Chapter 16: Goodbye Sensei…Good Luck Shuya!

Sensei and Ebina’s engagement ended and as I expected, Ebina was thrilled and was clinging to Shuya, who looked at Sensei with begging eyes, but Sensei paid it no mind. Fight Shuya! You can do it! Aim for a happy future!

Surprisingly, Ebina hugged me when she saw me again and whispered in her language something that was kind of confusing. What did she mean by make Ryunosuke happy? It’s like she is giving Sensei away to be married to me, but that’s not possible. Sensei and I have a student teacher relationship. Heck, I would love him to be my big brother. Marriage is not possible between us, especially with the age difference and he could go with the heroine when he gets older during the timeline of the game. Such a funny misunderstanding.

Maybe Ebina’s wicked character is now gone, now that she has really fallen in love, but I do feel pity for Shuya since he is obviously not in love with her right now. Hold on! Don’t use Bibi as your shield! How did you even get Bibi out of my room Shuya?

I tried to retrieve Bibi, but Shuya was swinging Bibi’s teddy bear form like a fly swatter toward Ebina. She’s not a bug and Bibi isn’t a swatter! Bibi kicked Shuya’s face and fell into my arms, while Shuya fell into Ebina’s arms.

“How did you get out?” I asked Bibi in a whisper. Bibi jiggled and then his arm pointed toward the door. I glanced at the door and saw Cecil glaring in my direction.


“Why are you in here?”

“Well I needed to see Sensei, so…”

“Laveda, we were supposed to stay together.”

“I know, but…”

Sensei suddenly stood in front of me smiling toward Cecil, but his smile was filled with malice.

“You don’t need to scold Laveda. She can make her own choices.”

“Stay out of this.”

“No way.”

Cecil and Sensei were soon in a glaring battle. This atmosphere is not good and I have a feeling that they are going to start arguing in a foreign language…better put a stop to that.

(“No more fighting. I will understand what you guys say this time!”)

Sensei and Cecil stared at me with wide eyes. I know a lot of languages now thanks to the lessons so you can’t hide what you are saying anymore. Sensei and Cecil looked at each other and began to chuckle. What’s so funny? Come on guys! This is so unfair. They must have communicated through another way without the use of language. This seems like a form of teasing. So mean!

At least they are not fighting this time and Cecil doesn’t seem mad anymore.

After these events with Sensei the following day came and sadly there was no time for another tutoring session. It was finally time to say goodbye.

We now stood outside of the Inn where we spent our month together. Sensei was going away and I was going to miss him. I won’t get to see him again until I join the Academy. I feel like I want to cry.

I suddenly felt a hand on my head and glanced up at the owner of the hand: Sensei.

“I’ll miss you Laveda, and I hope to see you again in the future.”

I nodded with a smile and added, “We will meet again, so become a wonderful teacher Sensei.” Sensei nodded with a smile, but his smile faded when I was pulled back into Cecil’s arms.

“Hurry up and leave,” stated Cecil with a glare. Did you have to ruin the moment Cecil? Sensei was still smiling, but his eyes weren’t. Why must Sensei show hostility toward Cecil? It really does ruin the moment.

Sensei glanced at me and asked me a question in a foreign language.

(“You are familiar with the language I am speaking right?”)


Sensei gave a nod and then wrote something on a piece of paper. He then handed this paper to Cecil and stated, “I’ll be back Brat.” Cecil was fuming.

Sensei was suddenly being yanked by Ebina who said, “Let’s go before we are left behind.” Sensei nodded.

Sensei and Ebina began to walk off, but then I noticed that Shuya was not with them. I heard a gasp next to me and glanced over. There was Shuya with Bibi in his teddy bear form over his face. Bibi don’t suffocate him! Actually why is Shuya next to me and Cecil?

I yanked Bibi off of Shuya’s face and Shuya smiled at me asking, “Can I stay here?”

“No,” stated Cecil before I could even answer.

“THAT ANSWER WAS TOO FAST! I WANT TO STAY HERE!” exclaimed Shuya with tears in his eyes. Why does he want to stay?

Shuya was suddenly being dragged away by none other than Ebina, who said, “We have to go darling.”

“I’m not your darling! SAVE ME!”

As Shuya was dragged away I couldn’t help, but feel pity. Fight hard Shuya. You’ll survive.

I saw Sensei in the distance and he gave me a wave with a wink. I did the same. We’ll see each other again in the future…and I hope Shuya finds happiness as well. Good luck Shuya!

…Why is Cecil tearing up the paper Sensei gave him? I really am curious.

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