Chapter 32: Meeting the mother

This is really bad. I just remembered why Roland didn’t have these hobbies in the game and now the cause is right here: Roland’s mother, Elizabeth Ozma. She is a wicked woman, who never accepted her son and now she is in the room looking at Roland, who has a moving doll in his hand.

Elizabeth visibly cringed as her gaze landed on the doll.

“What is that?”

Roland gulped and I could tell he was nervous. Well, I would be nervous too, if my mother showed such a look of hate.

“It’s a doll I made for you.”

“A doll…that you made?”

Roland nodded.

Oh no, I can see the hate building up in her face. She can’t be thinking of destroying that doll right now. If that happens then he won’t make dolls anymore. I really like his dolls, so I better intervene. I stood in front of Elizabeth hugging Bibi to my chest and glared at Elizabeth with defiant eyes.

“Roland made that doll, but it is a golem that I taught him to make, so don’t even think about hurting it!”

My voice was really raised and I had no fear yelling at this hateful woman. Elizabeth stared at me and her look landed on Roland again.

“Who is this girl?”

“Laveda Lorenzino.”

“Lorenzino, so our guests had another daughter? I wonder why they didn’t mention her.”

Elizabeth’s gaze returned to me and asked, “So why are you in my son’s room?”

“He was teaching me how to make dolls and making dolls isn’t a feminine hobby. Any gender can make dolls.”

I puffed my cheeks trying to prevent myself from yelling at this woman too much. I actually want to slap her for ignoring her son. A mother shouldn’t do that…really a mother shouldn’t do that and yet my current mother does that.

Elizabeth suddenly crossed her arms not tearing her eyes away from me.

“So you are telling me that boys can also make dolls?”

I nodded not tearing my eyes away from her gaze.

“So making dolls is not a girl’s hobby?”

“That’s right, so it is fine for Roland to make dolls and he is an earth user so making dolls is acceptable, especially when he and I discovered a new way to make golems.”

Elizabeth still looked unconvinced, but she is staring at Lily with some amusement.

“So my son and you made a golem using dolls…I admit that is praiseworthy, but are all these dolls in this room golems as well?”

Roland shook his head in honesty. Elizabeth looks ready to kill. Come on lady, just making one doll move is already an achievement.

I stood my ground glaring at Elizabeth.

“I already said making dolls is not a feminine hobby and Roland can be manly too.”

“Oh really, like how?”

Oh shoot, she actually asked. I know Roland in the game is pretty good at sword fighting, but that was after his mother burned his dolls and paintings, so I don’t know if he is good at it right now.

“He…he can sword fight.”

Best to take a chance…Why is this wicked woman laughing and Roland looks nervous too. Hold on, Lily is patting Roland like she is trying to comfort him. Did I say something bad?

“Roland can’t even lift a sword.”

“…Are you serious?”

Elizabeth nodded with a smug look. I look at Roland and he is looking away from me. Is this really true? Seriously, if you couldn’t even lift a sword then how in the world did you get so good at sword fighting…THIS SIMPLY WON’T DO!

I grab Roland with my free hand and yell, “We are practicing swordsmanship right now!”


I then glare at Elizabeth with a fire in my eyes and stated, “If I can show him how to swordfight then don’t do anything to his belongings.” Elizabeth’s eyes visibly widened. I guess she couldn’t believe that I knew what she was thinking.

I look back at Roland and urged him to follow me. Before I could hear any objections, I dragged him out of the room with Bibi.

I’ll show that wicked woman that Roland can be a strong man even if he makes dolls.

“Laveda, please slow down.”

“But we have to hurry.”


“…I can’t really explain it, but I need you to learn swordsmanship to save your precious hobby.”

“…I’ll trust you.”

That’s good to hear.

We returned to the side of the lake and I got Bibi to fetch me two branches that can be used as substitute swords. Good job, Bibi. I handed one branch to Roland and then I stood in front of him with the stick pointed at him like I was ready for a duel.

“All right, get into starting position.”

“Huh? Wait a second, are we just jumping right into it?”

“That’s right. It is best to learn from experience.”

“Have you even sword fought before?”

“…No, but I watched plenty of anime.”


Oh shoot, anime doesn’t exist here!

“…Forget I said that, so just get into a position you are comfortable with.”

Roland nodded and went into a position that looked like from a Kendo instructor. I have to admit that his stance is pretty good.

“That position is good, so feel free to attack me.”


“That’s right.”


“I’ll be fine, so come at me.”

Roland looked nervous, but he did run at me giving out a yell. I dodge his attack and then whack his head with the stick. Point for me…oh boy, I think he is crying.

“Sorry Roland, I didn’t mean to hit so hard.”

Roland shook his head and then stood up saying, “One more time.”

I nod and went back into my stance. I kind of feel bad seeing those tears in his eyes…but it is kind of cute too. Roland swung the stick at me and this time, I blocked with my stick and now for the Samurai push HIYAH! I push Roland back…too hard since he just tumbled back…and into the lake.

Roland was sitting in the shallow water coughing out water.

“I’m sorry Roland.”

I approached him to help him out of the water, but he got out of the water himself and shook his body like a dog. That is so cute! Oh boy, he seems a little bit more determined facing me now.

“I’ll win this time.”

“Then come.”

Roland ran at me and I began to parry his stick like I was in an action anime. Woohoo, I knew watching anime in my previous life wasn’t a complete waste of time. Who knew I had a knack for sword fighting?

