Chapter 70: A Reunion with Friends…Huh?


OK, I finally controlled my urge to kill Kori. I am now walking with Kai and Kori to the gathering, which is the main school garden. I remember that the garden was also the place where many romantic events happened like dancing under the moonlight with the first prince or taking a dip in the lake with Sensei. Just remembering those scenes makes me blush, but considering how much has changed, I doubt those events will ever happen. I am so sorry Eleanor. I hope other romantic moments will happen to you during your school life.


            It looks like we are almost there. I can see the gate of the garden and I can hear the voices of people.


            “Remember not to reveal my identity.”


            I know Kai. I will keep your secret to protect the peace of the school.


            We entered through the gate and I have to admit that I was excited to see all the students. They even had faces. In the game, they only had lips, since they were NPCs. I guess I would have been the same in the game, but I wasn’t even given an art. I was just a voice with one line. Considering how much has changed, I won’t be a one liner this time.


            The garden was filled with flower bushes (rose bushes by the looks of it) and a crystal lake peeked from distant trees. Truly a place to have romantic scenes. Oh, there are sweets on that table. I better grab a plate before they run out. I made my way toward the table of sweets, but I was suddenly lifted off the ground by the back of my dress. What is going on? I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Kai was holding onto me with a dark look.


            “This place is crowded.”




            “You’re so tiny that these people can practically run you over and that will result in ME getting hurt.”




            I guess I am being restrained, so I won’t injure myself…injure Kai. I managed to get out of his hold and stated, “I’ll be fine. I am just heading to…KYAH!”


            WHAT THE HELL? Someone literally just slammed into me. I don’t feel any pain, but I can’t say the same for Kai. He looks like he is about to feint.


            “I AM SO SORRY!”


            …This voice…I recognize this voice. I look at my supposed attacked and saw that it was Nate.


            “Are you in a hurry again, Nate?” I asked, but I noticed that Nate had fallen still the moment we met eyes. I don’t know why, but Nate looks close to tears. Did he get hurt too when he collided into me?


            “Nate, are you…”


            “I’M SO SORRY!”


            His sudden outburst nearly made my heart stop as he got up fast and then ran off into the distance…he can be a track star if he wanted to. I sat up to dust off my dress deciding to go toward the table of sweets again, but I was once again pried off the ground and placed on someone’s back, that someone being Kai with a frown on his face.


            “What are you doing?”


            “Protecting myself,” I heard Kai mumble. I guess being carried is fine considering that I was already crashed into and gave Kai a dizzy spell. I allowed myself to be carried as I ordered Kai to head toward the table of sweets, while tugging on the back of his shirt. He looked pretty displeased, but Kori looked amused before he left us to head toward the other dorm heads.


            Kai was only able to take a few steps before my forehead collided into a law branch. I didn’t feel any pain, but Kai nearly fell over as he cradled his forehead. He glared at me afterwards. I swear Kai: I am not doing this on purpose. It just happened by coincidence.


            Kai placed his hand behind my head and forced me to lay my head against his back. I know this is to protect my head from getting hit, but…THIS IS EMBARASSING! I am not a little kid that needs to rest her head on an adult’s back. Kai didn’t seem to catch on my discomfort as he continued to walk toward the table of sweets. I can feel the stares of everyone.


            I’m glad we reached the table of sweets, but before my feet could even touch the ground, I was pried away from Kai and pressed against someone’s chest…that someone being Cecil. It’s been a long while, since I last saw him. He has grown quite a bit and muscular. It must have been from his sword training in the Academy.


            “Cecil,” I managed to squeak out. Cecil smiled at me and stated my name in greeting. He looks really happy, but I can’t say the same for Kai…Kai is lying on the ground with Bibi standing on him with a victory pose…when did Bibi arrive, but I am glad to see him.


            “Bibi!” I cheered. Bibi practically flew into my open arms. He jiggled in delight as he pressed his small bear head to my chest. SO CUTE!


            I then looked at Cecil saying, “You can put me down now.” Cecil nodded, but as he placed me down, he asked, “Who is that guy?” Cecil was glaring at Kai.


            “Oh, his name is…Simon Crawford. He is my dorm mate.”


            There! Now Kai has no reason to say that I didn’t keep his secret. I said my lines of his fake name well…so why is he glaring at me? Wait a minute, he is glaring at Bibi and Bibi is glaring back at him. Another glaring battle already? Sheesh.


            I better not observe this glaring battle, but when I looked back at Cecil…WHY IS THERE SUCH A DARK AURA AROUND HIM? You do not have the darkness talent, so stop that!


            “Dorm mate…so that guy…lives in the same dorm…as Laveda…why?”


            Cecil is muttering something and as he mutters the dark aura seems to increase. COME BACK TO YOUR SENSES!


