt when we are pulled away from the room,” stated Kai and then asked, “What? Did you enjoy being in his embrace?”

“…Why do you sound angry?”

“I’m not!”

Kai is obviously pouting. Is he against my friends carrying me? Well, I don’t really like being carried like a child. Let me just hope the next room won’t pluck me from the ground.

We are heading toward room number four, but as we walked, I thought back to Roland’s words. Why would the headmaster make this kind of test for the people involved in this experiment? Now that I think about it, the headmaster never mentioned that this was happening in the dorm when he spoke to Kai and me and Shuya didn’t mention this either. This is really confusing.

Ah, we reached room number four. I opened the door a crack this time, since I didn’t want to be too surprised again like in Roland’s room. COLD! This is obviously Abigail’s room. She must be using her ice to freeze the whole room in order to get out.

“Big sister!”

I managed to swing the door open only to be struck by a cold wind. TOO COLD!

“Why is it freezing in this room?” exclaimed Kai as he inched back to avoid the coldness.

I saw Abigail standing at the center of the room with ice walls all around her. She looked toward me and smiled calling my name. She reached toward me, but a force dragged me and Kai away from the room and shut the door…THAT ENCOUNTER WAS WAY TOO SHORT! I bet Abigail must be crying inside because of the short reunion. Even I feel bad.

“OK~ time for the next room,” Kai stated as if nothing happened.

“You’re not at all concerned that we were dragged out too early?”

“Nope, but at least I know that I won’t get frost bite.”

I only sighed this time. I’ll see Abigail again when I can.

We headed to dorm room number five next. I don’t expect this room to be empty, considering that a test is going on. Who will be behind door number five? Why did I sound like a game show host there?

I opened the door and saw Cecil standing at the door with crossed arms. I admit that I was kind of surprised why he wasn’t trying to get out and was just waiting there. Cecil smiled and crouched down to my level.

“Looks like I got the timing right?”


“I saw that you were going to arrive around this time?”

“But…I thought you can’t see any visions when holding me.”

“True, but I touched the walls of this dorm and saw that you would arrive around this time, so I decided to wait instead of trying to escape without any results.”

“That’s pretty convenient,” I stated and then smiled saying, “Thanks for greeting me.” Cecil nodded and then glared toward Kai. Why glare at him? He did nothing this time.

“Simon, I see that you are also with her.”

“We did arrive from the infirmary at the same time, so it is only obvious we are together.”


“Simon means that we are just searching for an empty room for him. Don’t misunderstand!” I exclaimed in Kai’s defense. Cecil is still frowning. Please stop frowning.

Cecil suddenly looked down at me and stated, “Time is almost up. If you are put through the same test don’t force it. There must be an easier trick, so be careful.” I nodded and just as Cecil predicted, Kai and I were once again pulled away from the door and then the door shut in front of Cecil. Just before the door closed, I could have sworn that I heard Cecil say something to Kai, but I’m not quite sure.

Anyway, if I am to go through the trapped in the room thing later on, I will not force it away as per Cecil’s advice. Maybe it will just wear off.

Time for door number six. I opened the door and saw Theodore tracing his hands on the wall with Goldie riding his shoulder.

“Big brother, I’m here!” I called as I ran into the room with Kai behind me hoping that I won’t be dragged out of the room too soon. Theodore seemed to brighten when he saw me, but the first to greet me was none other than Goldie, who launched himself at me and landed on my face.

“Your majesty, your majesty, you finally arrived. Master was so worried about you.”

“I see,” I stated as I pulled Goldie off my face and placed him on my shoulder. I approached Theodore as he knelt to my level.

“Are you feeling better?”

I nodded and then asked, “What about you? Did you find a way out of your room yet?” Theodore looked surprised momentarily before showing a troubled smile.

“So you know about this little test the headmaster gave us?”

I nodded.

“Sadly I am still trapped. Goldie has searched the walls, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that can break the spell.”

“That’s really troubling.”

“It is, but at least I got to see you tonight and I really hope you don’t get this test, since the headmaster believes you are a no talent.”

I nodded, but Theodore suddenly flinched. I wonder why…oh, he noticed Kai was there and he just kind of hinted that I am not a no talent.

“It’s OK, Big Brother. Simon knows my secret.”

