Chapter 52: Search for the white fox…Search for me?

Seriously not good. I actually thought Theodore decided to forget about my fox form, but he seems intent on finding my fox form and even making a familiar contract with it. How am I going to change his mind? I know; I just have to find an animal willing to become his familiar.

I used my animal talent to try to contact my animal friends, but none of them appeared…that’s odd.



“We’ve arrived.”

Man, that was fast. We have already reached the back woods, but I am still in a pickle. How am I going to convince Theodore to get a different animal as a Familiar? Theodore dragged me deeper into the woods. I didn’t bother to struggle, since I had to find another animal that Theodore would take an interest in. Maybe asking him what animal he likes (besides my fox form) will help.

“Big Brother?”

“Yes?” answered Theodore glancing back at me.

“If we are not able to find the white fox in the woods, then how about taking another animal as your familiar? Do you have a favorite animal you would consider as an alternative?”

There, I asked the question.

Theodore shook his head saying, “I only want that white fox.”

DANG IT! Why is he being stubborn? Well he won’t find the white fox, since the white fox is me. I just have to prevent myself from transforming…that’s actually a sad thought, since I enjoyed changing into an animal.

“Why are you so insistent in getting this fox?” I finally asked. There must be a reason for his stubbornness.

“I felt a connection with her.”

“A connection?”

Theodore nodded with a smile on his lips.

“I heard that Animal Talent users like me felt a connection to their familiar, even before the contract was made. It is like a static shock or a spring in the heart. I felt that when I first laid eyes on that white fox.”

I don’t know what to say. He felt a connection? I read about what he was talking about before, but he shouldn’t have felt that when he looked at me. I mean, I am human after all, so I can’t exactly make a Familiar Contract with him.

“Are you sure it was that fox you felt a connection too?”

Theodore nodded and then clenched his fist with a determined look on his face.

“She is meant to be my Familiar, so I have to find her and give her a proper name.”

Proper name my butt. Your naming sense sucks just as much as mine.

I now know why he is determined to get my fox form, but it still doesn’t make any sense to me. I really need to find an alternative animal for him.

Oh, I see a white rabbit. It’s not a fox, but maybe he can make a contract with that one instead. I was about to call out to it, but the rabbit immediately ran off as if it were being chased by a wild fox…is the rabbit scared of me?

Oh, I see a fox, but this fox is red…I remember killing one of those when I played the game. I think it was called a Crimson Fox. It’s really cute. I pray for all the Crimson Foxes I slayed in my previous life.

“There’s a fox,” I stated pointing at the Crimson Fox, but the Crimson Fox dashed away the moment, Theodore faced him.

“That wasn’t the fox I was looking for,” stated Theodore with disappointment in his voice. Theodore looks so sad. He really wants my fox form, but sorry, it won’t happen.

I suddenly felt a tug on my skirt and looked down only to see a golden squirrel looking up at me with worried eyes. This is a squirrel that visits my little hut and offers me some berries. I named him Goldie, since he is one of the animals close to me, but he is not my Familiar. Bibi is my only Familiar.


“Your Majesty.”

            Oh, I can understand Goldie’s words. My animal talent must have improved further. I can usually understand animals without words, since their gestures are easy to decipher, but this is my first time hearing a clear voice…but why call me like a royalty.

“What is it?”

“Your majesty must get away from that boy.”


When Goldie says that boy, does he mean Theodore? That can’t be right?

“Laveda, what are you doing?”

I glanced at Theodore saying, “I was just talking to one of my animal friends.”

“So you can understand their words too?”

I nodded. Oh yeah, Theodore does talk to animals, so his talent must be really high.

“What was that animal saying?”

“He was saying…”

“Your majesty, please listen. You must get away from him now!”

            Goldie is saying something really strange, but the next thing I knew, I felt something wrap around my ankle.


I glance down and saw a…HUGE ANACONDA? Why is that here? It wrapped around my legs until I couldn’t move. What’s going on?

