Chapter 63: Get the Gender right

My head seriously hurts. What was that voice? I opened my eyes and see a white ceiling. Am I in the hospital? Oh, I’m in a school clinic just like the ones in manga and anime. Pretty neat. I sit up with a headache. This seriously hurts. What happened to me to make me pass out? I remember looking at the statue and then hearing a voice before I passed out…UGH, I don’t feel like thinking about it now!

“I see that you’re awake.”

Eh, whose voice is that? I look to the side and saw a man with long blonde hair sitting on a chair. I know that person is a man, since I heard the voice and that is a very flat chest, unless it is a woman with male features…that would be sad. Anyway, this man glances at me with his blue eyes and places the pen in his hand down on the desk before him before standing up from the chair. He approached me rather quickly and placed his hand on my forehead.

“You don’t seem to have a fever.”

“That’s good,” I commented, but the man suddenly looked me in the eye and asked, “So why did you faint?”

“…I don’t know.”

I have a feeling I shouldn’t tell him that I heard voices before I passed out. He might see me as crazy. The man raised an eyebrow at me in suspicion, but sighed and then grabbed a chart from the wall. He held the chart to me and I realized that it was actually just a blank clipboard.

“Write your name, year level, and age here and then I’ll record this into your file. Please try to stay in good health.”

I nodded saying, “I understand mister.”


“You’re a man right and I don’t know your name.”

He looked kind of confused when I called him mister. Could I have been mistaken?

“…I am a man. I am just used to people calling me Miss when they first meet me.”

“…Must be hard, but no matter how I look at you, I only see a man.”

I better not mention that I almost doubted his gender when he looked confused. The man smiled at me saying, “That’s very kind of you little girl and please call me Manirak.”

“OK, Mr. Manirak.”

“Just Manirak.”

“…OK, Manirak.”

So call him without a title? I wonder why. I wrote the needed information on the blank clipboard and handed it to Manirak. Manirak returned to his desk writing the information down on a separate piece of paper before looking back at me and saying, “The introduction in the main hall should be done, so head to the headmaster’s office.” Manirak then handed me a slip of paper adding, “This excuse slip should explain why you missed the introduction, so don’t worry about being scolded.”

I nodded making sure to give my thanks to Manirak. I slipped off the bed and headed toward the door, but the moment I reached for the door, the door swung open slamming against my small form. I literally went flying into the floor…ouch.


“Nathaniel Agni, you can’t just keep running here when your girlfriend is looking for you.”

“She is not my girlfriend! She is a stalker!”

I heard Manirak sigh and say, “I’ll let you hide here, but can you please help my patient up?”


I sat up and then I met eyes with the culprit who knocked me down: Nathaniel Agni or how I call him, Nate. It’s been a long time since I saw him. He still has the same long fiery red hair and eyes, but the goggles I game him are resting on top of his head just like in the game.

“Who is this?”

Looks like he doesn’t recognize me.

“Her name is Laveda Lorenzino, your little underclassman.”


Nate is staring at me pretty hard, but then he looked at Manirak with a confused look.

“You seem all smiles when mentioning this little girl’s name. How did she even get in here?”

“She had a little feinting spell when entering the school, so she was brought here. As for your first question…she actually addressed me correctly unlike you.”

“She got your gender right?” stated Nate with doubt in his voice.

“Maybe it was a lucky guess. I mean your gender is hard to tell.”

“…Would you like for me to kick you out?”

“I am sorry. You are the manliest man alive, but you still fall short of Reino.”

Ah, he does remember me…oh yeah, I never told him my true gender.

“There you go again mentioning this Reino. No one has even heard of him.”

“Well he is real. Judging by his age, he should be entering the Academy this year and he will be as strong as me. I bet he looks even manlier than me.”

I giggled finding his thoughts quite funny.

Nate suddenly looked back at me and then pulled me to my feet.

“Sorry about knocking you over,” stated Nate and added, “If anyone asks you, please tell them you never saw me.”

I nodded and stated, “Of course Nate.”

Nate falls silent staring at me with wide eyes.

“Did you just call me Nate?”

I nodded and added, “You told me to call you that when we were together on the mountain.” Nate was dead silent as he pointed at me with his right finger.

“Could you be Reino?” asked Nate with nervousness behind his voice. I nodded. Nate suddenly gave out a wail making me and Manirak jump in surprise.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“For what?”

“The curse turned you into a little girl!”

…I am little, but judging by what he is saying, is he mistaking the curse for changing my gender? I kicked his shin making him crouch down on the ground shaking in pain.

“The curse just made me stay in my ten-year-old form. I was born a girl.”


“I. Am. A. Girl.”

Nate looked even more shocked as he stood up with reddened cheeks.

“A girl…for real?”

I nodded. Nate gulped and then ran out of the clinic crying, “NO WAY!”

…Wasn’t he planning on hiding in the clinic? Was my true gender such a shock? I feel a little guilty about this. I heard Manirak chuckling and looked at him.

“Was it that funny?”

Manirak nodded and stated, “For two years, he has talked about Reino from his childhood with me and the shock that his manly friend is a girl is too funny.”

“I guess it is funny, but I really should have told him sooner before we separated those years ago.”

Manirak nodded, but suddenly stated, “I actually doubt you are Reino.”


“Reino is a fire user according to Nathaniel.”

OH SHOOT! I can’t have Manirak know the truth.

“I have a feeling you want it kept secret, so my lips are sealed.”

Thank goodness. I thought I might have to force him to stay silent. He’s a nice guy/

“Anyway, you need to hurry to the headmaster’s office.”

I nodded and left the clinic. Manirak really is nice. It was also nice to see Nate, even though I gave him quite the shock. I should apologize the next time I see him.

About halfway down the hallway, I realized I had no idea where the Headmaster’s office was. I am such an idiot. I thought about returning to the clinic to ask Manirak for directions, but I suddenly saw a figure heading my way at an incredible speed.


Like I could. Before I could even react, I was pushed onto the floor with such force that I thought I was going to pass out. This really hurts. The figure towered over me or more precisely laid on me since we both fell. I glared upward, but was shocked to see a face I haven’t seen since my reincarnation started…the heroine from the game: Eleanor Quits. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes just like in the game. She was really beautiful…something seems different…WHY IS SHE WEARING THE BOY’S UNIFORM? No wait, ELEANOR QUITS IS A BOY?

This is so confusing. What’s going on? Did I do something to make a person change gender?

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