Chapter 79: Breakfast, journey to classroom…I’m already exhausted

I was able to wake up Bibi and Darkie, but they were pretty angry. I really do wonder why they pass out when in the Canteen. Maybe I should leave them in the dorm when I go to eat in the Canteen.

Anyway, I returned to the dorm with Frederick and by that time, the others were already awake. I actually earned a small whack on the head from Theodore, since he was super worried when he couldn’t find me. I guess I really should have left a note behind before I left. The others looked a little angry too, so I offered the bread I bought for everyone to gain back their forgiveness. Oh dear, Kai looks a little angry as he rubs his head. I nearly forgot that all my pain transfers to him. I’ll make it up to him someday.

We all ate in the dining area. Just as I expected the others really liked the ham and cheese bread Alden made. Alden is a bread baking genius. I suddenly noticed that Theodore only took one bite and before I could ask him about it, he looked at me and asked, “Where did you get this bread?”

“From the Canteen.”

“Really?” Theodore stated and added, “This bread tastes familiar.”

“Oh yeah, you did work in the same bakery as me, so I guess this taste would be familiar to you.”

Theodore’s eyes really grew wide as he stood up from his chair and exclaimed, “Is that bastard working here?”

“…Are you talking about Alden? Please don’t call him that.”

Theodore was huffing a bit with the others looking at him with questionable looks, but he cleared his throat, still looking pretty annoyed.

“Sorry, but that guy pisses me off. When I worked with him, he treated me like a slave and I had zero time with you.”

“Alden did work you hard, but the pay was good,” I said in Alden’s defense. Alden did work Theodore hard, so I understand why Theodore doesn’t like him.

“I don’t like him either,” Abigail suddenly stated, “When I applied for the work he said my cooking could kill a thousand men.”

“But you really don’t know how to cook,” I pointed out, “I was sick for a week when you fed me your practice bread.”

“Sorry dear sister, but how was I supposed to know that bean anchovies bread was inedible.”

“I’m pretty sure there were more ingredients than that to make it into a deadly weapon,” stated Theodore as he slightly shook. If I remember right, he also ate that bread with me and suffered longer than me.

In case you guys are wondering, I was way too weak to use my light talent at the time to heal myself. I suffered for a long time during the time of the deadly bread made by my sister.

Theodore suddenly looked back at me and asked, “So why is Alden working here?”

“He told me there was a position open and that it was more convenient.”

“I see,” stated Theodore and then sat back down on his chair and then redirected his gaze on Frederick, who was munching on a piece of bread next to me; “So why is Frederick here?”

“I invited him,” I chirped, but then I remembered why Frederick had disappeared yesterday and directed my glare at Kori. Kori munched on his share of the bread without meeting my glare.

“Kori, I know you froze Frederick yesterday and dumped him into an Inn. Admit it!”

I kind of felt like an interrogator there.

Kori only glanced at Frederick once and then looked away saying, “Never seen him.”


Huh? That wasn’t just me yelling. Oh, Frederick yelled at Kori along with me.

“Don’t try to deny it!” Frederick yelled (he was seriously angry); “I recognize your face, you…”

EEEEK, Frederick’s mouth was covered by ice! Kori, undo it right now! Don’t just eat your bread like it isn’t your problem.

After some begging, Abigail undid the ice on Frederick in Kori’s place. Kori is such a jerk.

Even though it was quite obvious that Frederick absolutely hated Kori (Kori shall be punished later), he still decided to remain in the Dorm with me and I managed to convince the others to let him stay too, but they looked a little unhappy for some reason. I’ll assign Frederick his room number later and if the headmaster makes an objection…I’ll just ignore him.

Crud, it is already time to head to our class. Now that I think about it, where is my class going to be for this experiment? I know the room number was mentioned in the game, but I don’t remember what number it was and based on what has happened so far, the room number might have been changed too. Now that I think about it, the headmaster didn’t tell Kai and me the room number when he gave the explanation…that was obviously on purpose. The headmaster is a jerk.

I decided to follow the others to get to the room where our classes will be held. By the way, Kori and Frederick will remain in the Dorm to keep things in order, while Shuya and Sensei head to the room with us to teach us. I wonder if Shuya and Sensei already got the teaching schedule for this experiment.

