Chapter 57: Why are you so full of yourself?

 OK, someone annoying has made his appearance known to me: Zayn Rupus, a capture target. If you guys remember right, I mentioned that he was annoying. He is the student council president in the game and a narcissist with a sadistic side. Just trying to talk about him makes me mad and he even used the corny lines from the game. I want to slap him away.

“Now pretty flower, can I have the honor of knowing your name?”


I don’t want to be acquainted with him. He will just make my life more difficult.

Zayn chuckled as more rose petals emitted from his form…disgusting.

“Don’t be like that my pretty flower. After all I want you to join me.”

“Join you in what…never mind, don’t tell me and don’t call me pretty flower.”

“I want you to join me as my singing partner in the talent show next week. We would be a hit.”

He was not listening to my words.

More rose petals exploded from his form as he spoke.

“I just happened to hear your voice that sounded like an angel singing praises. Your voice melted my heart. I want you to spread your great voice to the masses, so join me my pretty flower.”

“I refuse,” I rejected immediately and then handed him a broom saying, “Please sweep those rose petals out of the store before you leave.” Zayn seemed to be in shock as I grabbed Alden, who was staring in bewilderment, and stated, “Let’s have lunch, while he cleans the store.” Alden nodded, but still seemed confused taking a small glance at the shocked Zayn.

I entered the back room (staffs lounge) with Alden and then released his hand with a sigh.

“Are you familiar with that boy?”

“No. I do not know a person who would praise himself to the point of making me sick.”

I swear…I must have a dead panned expression. I hope the stupid president (Zayn) is not in the room after I am done eating lunch.

I noticed Alden sigh and then say, “I recognize that boy’s name. He is Duke Ulises Rupus’s son. I heard that he was training to be an advisor for the king, but I never thought he would want to join a talent show.”

“Did you also hear that he was full of himself?”

“…Surprisingly yes, but Duke Rupus has informed us that he would grow out of it.”

Grow out of it my butt. He is still the same in the game if not worse. I swear when I played his route, I wanted to push him out the window when he said his corny, narcissistic lines to the heroine. Even more infuriating was that when you captured him in the game, he never really changed and would ask the heroine repeatedly if she thought he was beautiful with rose petals flying around. He is the one character I wanted to disappear. I hated his route so much that I don’t want to remember his route by detail. So infuriating.

“Laveda, are you OK?”

“…I am fine. Let’s eat lunch.”

Alden nodded and began to pull out some homemade sandwiches. The sandwiches look really good. I see some slices of bacon and cheese. Oh, I also see some mustard and lettuce along with some slices of turkey. These sandwiches look so yummy.

Alden and I sat at the table and began to munch on the sandwiches, but then I heard a knock on the door.

“Pretty flower, I am done cleaning, so please join me for the talent show.”


He’s still there and he is still asking. I already refused, so…

“I refuse, so please leave.”


My God, his wailing sounds so annoying. He makes Abigail’s wailing sound better. Alden looked over his shoulder and then back at me saying, “Please wait here, Laveda.” Alden got up from his seat and headed for the closed door. Alden opened the door revealing Zayn with puppy like eyes. Zayn smiled when he saw me, but his smile faded when Alden plucked him from the ground like a dangling kitten and then walked out of the room.

I could hear Zayn wailing out complaints of wanting to see me and asking me to join him, but then his wailing ended when I heard the glass door of the bakery close. I guess Alden kicked him out. Alden then returned and sat back down saying, “Let’s open up after two hours.” I nodded and continued to eat my sandwich.

Even though we had finished eating, we didn’t open up the bakery because we were baking new loaves of bread and some sweets like my cinnamon rolls and egg tarts. The smell of fresh baked bread is so delightful.

I suddenly heard the back door open and then heard the familiar voice of Wendy calling out for Alden. The next thing I knew, Wendy had run in and hugged Alden from behind as he was placing uncooked bread in the oven. I saw him force a smile as he looked at Wendy and say, “Wendy, I didn’t think you would come today considering that you have school.”

