Stage 28: Tiger Guardian Boss

The battle music boomed as the Tiger man creature rushed at them with its blades pointed at them. They dodged to the side to avoid the Tiger creature’s attack and then began their own assault.

Sapphire spun around and then slammed her right foot up front creating a wave of light bursting from the ground.


The light rushed at the Tiger Creature, but it easily tore the attack and then threw its blade at Sapphire. Sapphire rolled out of the way as Hazel leapt up and spun rapidly into the air.


The Tiger Creature blocked the raining daggers from Hazel’s attack and then slammed its fist into Geronimo who was approaching sending Geronimo flaying into a tree.

50% damage Barbarian Geronimo.

Geronimo’s eyes widened when he heard the announcement and screamed, “That’s a lot of damage!”

Sky tossed Geronimo a potion and stated, “I agree. It must be really strong.”

Simba summoned an Earth Golem to fight with the Tiger Creature and then looked at Yul asking, “Do you know what level that boss monster is?” Yul gave out a meow with a serious look.

Simba clicked his tongue and then looked at the others seriously.

“That creature is level 600, so be careful!”

“THAT’S WAY TOO STRONG!” yelled out Hazel as he threw another Dagger storm at the boss.

Sapphire used another Chaos Sun Dance and then asked, “Wasn’t Yul just level 500? Why is this boss stronger?”

Simba whipped at the boss and then leapt back saying, “I guess it’s another glitch in the game.”

“I hate glitches,” muttered Geronimo as he swung at the boss making sure not to get hit this time and managed to land a blow on the boss’ shoulder.

1% damage Tiger Guardian

“AH COME ON!” complained Geronimo when he realized that his attack didn’t really make a dent. Sky did a Sword Light Strike and then glanced at Simba saying, “Ask Yul if there is another way to beat this boss. With our levels we can barely make a scratch.” Simba nodded saying, “Just keep that boss busy.”

Hazel avoided an attack rolling his eyes saying, “No problems there.”

As the others fought, Simba knelt before Yul and asked, “Is there another way to beat this boss?” Yul went into deep thought and perked up and suddenly ran toward the Tiger Creature.

“Where are you going?”

Yul ignored Simba as he leapt onto the Tiger Creature and then began to scratch at its arms. The Tiger Creature gave out a roar and used its blade to swipe at Yul, but Yul immediately leapt out of the way and landed on the creature’s head as the creature sliced its own arm off giving out a scream of pain.

55% damage Tiger Guardian

            Yul meowed in triumph as it looked toward Simba. Simba smirked understanding Yul’s words and stated, “We have to make the Boss hurt himself.”

“And how do we do that?” asked Hazel with annoyance in his voice. Sky and Geronimo had no idea how to accomplish this task, but Sapphire on the other hand smiled as she whipped out a fan from her inventory.

“I have the perfect dance for the task.”

Sapphire waved her hands and then held the fan to her lips closing her eyes. Her eyes then flung open as she stepped forward and waved the fan yelling out, “MIRAGE DANCE!”

Rose petals erupted from the fan and began to shower the Tiger Creature. The Tiger Creature swiped at the petals, but in its eyes it saw that the rose petals began to change into a swarm of bees covered in flames. In a panic the Tiger Creature began to swipe at the flame covered bees. Its blade had no effect as the bees seemed to multiply.

As the Tiger Creature swiped at the bees, all the others saw was the Tiger Creature cutting its self. Sky glanced at Sapphire and asked, “What did your attack do?”

“I am just letting the boss see its worst fear and as a result he also hurts himself.”

“That’s a pretty strong attack…why didn’t you use it sooner?” asked Hazel with an annoyed expression.

Sapphire scratched the back of her head sheepishly and stated, “Because the chances of it working is only 2%.”

“So you counted on luck for this?”

“Pretty much,” stated Sapphire with a giggle.

The battle music suddenly came to an abrupt stop marking the end of the battle. The Tiger Guardian fell forward turning into dust. Sapphire chuckled saying, “Looks like this is my victory.” The others had to agree that Sapphire was the one who defeated the boss, but they also gave credit to Yul, who was already waltzing into the cave with a meow.

Simba urged the others to follow saying, “Hasani should be in here.” They followed Simba into the cave and then noticed a mountain of treasure. Hazel’s eyes practically lit up at the sight of the treasure.

“So much gold!” cheered Hazel and seemed ready to dive into the gold, but Sky held Hazel back saying, “We came for Hasani, not treasure.” Hazel clicked his tongue as he was practically dragged in the cave.

Yul gave out a meow as he stopped in his tracks and stood before a pair of doors.

“Is this it?” asked Simba. Yul nodded. All of them looked at the door and felt their hearts drop.

Isn’t this a puzzle door?

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