“He does, but how?”

“I told him.”

Theodore looks troubled as he faces Kai.

“Simon right? Why did Laveda tell you her secret?”

Kai was silent before he smiled saying, “Well we are now close.” What the heck does that mean? Huh, why does Theodore look angry?

Theodore stood up as he said, “So you are close to Laveda? Then I guess you are aware that I am Theodore Lorenzino, Laveda’s older brother. Between family and a person she just met, who would you say is closer?”

It really sounds like Theodore is challenging Kai, but Kai doesn’t look angry…he looks amused for some reason.

“We can decide who is closer at a later date…DEAR BROTHER.”

Why did Kai call Theodore brother? That totally sounded like a provocation. WAH! Kai suddenly grabbed me knocking Goldie off my shoulder and then we were pulled out of the room. Theodore ran after us, but the door soon slammed in his face. Theodore looked distressed. I really wish I could comfort him, but I know I can’t approach the door.

I wiggled out of Kai’s arms glaring at him.

“Why did you speak to my big brother like that?”

“He started it.”

“Are you a child?”

“That’s funny coming from you.”

I slapped my cheek causing Kai to scream out in pain. The red hand mark formed on his cheek quite quickly. He deserved it for insulting me and nearly causing a fight with Theodore.

Anyway, time for room number seven. I was going to open the door, but surprisingly the door opened first and I was tackled down by Hachiko, who was wailing while hugging me.

“Mama, mama, I was so worried about you!”

“Hachiko, calm down,” I urged, but Hachiko just began to sniffle with his dog ears dropped down. He really looks cute like this.

I then looked at the opened door and then at Hachiko asking, “How did you get out of the room?”

Hachiko sniffled before he spoke.

“That meanie headmaster transported me into this room separating me from Papa and I couldn’t get out, but then I heard your voice at the door and I pushed the door open to get to you. I really wanted to see you Mama.”

“Calm down, OK. So you are saying, you got out because you wanted to get out to see me?”

Hachiko nodded wiping the tears from his eyes.

He must have done something else. I mean the others couldn’t even touch the doors. How did Hachiko do it?

“Did that dog kid call you mama?”

Oh shoot, Kai heard that. I keep correcting Hachiko, but he forgets when he gets panicky or excited. Hachiko looked at Kai and titled his head at him asking who he was. Now that I think about it, I don’t think Hachiko was introduced to Kai properly.

“My name is Simon Crawford and I heard Laveda calling you Hachiko, right?”

Hachiko nodded.

“May I ask why you called her ‘mama?”

“Because Laveda is my Mama.”

Kai is being very quiet…I have a bad feeling.

Kai looked at me with a smirk saying, “I see that you were quite busy before entering the academy.”

“That is insulting. If you do the math, it is impossible for me to have given birth to Hachiko. Hachiko is technically my little brother.”

Hachiko nodded, but he looked disappointed.

“Then why does he call you Mama?”

“Because I named him.”

“So you never indulge in the practices of pleasing the body when you were young.”

“Why word it like that? AS I SAID: VERY INSULTING! You don’t do that until after you are married.”

“I see that you are old fashioned.”

I slap my cheek making his cheek even redder.

Oh dear, Hachiko looks very confused.

“Mama, I mean Laveda, what were you guys talking about? What was insulting?”

“I’ll tell you when you are older.”

“So you’ll be responsible with giving him the talk?”

“…Yes, now please shut up.”

Kai finally shut his mouth as I stood up with Hachiko. Hachiko was eager to follow us, but I told him to stay in his room to sleep for the night and that we would talk in the morning. Hachiko was objecting, but his swaying form makes it clear to me that it is indeed his bed time. Hachiko finally relented after he yawned many times.

With Hachiko back in his room, it was time to head to the next room. Considering the pattern, this room is most likely taken, but I better see who is in it still.

I opened the door and I was met with a shirtless Nathaniel about to remove his pants (I can actually see his underwear a bit). Nathaniel and I froze in place as we stared at each other. Nathaniel was growing red as his form began to shake. I better back out of the room to let him change. I took a few steps back and then closed the door. I do want to check on him, but I don’t want to be accused as a Peeping Tom. For some reason, I thought I heard an exasperated wail from within the room. It must be my imagination. At least I know where Nathaniel is staying. I’ll apologize the next time I see him.

