A Lazy Second Chance


(image from Pixabay)

I am in charge of reincarnations in different dimensions. A single soul only has nine cycles in life before being judged and being sent to the afterlife. There is this one girl that went through eight lives filled with evil and now she is in her final life. She should have been able to atone for her past lives’ with this final life and go to heaven as a result. That’s what it was supposed to be…


A girl gets a second chance at life after dying too soon by entering her past selves’ body?

Updates on Fridays

Prologue: The Great Deity’s Troublemaker

Chapter 1: Phoenix, the Winged Warrior

Chapter 2: Accepted by Humans or not?

Chapter 3: Boredom is the ultimate enemy

Chapter 4: Heroes return…to Rock Village

Chapter 5: Food and a bath are so nice…didn’t you know?

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