            “Cecil, are you OK?” I asked as I grasped his hand.  The dark aura immediately dispersed and was replaced by a rosy glow…why? Cecil smiled at me as he knelt before me and stated, “I’m fine, Laveda, but are you really living in the same dorm as Simon?” I nodded. Cecil was still smiling, but there was a tinge of a dark aura…is he secretly possessed? I hope not.


Cecil suddenly stood up facing Kai, who was still in a heated glare battle with Bibi, and asked, “Simon, may I ask you a question?” Kai faced Cecil with a forced smile.


“Of course you can, but can I please have your name first seeing that you know mine?”


“Of course, my name is Cecil Memphis, your upperclassman, AND Laveda’s cousin.”


Why was there an emphasis on the “and?”


“Cecil Memphis, I’ll be sure to remember that name, so what is your question?”


“Are Laveda and you really Dorm mates?”


“That’s right.”


“Do you stay in the same room?”


“Obviously no, but we may visit each other if we have joint work.”




“You have been in the Academy longer than me, but even I am aware that Dorm mates would need to do joint work once in a while, so visiting each other’s rooms at the time would be common.”




Cecil is smiling, but why do I feel a chill run down my back. Even Bibi is slightly shaking.


“Can I make a proposal?”


“And what proposal would that be?”


“Can I switch dorms with you?”


“I absolutely refuse.”


Hold on, why did Cecil make a proposal like that? He has a talent, so he shouldn’t be in the no talent dorm…even though I live there when I have ALL talents. Anyway, why does he want to switch dorms…is it because of me? I know Cecil can be a little overprotective, but he shouldn’t switch dorms because of me. Please don’t let him.


As for Kai…he would definitely refuse since his underling is the dorm head there.


Seriously, there are already in a glaring battle. I should stop this…KYAH! I was picked up again, but the squealing voice of my older sister made it clear who picked me up.


I sure haven’t seen Abigail in a long time. Her chest sure has grown…I’m so envious. Her hair is longer and unlike in the game, she looks friendlier. Ugh, please don’t rub against my cheeks like that Abigail and Bibi is starting to complain.


“Laveda, I missed you so much!”


“I missed you too, big sister.”




Ugh, her hug just got stronger. If she doesn’t stop soon, Bibi might send her flying.


“Abigail, you shouldn’t hug Laveda that hard.”


Oh, Big Brother (Theodore) has arrived. Please save me from the death grip.


Abigail finally noticed that I was suffocating and placed me down with an apologetic look. Bibi still looks mad though.


The moment I was down, I hugged Theodore calling him big brother and Theodore hugged me back with a bright smile on his face, but the hug didn’t last long because Bibi kicked Theodore away with a glint in his eyes. Bibi doesn’t like Theodore very much. In case you guys are wondering, Theodore has grown taller than Abigail and his hair has grown quite a bit, but it was tied into a flat ponytail, so he looks elegant. Long hair on boys is not so bad in my opinion.


“I see you brought, Bibi along.”


“Of course,” I stated with a smile, but I gasped the moment I felt the familiar weight of Goldie on my head.


“Your majesty, your majesty, you finally arrived.”


“I missed you too, Goldie,” I stated using my hand to pat Goldie’s small head. He seemed really pleased. I was then suddenly hugged from behind by Hachiko who was saying, “Mama finally met with Papa.”


“Hachiko, what did I tell you before to call me?”


“Sorry, Laveda,” stated Hachiko with his dog ears drooping, but then smiled saying, “But Papa says I can call him Papa still.”


I looked at Theodore asking, “You’re fine being called papa?” Theodore nodded as Goldie jumped back onto his shoulder saying, “It’s cute and it makes me look closer to you.”


…How does Hachiko calling him Papa make us seem closer? Why is Hachiko looking at me with expectant eyes? What does he want me to do?


Kyah! Seriously? Why was I lifted up again? Who is it this time?


“Laveda, long time no see.”


Oh, it’s Harold. He really hasn’t changed much, except for getting taller.


“Nice to see you again, Harold.”


“Did you get a copy of my new book?”


“Of course, and I started a new fanfic for it. Look forward to it.”


Harold nodded. I forgot to mention this, but my fanfics were being published, so I have some extra income. I was suddenly lifted from Harold’s arms and into…when in the world did you get here Roland?


Roland held me to his chest as he glared at Harold saying, “I see that you were getting a head start once again, dear brother.”


Harold smiled, but it wasn’t really a smile.


“I wouldn’t call it a head start considering you got a whole year to be with her without my presence and don’t think I am not aware of the proposals you made to her father.”


Why is Harold bringing those proposals up? Those were not serious, since he is most likely to grow out of that crush when he meets Eleanor. Please stop that scary smile.