“No conversation with that guy?”

“…Leave him be for now.”

That’s all I could say as I walked away from the room.

OK, we are now in front of the next room. Who is in here? I opened the door and saw the heroine of the game: Eleanor Quits sitting in front of a mirror combing her hair. Did I place a mirror in here? I don’t remember. Eleanor noticed me and immediately stood up as she did a half bow.

“Laveda, it is nice to see you.”

“Nice to see you too, Eleanor,” I greeted back, but then I noticed that she looked nervous and asked, “Are you OK?”

“Well, I was expecting to see you, since the headmaster mentioned that he would have the no talents go to each room, but I was hoping to greet you when I didn’t look so shriveled.”

“But you look fine to me.”

“My hair is a mess and I wanted to look my best when I meet you, since you saved me.”

“Ah, so Montgomery told you that I saved you?”

Eleanor nodded and suddenly held my hands saying, “Thank you for saving me and I must ask you if you can help me again.”

“Do you need help trying to get of the room?”

Eleanor nodded and stated, “I need to help big brother. I can feel that he is in danger.”

“Danger? Can you go into more…”

I was dragged out of the room with Kai and the door was shut in front of Eleanor…AT LEAST LET ME FINISH MY SENTENCE! This is getting annoying.

I heard Kai click his tongue and took a glance at him only to see the annoyance in his face. I think I heard him mutter an insult as he looked at Eleanor’s door. Did Eleanor already get on his bad side? Now that I think about it, Eleanor practically ignored Kai, so maybe he is mad about that. I guess I would feel insulted too if I was ignored too.

OK, forget Kai’s annoyance for now. Eleanor said that Montgomery was in danger. The twins as far as I can see have some kind of connection so they can tell when the other is in danger. I better make it my goal to locate Montgomery’s room next.

Room ten is next…I hope this is Montgomery’s room. I opened the door, but I was shocked to see Montgomery being pressed against the wall by a black mass…WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? Is this some horror movie? EEK, why are there tentacles on that thing? I found Montgomery’s room, but why is he being attacked?


I dashed into the room and used what strength I had in my small body to kick the black mass away. Wow, it really went flying. Am I that strong? The black mass collided into the opposing wall and Montgomery fell to the ground coughing.

“Montgomery, are you OK?”

Montgomery nodded, but I didn’t have time to feel relieved. That scary black mass is coming back. KYAHHHH! Don’t come here! You look really scary! I was ready to use my light talent to fight this thing, but Kai suddenly slid in front of me and Montgomery and kicked the black mass away. Wow, the black mass flew even higher than before…could it be that it is really weak?

The black mass collided into the wall again and began to twitch. I guess the kick dealt a lot of damage this time. Kai grabbed me and surprisingly also grabbed Montgomery with a serious look.

“We are leaving this room now!”

Kai rushed out of the room, but stopped momentarily when it became obvious that Montgomery was being dragged back into the room. Oh no, you don’t! I grabbed Montgomery’s hand trying to pull him along. Montgomery seemed to be struggling to get out too, but he wasn’t budging. Kyah, the black mass is charging toward us! I am not leaving Montgomery in this room!


I yelled that out in desperation, but a bright golden light emitted from my hand. What talent is being used now? The light engulfed Montgomery and the next thing I knew, Montgomery slipped out of the room easily, while the black mass that was charging collided into an invisible wall. Kai, me, and Montgomery fell to the ground as the door of the room shut cutting us off from the black mass trying to get out.

Thank goodness, we got out. I glanced at Montgomery and saw the golden light fade. He sighed in relief before looking at Kai and me and said his thanks. I accepted it of course, but Kai suddenly pushed me behind him, while glaring at Montgomery. Why is he glaring?

“Why was that Tamovin attacking you?”


Tamovin…oh, I remember that term. It was in one of the books I read. It is a dark monster that will stalk a person until the very end of their lives…Wait a minute, could it be…?”

“Montgomery, are you being stalked by that creature?”

Montgomery frowned and stated, “That thing has been stalking me ever since I was young.”

This is serious…this was not in the game. I guess searching for Kai’s room will have to wait.

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