Stage 32: The Water Fairy’s Deal

Sky explained the situation to Hasani to the best of his ability, but the more he explained the more Hasani seemed more reluctant to agree. Hasani hated humans, but he protected them thanks to his programming as a hero. If it wasn’t for the program, he would choose to live his life in tranquility with no one (especially humans) around. That’s what he wanted and he even managed to avoid missions related to helping humans, but now because of his rival, he has to save a human.

“This has to be a joke,” muttered Hasani with his wings fluttering behind him in dissatisfaction, “How in the world could a human NPC be mistaken as a fairy? I mean we don’t even look alike.”

“It was because she used a power only you could use.”

Hasani furrowed his brow saying, “That’s another thing: how is she able to use Ocean Wave? Even I have a hard time using it, since it is so advanced.”

“It’s a glitch, so what do you expect?” chirped in Hazel as he scooped up treasure from the floor with a whistle of pure amusement.

Hasani crossed his arms with a small groan saying, “I seriously don’t want to save one of the human race, but I can’t ignore it because of this stupid program and the fire fairy is involved too.”

“So you’ll help?” asked Sky with a hopeful smile.

Hasani nodded, but then added, “But first sign a contract.”

Sky visibly frowned when he heard the word “contract.” In the game world, a contract between heroes can be signed to prevent anyone from backing out and to get benefits when one created a party together. It seemed like a convenient feature, but if anyone went against the contract (intentional or not) a penalty would be invoked. The penalty had no limitations, so it could even include the death of the hero as punishment. Sky personally felt a hatred for the contract feature because of a punishment that was invoked on him when he unintentionally broke it. This punishment of his took away half of his experience points and it took him days just to get those points back.

“Do we really need to make a contract?”

“I won’t participate with you guys in any other way.”

Sky sighed and opened up his menu to activate the contract feature and then looked at Hasani asking, “What are the conditions?”

“If I succeed in this quest then you will reward me with one million gold and a rare item that I can use exclusively.”

“This contract only benefits you,” stated Sky with a frown as he typed up the contract,
“and the punishment?”

“If I were to back out or fail to save that NPC then I will lose the gold I was promised from my current earnings and be struck by lightning ten times.”

“…Isn’t that a little excessive?”

“The punishment has to be harsh for me to be motivated and besides, this punishment will also fall on you guys if you were to break the contract with me.”

Sky rolled his eyes as he completed the contract and then made it materialize into solid form in his hand. He pressed his index finger on the bottom and then a small chime echoed all around.

Swordmaster Sky has signed a contract.

Sky then handed the contract around and as each person pressed their index finger to the contract the chime echoed repeatedly.

Thief Hazel has signed a contract.

Barbarian Geronimo has signed a contract.

Dancer Sapphire has signed a contract.

Beast Tamer Simba has signed a contract.

When the contract landed in Hasani’s hands he looked it over once with his eyes and then smirked as he pressed his index finger to the contract saying, “Let’s work together once again, humans.”

Water Fairy Hasani has signed a contract.

A ringing echoed in their surrounding as the contract began to glow before it vanished.

Contract is in effect!

Hasani rubbed his hands together saying, “Now let’s kick that Fire Fairy’s butt.” Hasani hovered off the ground and flew pass the others. Sky and the others followed, but as they followed, Hazel suddenly asked, “In the contract, did it say that Hasani had to bring us along?” Sky cursed under his breath realizing that the contract signed was just an agreement of the awards and not of a party combine agreement. He just hoped that Hasani wouldn’t realize it and leave them behind.

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