Chapter 51: SCARY…NOT GOOD!

Well this was quite the surprise with my mother, but I have now returned to father and Abigail. Abigail is hugging me like I am about to disappear and father is trying to hold Hachiko, but Hachiko is glaring at him, while holding onto mother. Father looks so depressed.

“Laveda, let’s go to my room to play,” urged Abigail. I just nodded. I really can’t escape. I followed Abigail, but Theodore began to follow asking if he could join us. Abigail looked ready to reject him, but I immediately said, “You can.” I don’t want to be alone with Abigail…she still scares me sometimes.

Theodore smiled and walked to my side. I guess Theodore sees me in a brighter light, since he knows that I have the animal talent…speaking of animal talent, where is Bibi? Oops, I left him with Hachiko and Mother. Stay strong Bibi and I am really sorry.

We entered Abigail’s room and Abigail immediately began to pull out her dolls. She handed me one with a smile. I have never seen this doll before…is it just me or does this doll look scarily like me?

“I made this doll just the other day thinking of you with all my love. I named this doll after you too,” cheered Abigail. SCARY! Abigail, you are starting to sound like a stalker. If I was in my previous life, I would have filed a restraining order against you by now.

“That doll looks cute,” stated Theodore, but after his words, Abigail handed him a stuffed bear saying, “You play with this.” This doll is falling apart and the fluff is red for some reason. DEFINITELY SCARY! Even Theodore looks uneasy.

We played house together, but Abigail was definitely harassing Theodore when she gave him the role of the senile Grandfather. I wasn’t even aware there was such a role when playing house. I was given the role of the daughter and Abigail played the role of the mother. She pampered my doll and as for Theodore’s broken bear…she pretended to give him rotted food. I guess my sister is still wicked to people she doesn’t like.

In an effort to cheer Theodore up, I used my doll to bring him imaginary cookies that my “mother” gave me. Theodore smiled, but Abigail looked ready to kill.

There was suddenly a knock on the door followed by a maid’s voice saying, “Lady Abigail, you have to get ready for the party.”


Abigail then turned to me and stated, “I have your dress in here, so let’s get ready.”

“But what about Big Brother?” I asked looking toward Theodore. Abigail scoffed and stated, “Unless he wants to wear a dress then he should leave my room.”

Theodore stood up and stated, “I’m already dressed, so I’ll just wait outside the door.” I gave him a nod, but Abigail was still glaring at him. She really makes her hate for him obvious.

The moment Theodore left the room, Abigail faced me and stated, “Laveda, you must not be deceived by him.”


“He is obviously trying to gain our favor, so he can take over the Lorenzino Family name, even though he is an outsider.”

“But he is going to take over the family, since he is now our big brother,” I pointed out.

“Not under my watch and he is not our brother by blood, so he might try to take advantage on you.”

Advantage…wait a minute, he might not be our brother by blood, but he is still our brother. He won’t try to romance me or anything.

“You worry too much, Abigail,” I stated with a smile. I found her thoughts quite funny. Abigail still looks worried though.

Abigail wore her best dress and handed me a violet dress with lots of frills that I have never seen before. I can even tell that the fabric is really high class unlike the clothes I have been wearing nowadays.

We exited the room and Theodore was waiting outside like he said. He smiled toward me and Abigail saying, “Beautiful.” What a nice compliment…Abigail, you should smile when complimented, not glare. Oh well.

Abigail led me to the banquet hall, pulling me when Theodore got too close to me. Stop treating him like the plague.

When we reached the banquet hall, I saw a familiar face just entering from the glass door leading from the garden area: Cecil.


I haven’t seen him in a long while, so this definitely made me happy. I ran to him with a smile on my face and I was glad to see Cecil smile back at me, but the moment he tried to hug me, I avoided him. Abigail has given me enough hugs for the day.

“Laveda,” Cecil stated after getting over his initial shock from my hug rejection, “Nice to see you.” I nodded, but was suddenly embraced from behind by none other than Abigail.

“Hello, dear Cousin,” I heard Abigail say, but it sounded kind of sinister and judging by Cecil’s annoyed look, I think she might be glaring at him too.

“Nice to see you too, Cousin, but can you kindly let go of Laveda?” stated Cecil with a smile that was not quite a smile.

“I absolutely refuse.”

Oh boy, I swear I can see lightning flashing above my head between the two.

I managed to squeeze out of Abigail’s embrace and stated, “Abigail, I want to talk with Cecil for a while.”


“You have to speak with father about the remaining preparations for the party and you know father doesn’t want me present when you guys discuss that.”

Abigail gave a reluctant nod and then left the banquet hall to look for father.

When Abigail was gone, I looked at Cecil and asked, “So when did you get here?”

“About a few minutes ago. Father is actually talking with uncle right now, so he let me go find you.”

“So Uncle is also here?”

Cecil nodded and seemed like he wanted to hold my hand, but stopped. I noticed his confused look and I knew immediately who he saw: Theodore. I glanced at Theodore, who was approaching and smiled at him.

