The Meaning of Ikemen


Translations from Xant & Minions

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Chie: The main character girl who is nicknamed the Black Knight and a commander

Conrad: The original commander who has an admiration toward Chie.

Celes: A girl under Chie’s command in the army.

Adelbert: One of the captains who is called Stupid Swordsman.

Brandon: One of the captains who is called Muscle-Brother.

Adolf: One of the captains who is called Long Haired Ikemen.

Everyone fell to the ground. After a few minutes, training started up.

“Commander! What are you doing!?”

Conrad got mad at me.

“Even if you tell me to act more leader-like, I don’t know how to.” [Chie]

I told him while pouting. It’s not my fault~.

“Hmph! After saying ‘shut up stupid swordsman!?’ all the time. Hey! Why are Celes and Conrad called by their own names!?” [Adelbert]

Celes and Conrad retort to the words said by the stupid swordsman.

“ Doesn’t Stupid Swordsman fit?” [Conrad]

Conrad says as he looks at the stupid swordsman.

“Stupid Swordsman fits perfectly.” [Celes]

Celes also mercilessly spits out. It seems that everyone is in favor of his nickname. At the words of those two, the stupid swordsman drops to the ground on his hands and knees, hanging his head. Serves you right.

“Don’t be depressed Adel. I’m the Muscle-Brother……” [Brandon]

The muscle-brother tried to encourage the stupid swordsman.

“At least you know the meaning of yours! I don’t even know what my nickname means!!” [Adolf]

The blue long-haired «ikemen» appealed to the two. Oh, that’s right; this world doesn’t have a translation for ‘«ikemen»’ in its language.

“Hey, blue long-haired «ikemen»!” [Chie]

“Agh! I told you…” [Adolf]

“The word ‘«ikemen»’ in my country means ‘a good-looking or cool man.’” [Chie]

“….Huh, so it was only you guys who had such nicknames.” [Adolf]

“This traitor!” [Adelbert & Brandon]

I was back in a good mood so I explained his nickname while I moved us a little bit away from the stupid swordsman and muscle-brother. I said this while looking down on the two. It enraged the muscle-brother and stupid swordsman. The blue long-haired «ikemen» is simple.

“Black Knight-san, forget what I said just now.” [Adolf]

The long blue-haired «ikemen» acted as if nothing had ever happened and was talking to me in a rather good mood.

“Didn’t you hate me?” [Chie]

“Hahaha! What are you talking about?”

“…..” [All]

We were all shocked by the speed of his change in attitude. Yesterday, he even said I was “repulsive”….

“Adolf….” [Conrad]

End of Scene

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