Chapter 7: I’ve Been Left Behind

Sensei is going to teach me, but I still bought the books. I still want to at least try to read them to the best of my ability. If you’re wondering how I have money, I managed to save up the change I managed to find scattered around my house. This doesn’t make me a thief. Now that I think about it, I better work on trying to find a job later on…someone who accepts child labor (child labor is allowed in this world).

Oops, I nearly lost track of time. I have to start heading to the meeting place. My stomach suddenly rumbled as I left the store with a basket full of foreign books and I could swear that my face was about to burn off from the heat in my face. I better get some food.

I’m so glad I found a stand selling mini sandwiches for a cheap price. These are considered a snack, but it was considered a meal to me and a delicious meal at that. The cabbage and tomatoes with mayo covered pork in the middle and the white sweet bread holding it all together was heavenly. I gave some to Bibi, who seemed to enjoy it as well. I bought extra to share with Tulio since he is so nice to me.

I headed to the road corner out of town and waited under a tree’s shade as the time of Tulio’s arrival approached.

Five minutes passed three: I am sure he is running late.

An hour past three: He’ll come soon.

Nightfall: He’s not coming.

Forget about me saying that Tulio was nice, he obviously forgot about me or he planned to leave me behind. I really shouldn’t be so trusting, but he was so nice to me when I first spoke with him.

I decided to start walking toward the mansion down the road, but then I heard a rustle in the bushes. Oh yeah, nighttime is when the monsters that aren’t tamed come to prowl. It’s usually safe in the back forest of my mansion, but I have no idea of the animal activity in the wild. This is making my heart race.

Bibi suddenly began to jiggle and then I noticed a silver wolf dashing toward me. He doesn’t seem friendly at all. Even though I have the animal talent, some animals fight the power and try to kill the person with the talent instead. I was a bit naïve thinking I can control all animals at my current level, but I obviously need to train more.

I screamed bloody murder and began to run with all my might, but this wolf is persistent. Wait a minute, I have the wind talent, so time to use it. I activated my wind and sped back to town leaving the wolf in my dust.

When I reached town, I made sure to disperse the wind where no one could see me. I really was at a loss. I don’t know what other monsters or dangerous animals are out there, so walking home in the dark is too dangerous and even with my wind talent, I might still run into a monster faster than me. I could fly with the wind talent, but it’s too dark and I’m still not confident with my light or fire talent yet. Bibi isn’t fit to fight monsters yet with his level. I really need to train more.

I guess I am stuck in town until morning comes, but I still need to find shelter and I don’t think I’m allowed to build a hut in town. I really want to go back to the back forest.

Bibi suddenly jiggled and when I looked at him he was sitting in the basket where I kept the newly bought books. I smiled as a thought dawned on me: I wonder if Sensei will let me stay at his place.

I walked around town once again as lights from the lanterns lit the streets. If I remember right, he should be staying in the Starfire Inn in room 101. I’m guessing the building with the shining star designs is the Inn I am looking for.

I entered the building and saw a number of people sitting in an area that looked like a living room, and an area that resembled a restaurant. Looking at the restaurant part is making me hungry. I’ll eat the leftover sandwiches after I find Sensei.

Sensei is not in sight, so he must be in room 101. I don’t know why, but I sneaked passed the check-in desk and headed up the stairs where I believed the rooms were since it was too noisy down there.

Room 101…room 101….Ah here it is!

The hall where the door with 101 was in was very quiet…I hope I am not waking them up. I gulped and then knocked on the door gently. No answer. I knock a little louder. No answer…maybe they are asleep. I knock one last time and then the door opened up and I saw the guy Shuya standing there with a bright smile.

“Hey, Ebi…”

He fell silent as he looked around. He obviously couldn’t see me and even before I could say anything, he shivered saying, “Oh my God, there’s a ghost at our door!”

I kicked him in the shin. He gasped in pain and crouched down holding his damaged leg. I don’t know why, but this guy really pisses me off.

“Shuya, what’s wr…”

I met eyes with Sensei, who looked at me with confusion.


I don’t know what came over me, but just seeing him made me feel so relieved that I seriously cried and I ran to him calling him “Sensei.” I wrapped my small arms around his legs crying. I must have looked pretty pathetic, but I was just so relieved.

“Are you OK, Laveda? Actually why are you here? Why is Shuya on the ground?”

Sensei’s questions were endless, but I just hugged his leg and managed to squeak out, “My ride home is gone. Can I please stay here with you tonight?”

I guess what I said was a shock because the entire room grew quiet.


I managed to get my tears of relief to stop and I don’t plan to cry like that ever again, even if I am relieved or sad…at least not in front of people. I explained my situation to Sensei and Shuya leaving out the part that I was from the Lorenzino Family.

“That guy is a jerk,” stated Shuya, obviously talking about Tulio and I agree, he is a jerk to leave a three-year-old all alone.

Sensei gave out a sigh saying, “I guess we can let you stay, but this is a bit of a problem, I mean this room only has two beds and I don’t think it is proper for a young girl to share a room with two guys.”

“I don’t mind.”

I really don’t mind, since I know Sensei has a soft spot for kids and he would never attack a young girl like me. He is too kind…but Shuya is another matter. I mean he did act like a pedophile around me when we were in the bookstore. Maybe I should think this through.

Shuya suddenly laughed making both me and Sensei look at him.

“I don’t mind her staying. She can use my bed and I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“That’s nice of you,” I stated with a smile, but that smile was short lived when he added, “or we can share the bed and keep each other warm.” HE REALLY IS A PEDOPHILE! HELP ME SENSEI!

Sensei once again heard my cries for help in my heart as he pulled me slightly away from Shuya with a glare.

“Touch her and you die,” stated Sensei in a cold voice, but this attitude was for my sake, so thank you Sensei.

“All right, All right. It was just a joke, but seriously, she can use my bed, so just let her stay for the night. She’ll be gone tomorrow, so no worries.”

Sensei finally agreed to let me stay making me cheer, but then my stomach began to growl. I blushed in embarrassment, while Sensei remained silent and Shuya was laughing out loud. I really want to kick Shuya right now.

“I need to eat dinner,” I stated with redness in my cheeks.

Sensei nodded, while Shuya continued to laugh. I really want to kick Shuya.

Sensei was about to lead me out of the room most likely to go to the restaurant part of the Inn, but I declined saying, “I have some leftover sandwiches to eat.” With that, I dug in my basket to pull the sandwiches out…where are my sandwiches? I removed the books from the basket one by one, but still no sandwiches in sight.

Where did they go? Oh yeah, I ran from that wolf not too long ago and the sandwiches must have been lost during my dash. My sandwiches are gone. I seriously want to cry again.

“Laveda, I can just buy you dinner,” Sensei offered.


“It won’t be any problem and I can’t have you starving tonight.”

Sensei really looks like an angel right now. He is so kind.

Shuya then chuckled breaking my happy mood and stated, “I’ll prepare her bed, so you feed her, Ryu.” Sensei nodded and took my hand gently. I followed with a blissful smile on my face…I feel like I am forgetting something.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 7: I’ve Been Left Behind”

  1. Just found this read! It’s pretty interesting even though everything that happens has amazingly convenient timing. Looking forward to what happens next!
    Thank you so much, regardless!


    1. I apologise if my choice of words are misleading. Upon rereading this comment, i feel as if it may come off as slightly disheartening. I hope you are not discouraged. I really enjoyed it so far 🙂


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