Chapter 101: Time Travel again

OK, I am still very confused. After defeating the Wrath Ape and being shot in the air by the beanstalk, I am now back on land. Thank goodness for land, but how I got back on the ground is still a mystery and the others who were with me were just as confused. According to what I heard, we just appeared on the ground out of nowhere, so very much a mystery.

You think with this mystery with the early boss would cause classes to be cancelled…WRONG! Classes will continue, thanks to the urging of mean Professor Oresama. CAN’T YOU LET US HAVE A BREAK AFTER A BOSS BATTLE? Anyway, as usual, my dear friends and I are heading to the classroom. Looks like a teleportation spell wasn’t used this time, so we are walking to class…Abigail is not letting go of me at all as we walk. It is difficult to walk with Abigail hugging me like this.

“Big sister…I can’t breathe. Can you let me go?”

Abigail shook her head.

“I won’t let you out of my sight!” wailed Abigail. Fine, I won’t go out of your sight, but please let me breathe.

“Abigail, Latina can’t…”

“I refuse to listen to you stupid!”

Abigail you shouldn’t yell at big brother for trying to save me. It really is hard to breathe. Ah, I see the entrance hole for the classroom. That manhole…is it going to be the last thing I see? Oh, I can breathe again. Abigail finally let me go. Huh…Kai is the one holding Abigail’s hands away from me and he looks pretty exhausted too…oh yeah, I felt no pain from that hug, so Kai felt it in my place. No wonder he is holding Abigail back. Thank you, Kai.

“Let me go!” Abigail screamed and slammed her foot on Kai’s right foot. That’s got to hurt. Kai looks ready to cry, but he also looks very pissed. I hope he doesn’t use his dark talent to hurt Abigail.

Abigail tried to hug me again, but I dodged this time and pointed at the manhole saying, “We have to get to class.”

All of them, except for Cecil, Kai, and Hachiko stared at the manhole with puzzled looks. Now that I think about it, they haven’t seen the entrance of the classroom before, since the headmaster kept teleporting them in.

“We just need to jump in,” I instructed as I uncovered the manhole and prepared myself to jump in, but I was pulled back by two strong arms. Looks like Sensei pulled me back with sweat on his brow.

“That’s dangerous,” Sensei said in a strict voice, but I could see that he was worried. I’m glad he’s worried, but we need to get to class. I tried to assure him, but he was not convinced. I guess a teleportation spell would be good in this situation…THEY’RE GONE!

I just blinked and now everyone, except for Cecil and Kai, are gone. That blasted Headmaster teleported everyone again leaving us behind. He could have taken us with them, since there was an incident during gym. He is such a jerk.

Kai suddenly grabbed my arm saying, “Looks like we can jump in now.” I nodded.

Without a second thought, Cecil, Kai, and I jumped into the manhole, but instead of feeling the familiar falling sensation I felt something furry press against me. Furry? My eyes adjusted and I realized I was not surrounded by darkness and instead found myself pressed against the furry body of…THE CHIMERA? I must be back in the past, but I didn’t even get to Buffy before coming here.

The Chimera is asleep, so I guess my arrival was very low key. Where’s Kai and Cecil? Oh, Cecil is next to me in his child form. We must be here to continue watching the past, so Kai wouldn’t be here, but I do wonder how he would react to us disappearing on him like that.


Cecil finally noticed me, but he flinched when he realized that we were both lying on the stomach of the Chimera.

“The Chimera? So we are in the past again?”

I nodded and added, “Looks like we will be brought here every time we go through that hole.”

“Sounds exhausting,” muttered Cecil with a sigh, but he gasped when the Chimera suddenly woke up and practically tackled me and Cecil to the ground. The Chimera began to lick me like crazy.

“Stop it,” I stated as I pushed the Chimera off of me gently. The Chimera purred as it began to rub against my cheek. Cecil was also cuddled by the Chimera, so I guess the Chimera labeled Cecil as a friend, even though he doesn’t possess the Animal Talent.

This Chimera is really cute, but now that I look around, we are nowhere near where we last left. The thorns are nowhere in sight. Instead, we are standing near a large rock covered in moss.

“Where are we this time?” I stated. Cecil looked around and pointed at something in the distance.

“Those dead trees look familiar, but there’s a village there.”

Village? I looked in the direction Cecil pointed at and saw a village almost concealed by dead trees. Even though it appeared to be a village, I saw no traces of people. Actually, it looked abandoned.

I looked at the Chimera and asked, “Do people live in that village?” The Chimera nodded, but I thought it would speak to me like before we left. I can’t hear the Chimera’s words. Why?

“Laveda, are you OK?”

“I’m fine,” I assured Cecil and then patted the Chimera’s head and asked, even though I couldn’t understand his words, “Does Luca live in that village?” The Chimera tilted his head in confusion, but after a short pause nodded.

Now that I think about it, how much time has passed since we left? Luca must have been worried.


Holy Mother of pearls, that scream was so sudden. Where did that scream come from?

“That scream,” Cecil began, “It sounded like it came from the village.”

The village, why would there be a scream in the village?

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