I knocked Roland’s stick out of his hand and then showed a victory sign to him in my happiness of my victory. Roland showed a pout and immediately picked up the fallen stick…HEY DON’T ATTACK WITHOUT WARNING! I guess even Roland has a competitive side to him. Let’s see: block, block, dodge, hit, dodge, dodge, DODGE! OH MY GOSH, he is getting faster!

I guess Roland is a natural at this just like in the game, but his mother mentioned that he couldn’t even lift a sword. I guess he can do anything if he puts his mind to it, but…SMACK!

I refuse to lose!

I smacked the stick out of Roland’s hand and then pointed the stick to his throat with a smile.

“I won again.”

“I…I yield.”

I guess Roland finally got tired.


Hold on, I didn’t say that. I look over my shoulder and out of the trees emerged Elizabeth with Lily in her arms. When did Elizabeth capture Lily…though Lily seems pretty happy with that wicked woman.


Elizabeth glared at me and then at Roland making him flinch.

“Don’t give up your fight with her yet.”


“You were so close this time.”

“How long have you been watching?”

“I’ve been here since the beginning. I watched you get defeated over and over again.”

“But why were you watching?”

Even I want to know that. I thought this woman didn’t care about you. Ah, Lily seems proud of herself. She must have led Roland’s mother here to watch the training.

“Your Golem made me come.”

So I was right?

“Lily led you here.”

“Is that this golem’s name?”

Roland nodded and added, “I thought it was best to name her after your favorite flower since she is a gift for you.” Elizabeth’s silence is kind of nerve wracking.

“…It is a nice name. Now fight that young lady again until you get at least one hit in.”


“No, buts! I can tell you have great strength here, so show it to me again.”

Roland nodded and grabbed the stick from the ground. I guess Roland and I are going for another round, but is it just me or is Elizabeth acting a bit different from the game now? Must be my imagination.

Roland and I began to parry our sticks and he is really getting better at this. I am half tempted to use my wind talent to move faster.

“Go Roland! She is starting to lose her balance. Take advantage of that!”

Hey, don’t give him pointers and I feel intimidated by this one sided cheering. Wah! Good, I managed to block. Let’s see: block, block, duck and WHACK! Roland tumbles back dropping his stick.

All right, I won! That was getting hard.

“That’s OK, Roland. You were close. Just try again.”

“All right.”

Hey, at least ask if I am ready for another round! Hold on, Elizabeth is cheering for Roland. In the game, his mother never recognized any of his talents and yet she is encouraging him. This is weird.

We fought again and I guess I started matching his new found speed because after three more rounds…I suffered zero loses. God bless anime!

Ah, Roland looks pretty depressed after losing so many times. I pat Roland’s head saying, “Don’t worry, you fought really well.” Roland smiled at me and nodded. His smile is kind of cute.

“You really did fight well.”

I glance at Elizabeth. Did she really say those words to Roland? Roland stared at Elizabeth and began to whimper saying, “But I lost.”

“Considering that you never held a sword and yet you can fight this well with a stick, I think that is pretty good in itself. I wonder how much better you will be with a real sword in your hand.”

“So you’re not mad?”

Elizabeth shook her head and stated, “I’m…proud.”

OH MY GOSH! Is the sky falling? It’s like her wicked character just disappeared.

Elizabeth knelt in front of Roland with her arms outstretched. Roland smiled and hugged Elizabeth. Elizabeth hugged back. So there was a way for Elizabeth to accept him…I guess since she didn’t burn his dolls and paintings, I guess the chance to accept him was still there. I’m glad for you Roland.

Elizabeth released Roland and then picked up Lily, who was waving her arms at her.

“I think your father will also enjoy our new edition to our family. Wouldn’t you say, Roland?”

Roland nodded.

Elizabeth cuddled Lily and added, “I look forward to your next doll.”

Roland nodded with a smile and then glanced at me. He ran to me and then hugged me very tightly. Ah, the bone crushing hug again. I really need to work on withstanding this.

“This is all thanks to you, Laveda.”

“You’re welcome, so please let me breathe.”

Roland apologized and released me allowing me to get air into my lungs.

“Your name is Laveda right?” asked Elizabeth. I just nodded at her still not used to her now kind face. It kind of scares me.

“You fight well. When you said you were going to teach my son to sword fight I thought you were a fool.”


“That was my initial thought, since women don’t train in sword fighting, especially at such a young age such as yours, but you fight like a professional and I admit that is admirable.”

“Thanks…I guess.”

Elizabeth giggled and then looked at Roland. She whispered something to Roland and for some reason, Roland turned extremely red. What did your mother say to you?

Elizabeth smiled at me and then stated, “Roland seems to be in agreement, so how about we head inside and speak to your parents?”

“My parents? Why and what agreement are you talking about?”

Elizabeth giggled and stated, “My dear husband already agreed with one engagement with your family, so what’s wrong with a second one?”

Huh? What’s going on?

“You seem like an interesting girl to have as a daughter.”

I am so lost here. What is Elizabeth proposing and why is Roland redder than before? I swear he looks like a tomato right now.

Well it looks like Elizabeth wants to meet my parents again and wants me to come along, but I feel that I am forgetting something…THE CARRIAGE!

“I’m sorry, but I have to return to the carriage before my parents learn that I wandered off.”


“Good bye for now.”

I immediately rushed off taking Bibi with me…was it just me or was Bibi giving death glares toward Roland? I don’t think Roland did anything wrong, so it must be my imagination.

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  1. Dense Alert! xD Haha, I love Laveda. I wonder if she’ll develop her sword skills more, soon. But she has to control her mouth more so she won’t be discovered (no words like anime!).


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