Stage 21: Deal with the Ninja Hero

Anthea ran through the hall of the building panting trying to find a way out with the Ninja Hero in toll.

“I could have taken him,” the Ninja Hero suddenly stated, but Anthea glanced at him and stated, “Not with that weapon in his hand.” The Ninja Hero ripped his hand away from Anthea’s hold making her stop in her tracks and stare at him with wide eyes.

“I don’t know who you are and why you are here, but I have a mission to slay the Goblin King, so do not interfere.”

Anthea frowned and stated, “I am just being considerate towards you. That sword Lysander had in his grasp was a Legendary Weapon called Hero Killer. It can kill an enemy in a single strike, no matter what your level.”

The Ninja Hero clicked his tongue and muttered, “How did a monster get a hold of that?”

“It’s a terrible glitch, so we have to run and free the others, so we can come up with a plan.”

The Ninja Hero raised an eyebrow.

“Others? Oh yeah, the one who hired me did mention that he sent others who haven’t returned. I just presumed they were dead.”

“They’re alive, so please help me,” stated Anthea and then showed the seal on her hand adding, “My power and the others’ powers have been sealed and the seal can’t be removed unless we have an Expert Elixir. We can’t fight like this.”

The Ninja Hero sighed and stated, “There is another way to remove the seal.”


The next thing Anthea knew, she felt a burning sensation on her hand. Anthea screamed out in pain with tears in her eyes. Anthea looked at her hand and saw that the seal on her hand had been burned off leaving a burn scar. She faced the Ninja Hero, who had his finger pointed at her, with tearful eyes.

The Ninja Hero clenched his fist stating, “The mark can be burned off, even though it hurts like Hell.”

“OF COURSE IT DOES!” yelled Anthea as she cradled her burned hand.

“Just use a potion on it and it’ll be as good as new.”

Anthea whimpered as she began to use some of her potions to heal her hand.

“So are you going to help me?” asked Anthea with tiny sniffles. The Ninja Hero thought awhile and then asked, “What’s in it for me?”

“I’ll pay you 500 gold pieces.”

“Make it 1500 gold pieces and two High Potions then you got yourself a deal.”

“Deal,” stated Anthea wiping away the last of her tears. The Ninja Hero nodded, but then whipped his head around with seriousness in his eyes.

“The Goblin King is getting closer,” stated the Ninja Hero and then faced Anthea grabbing her now healed hand. He yanked her to him making Anthea gasp and then flung her onto his back.

“Hang on.”


The Ninja Hero rushed down the hall like the ocean’s wind leaving no trace of their presence. The moment they were out of sight, Lysander entered the hall and frowned.

“Fast little vermin, but two can play at that game.”

Lysander raised his hand and two shadow wolves suddenly emerged from his own shadow. Lysander smirked and muttered, “Kill the Ninja Hero and bring back my pet.” The wolves gave out howls and then dashed down the hall at an incredible speed. Lysander chuckled caressing his legendary weapon.

“The feast can continue without one hero dish.”

Meanwhile, Anthea was clinging onto the Ninja Hero with a panicked expression.

“You’re seriously too fast.”

“Well my speed is 900 intermediate.”


“Don’t be such a baby…you.”

“…I never told you my name. My name is Anthea.”

“Are you an NPC?”

“How can you tell?”

“Well I know all the heroes’ names and your name is not one of them.”

Anthea sighed saying, “I was an NPC, but I’m now a hero, NPC Vendor.”

The Ninja Hero chuckled.

“So your title still has NPC?”

Anthea nodded with a blush on her cheek.

“That’s pretty funny. Well, my name is Dash.”

“Dash, nice name.”

“It was the best one out of the chosen names for my character, Miss. NPC.”

Anthea frowned and stated, “Great, now even you call me that.”

“Does someone call you that too in your little group?”

Anthea nodded saying, “Hazel calls me that.” The Ninja Hero, Dash, frowned and then asked, “When you say Hazel, do you mean the Thief Hero?”

“That’s right.”

Dash was silent and then glanced at Anthea saying, “I want to add to the conditions of me helping you.”

“Are you seriously doing this now?”

“Yes, so listen up: I want the right to burn off Hazel’s curse mark.”

“Go for it,” stated Anthea without hesitation feeling that Hazel would be able to recover better compared to her. Dash nodded and then picked up his speed.

Two shadows suddenly rushed pass them making Dash slide to a stop. They looked forward and saw two shadow wolves before them baring their teeth. Dash sighed and placed Anthea down. He pulled out two Ninja stars from his sleeves and then went into a fighting stance.

“Get ready to fight, Miss. NPC.”

Anthea nodded and summoned her Angel’s Fang Blade from her inventory going into a fighting position. The wolves gave out a howl as the battle music began to play.

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