Chapter 66: This is My Dorm room…BULLIES!

I don’t know how long it took, but we soon reached the dorm thanks to Hachiko leading the way this time. I could see students still walking around the dorms filled with excitement, but I didn’t see any familiar faces. Hachiko suddenly tugged my arm pointing toward a sign.

“That will tell us which dorm we are assigned based on our talents.”

Now that he mentions it, there are a lot of dorm houses, so these dorm houses are categorized by talents. No surprise there.

I looked at the sign with Hachiko and the twins I saw my name…in a very small box under Dorm Q. What is this? Dorm Q sounds like a gag for some reason. Only my name is in there for some reason…Am I the only non-talent user in this school? I guess that would explain why people with no talents weren’t mentioned much in the game, but this is still strange.

I looked at the twins and saw that they were assigned in the same dorm: Dorm S. I guess it is because they are the only people with the light talent. In the game, it was just Eleanor in Dorm S, but it has changed since Montgomery is also here. Hachiko was assigned in Dorm A, the animal talent dorm.

“Do I have to go to Dorm A? I want to be with you,” Hachiko complained as he tugged on my arm.

“You have to, so please go to Theodore as I have instructed.”

Hachiko nodded and left, but with drooped ears. I guess he really wanted to go to the dorm with me.

“I guess we’ll be heading to Dorm S,” stated Montgomery before taking a small bow with Eleanor and then leaving for their dorm.

With me alone, I head toward Dorm Q…I feel like I am forgetting something again…I’ll think about it later.

There were signs pointing toward the dorms, but for some reason as I followed the signs leading toward Dorm Q it became darker. The trees grew thicker and the signs are beginning to fade…IS THIS ACTUALLY A HORROR GAME NOW? If a killer clown pops out, I am so done with this.

I soon reached the last sign and saw a completely dilapidated building…looks like a haunted mansion. I had to rub my eyes to see if this building really looked like this. Nothing has changed even after taking a second look. I decided to enter the building hoping that the inside was at least decent…OH MY LORD, IT LOOKS EVEN WORSE! The floors have holes in them and the webs and dust are flying everywhere. Just like a haunted mansion. Please don’t let there be any ghosts. I’ll just avoid the holes and head to my assigned room…which is my room? I’m the only one in this building, so maybe I just choose one. I looked at the doors…there are no doors for these rooms…OK, I peek inside one of the rooms…there is no furniture in this room. I look into the next room…the floor is gone. I look into another room…there is a bed with the springs bursting from it.

I’ll look for a room later. I look around the building and found the kitchen. The kitchen is stained and I can see rats running around and water dripping from the faucets. I also found other rooms covered in dust with broken furniture and windows. I even found the bathing area…there is no water in the tub area and what little water I could find was basically sludge.

…THIS IS BULLYING! Why is this place so horrible? No wonder the little sister (me) sounded so sad in the game when she said her one line. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other storyline was for me to die of malnutrition and low hygiene.  This is too much!

I need to calm down. I am the only one in this dorm, so I have the right to fix it any way I choose. Having all the talents is now at my disposal. Prepare yourself haunted mansion!

Get rid of all the dust with wind talent! Use fire and earth to make some glass for the windows, while also burning the unusable furniture and wood. Wood talent: to create new wood and furniture along with a nice landscape. Glad cotton falls under wood talent. Animal talent: to chase away the rats, spiders, and all insects (especially cockroaches). Water talent: to clean the place and to make the bathing area and the kitchen usable once again. Ice talent: to make the refrigerator functional. Light talent: to give me light when working. Darkness talent: to move some things out of the way without destroying it. I continued to use my talents (expect for time), to make this place livable and for me to live comfortably.

I think I was at it for hours and was sweating by the time I was finished, but it was worth it. The place looks like a mansion with solid new wood and glass windows. The inside was tidy with solid wood floors, clean walls, functional bathroom and kitchen, and all the rooms had furniture and doors. I even made a recreation area with a fireplace. I made this place all by myself. If I wanted to, I could just be builder when I leave the school.

Anyway, time to enter my new room. I entered the room I worked the hardest on and was delighted to see my new soft bed and homemade furniture. So nice. I even managed to make a bathroom for this room, so it is basically a master suite. I am so happy. I flopped on my bed ready to sleep, but then I realized something: where is my luggage from my house?


Huh? Where did that voice come from?

I left my room and headed to the stairway. When I got there, I saw a man with long bluish hair wearing long black pants and a green long sleeved shirt looking around with wide eyes. I wonder who this guy is? I mean I am the only one assigned to this dorm after all…SHOOT! I forgot that a dorm has a dorm head. This guy must be the dorm head. I am so in trouble. Oh, he has my luggage…THIS IS STILL BAD!

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