As I headed toward the door, Hachiko grabbed my hand excitedly saying, “Let’s go to class together, Laveda.” I nodded and then watched Hachiko grab Theodore’s free hand saying, “Papa too.”

Theodore chuckled, but I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed. Hachiko seriously shouldn’t be calling Theodore “Papa.” At least he calls me by name…when he remembers. My right hand was occupied by Hachiko, so I used my left hand to pick up Bibi’s teddy bear form and allowed Darkie to jump onto the top of my head.

Hold on…it feels a little chilly…WHY ARE THE OTHERS ANGRY? I don’t think anything happened that should make them angry. I am so confused.

Hold on…are they angry about Hachiko holding my hand? Seriously? He is a child and has held my hands plenty of times and no one had been angry before…as far as I know. I really need to tell them to control their anger.

Anyway, we are heading out of the dorm. The moment our feet touched the road heading toward the school buildings, everyone vanished…WHERE DID THEY GO? Hold on, Hachiko (he looks ready to cry) and Kai are still here. Everyone else (including Bibi and Darkie) have vanished. Seriously, where did they go?

“Mama, where did Papa go?”

Hachiko was practically bawling. I couldn’t really answer him, since I was just as clueless as him, so I patted his head to comfort him. His bawling changed to whimpering.

I looked toward Kai, who looked pretty pissed, and asked, “Do you have any idea what happened?”

“A mass teleportation spell was used, but we were excluded…how much you want to bet the headmaster was responsible for this?”

“It is obviously him,” I stated with an annoyed expression. The headmaster must have teleported them to the classroom to save on time, but based on his obvious dislike on Kai and me we were left out, but one thing confused me. I looked at Hachiko as he wiped stray tears from his eyes. I can understand why Kai and me weren’t teleported, but why not Hachiko?


“Yes, Mama?”

I’ll ignore the Mama part.

“Did you do anything that would make the headmaster not like you?”

Hachiko seemed to ponder to himself and then smiled saying, “I don’t think so. I admit he made me angry when he called me spoiled, but I didn’t do anything to make him angry.”


Hachiko is definitely averting his eyes now.

“Tell me the truth.”

“…I may have given him eggs before I entered the new Dorm.”

“What eggs?”


“Hachiko, tell me.”

“Rotten eggs that the birds gave me to exact revenge.”


So Hachiko did a prank on the headmaster. I can see why the headmaster was mad and didn’t teleport him with the others…Hachiko is still fidgeting…

“Hachiko, did you do something else?”

“…I may have asked one of the black bears to make himself comfortable in the headmaster’s office and to leave a PRESENT on his desk.”

“…Hachiko, no matter how much the headmaster made you angry, you shouldn’t pull pranks like that.”

Hachiko nodded, but I have to admit that I was half glad that the headmaster suffered a little last night after he pulled that stupid trapped room test and refused to give Kai and me all the information we needed for this experiment. I still can’t let Hachiko pull such pranks though. He is still a growing boy and I can’t be a bad influence. I’ll just scold him for now.

“Hey, we still need to know where to go, before we are tardy,” Kai suddenly stated with crossed arms. He does have a point, but where would the room…?

“Hachiko, did the headmaster tell you the room the classes would be in?”

Hachiko nodded.

“The room is infinity.”

INFINITY? That is not even a real number! That was definitely not in the game.

“So where is this room?” I asked. Hachiko chuckled and then whistled between his index and right thumb. The next thing I knew, a lion burst from the trees…THERE WAS A LION HERE? Actually, why is the lion so big? It is the size of an elephant. Way too big. Hachiko leapt onto the lion’s back and then held his hand to me saying, “Let’s go to the room, Mama.” I nodded and took Hachiko’s outstretched hand. Now that I think about it, Hachiko really has grown quite a bit. Hachiko pulled me onto the lion’s back and then the lion gave out a roar before running.

Wait a minute, Hachiko, you are forgetting Kai! Oh dear, I can hear Kai cursing at us. I better get Hachiko to turn this beast around to retrieve Kai.

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