“Big Brother, this is our cousin, Cecil,” I stated and then looked at Cecil saying, “This is Theodore, my new big brother.”

“Big Brother?”

Looks like Cecil is shocked.

Theodore nodded and stated, “I was adopted by father, so that makes me your cousin too, Cecil, right?” Cecil nodded with a frown. Why is Cecil unhappy? Theodore tried to shake Cecil’s hand, but Cecil avoided his touch saying, “I don’t like people touching me.”

“But you seemed to want to hug Laveda just a moment ago.”

“She’s an exception,” stated Cecil and immediately hugged me before I could react. I really couldn’t dodge this time.

For some reason, Theodore looks a little annoyed…I wonder why.

Theodore cleared his throat and stated, “I can see you are rather attached to Laveda just like Abigail.”

“Don’t compare me to that crazy girl.”

“…OK, well seeing as we are family now, I think we should get along.”

Theodore didn’t seem too sure with his words and suddenly grabbed Cecil’s arm trying to pry his arm off of me. Hold on…SHOOT, he touched Cecil! Cecil’s eyes widened and suddenly yanked me from Theodore’s reaching hand.

“What does this mean?” Cecil mumbled glaring daggering at Theodore. Cecil, what exactly did you see?

“What are you talking about?” asked Theodore.


That’s what he saw? Of all the things, he saw that. Of course he would be shocked. I’m not even old enough to be a Mama.

“How do you know that?”


“Laveda and I just named a Beastkin and that Beastkin just started calling us Mama and Papa.”

Cecil’s glare is starting to really scare me.

“I won’t allow you to have Laveda!”

Cecil, your words are really confusing me. Look, even Theodore looks confused…hold on…THEODORE LOOKS PISSED! WHY?

Theodore really looks mad, but then he smiled, but that smile still looks really scary.

“I can see that we are not going to get along.”

Please get along.

“Of course not. I refuse to see you as my cousin.”

This is very confusing. Were these two in such bad terms in the game? I don’t remember any fight scenes between these two in the game. TOO CONFUSING…AND SCARY!

They are glaring daggers at each other. Why can’t people just get along?


Oh, looks like the princes have arrived…very early. I am aware they were invited, but the party hasn’t even started. Why are they here already?

Harold and Roland ran toward us…they look like they are racing each other. The moment they reached us, it seems they finally noticed Cecil holding on to me and the unfamiliar face of Theodore.

“Who are you?” demanded Roland. Still very cocky.

“Cecil and you two are Roland and Harold, I recognize you guys from the royal portraits,” stated Cecil and then tightened his hold on me. Too tight.

“I am also aware that Roland tried to get engaged to Laveda.”

Roland nodded saying, “Got a problem with that. I still plan to get married to Laveda.”

“Over my dead body,” stated Cecil with a strange smile.

“So be it,” stated Roland and the next thing I knew, his golem dolls began to surround his form in fighting position. Where in the world did they appear from and why are they posed like the Power Rangers? Cecil suddenly pushed me behind him and pulled out needles out of thin air. WHEN IN THE WORLD DID YOU LEARN THAT? Actually, please stop! Don’t fight in here!

I was about to try to convince them to stop, but I was suddenly pulled back by Harold, who somehow managed to get behind me.

“We should let them fight it out, so how about we talk about my new work?”

“New work? You have another book?” I asked excitedly. I even momentarily forgot about the nonsense fight about to happen. Harold nodded and he was about to lead me in the direction of the garden, but I was suddenly pulled away from Harold by none other than Theodore. Theodore hugged me gently and stated, “I apology your majesty, but I would like to speak with Laveda alone.”

“And you are?”

“My name is Theodore Lorenzino, Laveda’s older brother.”

“Older brother…were you adopted?”

“That’s right and I would like the chance to get close to my little sister.”

Harold frowned and I noticed the wind picking up around him. DON’T USE YOUR WIND IN HERE!

“I understand you want to get to know your new little sister, but I haven’t spoken with Laveda face to face since the palace, so I would like some quality time with her.”

Theodore smiled and the next thing I knew, birds flew into the room from the opened window and began to surround Harold making him gasp. THIS IS SERIOUSLY SCARY!

Theodore took this chance to lift me up princess style and rush into the garden. I can hear the birds and the fighting between Cecil and Roland happening behind us as we went deeper into the garden. I hope the banquet hall is still in good shape in the end…I kind of doubt it.

I look at Theodore, who continues to run, and asked, “So where are we going?” Theodore smiled and stated, “To the back woods.”

“What for?”

“You have the animal talent like me, so you can help me look for an animal.”

“What animal?”

I have a bad feeling.

“Help me find a pure white fox.”


“Why a white fox?”

“Well I found a white fox yesterday. She was really pretty, but this morning she got away, so I want to find her.”

“What are you going to do when you find her?”

Bad feeling increasing.

“I am going to make her my familiar.”


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  1. When you couldn’t stop giggling and smiling throughout this whole chapter.

    The first clash of all of the boys (that have appeared so far anyways ;)))))))) )! The only ones missing right now is Nathaniel and Sensei (plus Zayn and Kai?)~

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