“That’s true, but because of you, she was busy writing when I came to visit most of the times.”


He must be talking about the fanfics. I had no control over that, since I had a deadline to meet. Eh, they are getting into a glaring battle too?


Why are there so many glaring battles? Kai is glaring at Cecil, Harold is glaring at Roland, and Abigail is glaring at Theodore…WHEN DID ABIGAIL AND THEODORE START THEIR GLARING BATTLE? Stop the glaring battles! I want peace right now.




“I see that my precious Laveda has finally arrived to greet the great me!”


SHOOT, the narcissist (Zayn) is also here. Just like in the game, he is the student council present of this school and still very much a narcissist. The only difference for him is that he has a side job as a singing idol. He has asked for me to be his partner when he performs, but I always refuse, so I haven’t seen him until today.


“Why are you dangling me in the air?” I practically screamed. I know I am wearing shorts under this dress, but this is still inappropriate. Zayn finally lowered me down…in his embrace.


“I apologize, but I was just so happy to see you after so long and by the way…”


“I am not performing.”


“You sure a quick to refuse.”


“I don’t want to be the focus.”


I say that, but I am the focus thanks to my friends. I know they mean well and I did miss them, but don’t make me stick out so much to the point it is uncomfortable. Bibi suddenly kicked Zayn in the chin allowing me to land on the ground. Oh dear, Bibi and Zayn are now in a glaring battle. Glaring battles seem to happen a lot now a days.


I don’t know when it happened, but everything suddenly became quiet.


I looked around and suddenly heard something explode. I yelped in surprise as did everyone else. The next thing I knew a stage had appeared. At first I thought the stage was Zayn’s doing, but he looked confused just like me.


On the stage appeared the headmaster with lights pointed at him. He looks OK. You would have never guessed that he was attacked just today in his office.


The headmaster took in a deep breath before speaking.


“Welcome students to another year in Ashumeva Academy. You have all come here to increase your talents. We have new arrivals joining us this year as well. I should be giving an inspiring speech for you all…but I don’t feel like it.”




“I give the same speech every year, so first years just ask your upperclassmen what I said last year.”


Isn’t this being too lazy? In the game I seem to remember the headmaster giving a great speech. Did I do something to make him not want to say that speech?


“On another note, I decided to do a little experiment this year with selected students.”


…What is he talking about…this part sounds familiar though.


“All of you are separated in the dorms by your special talents, but I am making one of the spare dorms a place where the selected students of different talents will live.”


Definitely familiar. If I am right then the first name he should say is…


“The students living there will be Harold Ozma…”


That’s right and then the next name is…


“Roland Ozma.”


The following names are…


“Nathaniel Agni, Zayn Rupus, Cecil Memphis, Theodore Lorenzino, Abigail Lorenzino…”


That’s all the names before Eleanor’s name is announced. This is the scene where all the capture targets, villainous, and the main character are assigned into the main dorm. That’s why the heroine was able to meet them in the first place. They lived together in the same dorm in the same academy. Watching this scene happen in front of me makes me glad.


“Simon Crawford….”




“Montgomery Quits, Eleanor Quits, Hachiko Lorenzino….”


Why is he still adding names and he already announced Eleanor’s name, so the list should have ended?


“…and Laveda Lorenzino.”


…EH? Why was my name announced? I shouldn’t have been called.


“Those are all the students and the dorm heads will be…”


It should just be Sensei who will be called here.


“Ryuunosuke Bosatsu, Kori Manta, and Shuya Tomayo.”


HUH? Kori is the dorm head for this new dorm and Shuya is in the school too? Why is this so much different from the game?


“The names announced will live in this dorm, so please enjoy your academy life.”


 Too much has changed. What is going on?


I noticed Zayn rubbing his chin before he faced me with a smile.


“I was quite comfortable in my dorm, but I am delighted to stay in the same dorm as you. Let’s get along.”


I could only sigh as Zayn smiled at me. When I glanced at the others, they seemed pretty happy and were no longer having glaring battles. Hachiko looked the most excited.


“I can stay in the same room as Mama and Papa!”


He needs to remember to call me by name and Theodore and I are not sleeping in the same room. Only in the same dorm. Where ever that dorm is.


I also noticed Kai with a frown on his face. I don’t know why his name was announced. As a secret character he wasn’t assigned into the special dorm.


Now that I think about it, where is Eleanor and Montgomery?




Huh, wasn’t that Montgomery’s voice? What happened?



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  1. The ‘so far’ in your comment is worrying. But they seem happy? I really like the fluff! Poor ‘Simon’ getting beat up by accident. I wonder if he got jealous? Hmmm. Can’t wait for next week! Thanks for the chappy 🙂

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