“Your majesty!”

            Goldie tried to pull me free, but his little body could do little. Goldie was suddenly kicked away sending him flying in the distance.


“Such a troublesome little animal.”

Hold on. I look up at the one who kicked Goldie, Theodore. Theodore didn’t have a kind look anymore and looked like a totally different person as he glanced at me with a smirk.

“Big Brother?”

“Oh yeah, you and Theodore are now siblings.”


What does this mean? Why is Theodore talking like this?

Theodore knelt before me placing his hand under my chin.

“Theodore is such a fool not to realize that you are the fox.”

“You know?”

How does he know?

“I knew the moment I saw you,” stated Theodore running his hand through my long white hair adding, “The same shade of silk white as the fox and the same essence.”


Theodore licked his lips saying, “The amount of power in your talent. Such a delicious scent.”

THIS IS CREEPING ME OUT! Theodore is not acting like himself…not acting like himself. Oh God, I completely forgot. I mentioned that Theodore refused to get close to people because of my family’s bullying, but that was not all. There was always a voice saying that he would be betrayed and that he needed to be alone. Theodore didn’t even get a familiar until he met the heroine in the game and the reason was also because of the voice in his head. The voice vanished when Theodore began to open up to the heroine in the game, but in the game there was also a secret route that went into more detail about this voice. This voice was demon miasma that attached itself to Theodore creating an alternate version of himself. This version (evil twin) was cruel and tried to kill the heroine in the new route to monopolize the power within Theodore’s talent. The evil twin was defeated thanks to the heroine’s true love toward Theodore.

Yes, a secret route. That’s why I didn’t remember…WHY DOES THIS EVIL TWIN HAVE TO APPEAR BEFORE ME? I didn’t even do anything.

“Oi, don’t ignore me.”

Evil twin slapped my cheek lightly gaining back my attention. This evil twin wasn’t even supposed to appear until the game. What happened?

“Why are you here?”

I seriously need to know this.

“Awa awa, you seem to be aware that I am not your brother. Such a clever girl.”

“Answer my question!” I seriously yelled.

“I wasn’t planning on coming out until Theodore matured a bit more, but your scent was so intoxicating. I almost came out in the mansion because you were so close.”

“…You sound like a pervert.”


Oh, looks like evil twin is quite shocked. Bet he didn’t expect me to call him that. Heh, heh.

Evil twin cleared his throat and then said, “I can’t let Theodore learn that you are the fox, so how about making a deal with me?”

“I don’t make deals with demons like you, so give back Big Brother.”

I don’t want this Evil Twin in control. He needs to hit the road.

“…Make a deal with me.”


“I refuse. I want Big Brother,” I stated with defiant eyes. Evil twin frowned and the next thing I knew I was lifted off the ground by the anaconda and held eye to eye with Evil twin.

“Make. A. Deal. With. Me.”

“I Refuse. Give back Big Brother”

I am not stupid. Making a deal with a demon only leads to misfortune. Evil twin was silent for a while, but he suddenly nodded at the anaconda and then I was dragged through the woods like I was a heavy sack.

“Where are you taking me?”

Evil twin smirked and stated, “Nowhere dangerous.”

Totally dangerous.

“You will make a deal with me. I will make sure of it.”


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 52: Search for the white fox…Search for me?”

  1. Ooh!Thanks for the chapter!

    I really wasn’t expecting the evil twin. I just thought he was secretly evil at first. I’m kinda excited for how you’re going to resolve this because it can go so many ways. I hope Evil!Theo isn’t just deleted though and that he gets his own understanding till he dissolves arc or he continues to exist but softer anf not so bad.Oooh boy am I excited.

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  2. Fufufufufufufu

    I like bad boys too. Split personalities are also irresistible. I wonder if he can compete with Sensei? Lol

    Thank you for the new chapter! (Although I’m a little late in reading it) Looking forward to the next!


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