“Today is a holiday for the Fire Talent Users, so I decided to visit you to enjoy your fresh baked bread.”

Alden chuckled saying, “I’m glad you like my bread.” Wendy nodded with a chipper smile and then looked at me. She winked at me asking, “Laveda, do you mind if Alden and I have some alone time?”

“…I am still baking, so sorry,” I answered. I can’t exactly leave with half-baked sweets. It wouldn’t be good for business. Wendy pouted, but gasped when Alden pried out of her hold saying, “Laveda and I need to finish baking before we can open, so please wait patiently.” Wendy puffed out her cheeks like a balloon with a disappointed look. She sat down and Alden and I continued to bake.

I needed some more cinnamon and went to the shelves to grab it, but I was too short to reach the top shelf where the cinnamon was and began to jump up and down.

“Do you need help?” asked Alden. I nodded, but before Alden could come to help, a green vine slithered pass me and grabbed the cinnamon from the shelf and held it to me.

“Here you go pretty flower.”

I looked at the source of the vine in a stiff motion and saw Zayn smiling at me with a vine coming out from his hand. Even Alden looked shocked as he looked at Zayn.

“How did you…?”

“Ah,” Wendy exclaimed, “This boy was crying outside the door, so I let him in to cheer him up.” SERIOUSLY?

“Wendy, this boy…”

Zayn suddenly grabbed my hand with the vine dangling the cinnamon near my head and stated, “Now my pretty flower, please join me in the talent show.”

I grabbed the cinnamon and flicked my finger toward the vine. The vine twitched before whacking Zayn away from me. Zayn looked shocked as he lay on the floor. I went back to my baking area and continued to bake completely ignoring Zayn’s presence.

“Pretty flower…”

Zayn was plucked from the ground by Alden again and dumped through the back door before the door was closed in his face.


Alden sighed and then glanced at me saying, “I’ll try to keep him away.” I nodded as I rolled the doe. Wendy looked puzzled as she looked at Alden and I and then asked, “Was that boy causing trouble?” Alden nodded saying, “Please don’t let him in.” Wendy just nodded, but she looked so puzzled.

We opened the bakery again after all the bread and sweets were ready, but the first customer to walk in was none other than Zayn. Alden wanted to kick him out, but Zayn suddenly raised his hand saying, “I will buy all the bread you have here.” Alden looked troubled, but I looked at Zayn saying, “Only if you plan to eat them.” Zayn chuckled as rose petals began to emerge from around his form…not again.

“I will eat every crumb, if you agree to join me, my pretty…”

“I refuse, so please leave.”

“…Then let me buy the ones you made pretty flower.”

“Are you going to eat them?”

“Every crumb.”

I grabbed a cinnamon roll and a few egg custards and brought them to the counter. I asked Zayn to pay and he paid the said amount. I bagged the sweets and then kindly asked him to leave.

“Can I at least get your name, pretty flower?”

“No,” I stated bluntly and handed him the bag of sweets, “Have a nice day.” The rose petals around him seemed to wilt, but bloomed again as he said, “I will never give up until I have you join me.”

“Please give up.”

Zayn looked dejected again, but immediately perked up with rose petals emerging from his form again.

“I, the great Zayn Rupus, will return, my pretty flower.”

Zayn finally left, but he left a mess of rose petals behind. He said he will be back, but I don’t want that.

Wendy, who was behind the counter with me, looked at me and asked, “That boy is quite adorable and he looks rich, don’t you think? Shouldn’t you give him a chance?”


I went back to work, but I could hear Wendy giggling in delight. Don’t play matchmaker with me. I’ll clean these petals and hope Zayn doesn’t return any time soon.

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  1. I don’t think him being rich matters to Laveda XD. I mean, look at the people around her at home…

    Hehehehe. I already can’t wait for the next chapter! Thanks for your hard work! 🙂

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