Chapter 69: A Perverted Follower?

Kai is still sulking on the foot of my bed, but this is quite awkward, especially when I have a leash in my hand. Don’t worry, I never planned on using this leash on Kai, but Kori is looking at us with an amused look.

Kori chuckled and stated, “This is quite the play for you two youngsters, but I recommend getting a whip if you do this type of play.”

…HE’S A PERVERT? Wait a second…

“We’re not into S & M!”

“There is no need to be shy.”

“We’re really not. I just accidentally cursed him.”

I admitted about the curse to clear up the misunderstanding, but I also revealed that I placed a curse, proving I am not talentless.

Kori sighed saying, “Too bad…right your majesty.” Hold on…majesty? Is he like Goldie? I mean Goldie calls me majesty. Wait a minute, he is facing Kai when he said that.

Kai frowned saying, “Shut up.” Huh…HUH? What does that mean?

Kori suddenly faced me saying, “I didn’t plan to keep it a secret from a weakling like you (I planned to kill you after all), but you cursing my king is quite intriguing. You don’t appear weak at all.”

Did he just say he was planning to kill me? Was this in the game? I guess it would explain why the little sister (me) was not mentioned after her one line in the game. I thought she died in the other downfalls, but she might have been dead before that. WAS I DOOMED TO DIE EITHER WAY?

“Don’t kill her, since killing her would mean killing me,” stated Kai and then faced me with a frown.

“As you can tell, Kori is my follower and since I am under your curse, he is now your follower.”

“…I see.”

“I will make sure he doesn’t cause trouble for the school.”

Kori glanced at Kai with a tilted head asking, “So should I not release those beasts I caught?”

“Do not release them.”

“Pity, I even found the right scapegoat.”

So Kori was the one sending out the boss monsters and framing people under Kai’s orders? Why wasn’t his name ever mentioned in the game? I don’t even want to know who he was planning to frame.

Kori faced me and stated, “I am surprised that a curse from you caused our plans to be put on hold.”

“If you break your promise then I will tell,” I threatened. I actually wanted to tell, but Kai is now under my control, so it should be fine. I actually wonder how the game’s storyline will continue with Kai no longer interfering. Oh well, I can now have a good school life and I don’t think Abigail will bully Eleanor, so no disaster end.

Kori suddenly sighed saying, “I have to say that us being here is quite troublesome now. I can’t cause havoc and this little girl has you hostage.”


“I know, I know. You are cursed. Oh just like his majesty. You are a pair.”



…Oh yeah, I didn’t tell Kai about my curse yet because he was trying to kill me.

“That’s what she claims. According to the chart, she is fifteen.”


Oi, is my age that shocking to you?

Kai stared at me for a long while and then stated, “It must be a stunt growth.” I pinched my arm and the pain was transmitted to Kai. Kai whimpered holding his arm and muttering curses under his breath.

“No, no, little girl, you have to slap him to complete the play.”

“I am not a little girl and we are not doing S & M!”

This dorm head is seriously a pervert. Look, even Kai is in agreement. He is glaring daggers at Kori.

Now that I think about it…

“Why are you in here?”

I didn’t think about it before, but why did Kori enter my room?

“Ah yes, I needed you to bring my luggage to my room.”


“I also needed to see if you had greeted his majesty like I told you.”

“I obviously did.”

“I also planned to poison you.”


“I changed my mind on that though considering the circumstances.”

Thank goodness for that. He really did plan on killing me, but I guess I was saved thanks to me cursing Kai.

“I am also here to report to his majesty. As the dorm head, I have to greet the other dorms at the gathering of first years along with the students under me (you two).”

“You mean the school garden?”

I remember that the school garden was labeled as the gathering spot when I played the game in my previous life.

Kori nodded and stated, “We will head there after we clean up.” Kai and I both nodded, but Kai was still slightly glaring at me.

“One more thing…”

Kai suddenly placed a pink collar around my neck…where did he get this collar?

“Now his majesty and you match. The game will be more exciting like this.”


Even Kai looks angry.

I remove the collar and throw it at Kori’s face. He tumbled a bit and I took this chance to use my wind talent to force him out of the room. I might as well not hide my talents around this guy. I shut my door with a scoff, but I suddenly noticed that Kai was still sitting on my bed with an accusing look.

“You really do have more than one talent.”

“…I do. If you tell anyone then I will burn my hand.”

Kai gulped and I could tell that he wouldn’t tell anyone. He is really under my control. Now that I think about it…

I pointed to my closet looking at Kai and ordered him to go in the closet. He was about to object, but when I held my hand parallel to my cheek he scurried into the closet without further complaint. I feel a little sorry for him, but I need him in the closet, so I can change. I don’t want to open the door if Kori is still out there.

I am not going to describe how I was changing, so just know that I changed fast into a clean uniform and let Kai out of the closet…for some reason, he is red…Could he have…no way. He wouldn’t peek on a child body like mine. That would make him into a pedophile.

OK, we are now ready to head out to the gathering. I opened the door and as I suspected, Kori was standing at the doorway with a smile on his face.

“Did you two have fun?”

“GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER!” Kai and I both exclaimed. We were clearly angry, but Kori only shrugged and said, “Let’s go to the gathering you two.”

I was still angry, but I followed Kori. I am looking forward to the gathering, since I will get to see my friends after so long. I can also retrieve Bibi, where ever he is. Please be safe Bibi.

Kori suddenly faced me and stated, “Don’t forget to bring up my luggage when we get back.”


I seriously want to switch dorms now or get Kori fired. He is not fit to be dorm head. I demand a re-election of dorm heads, damn it!

“Also put this on.”


I want to freeze him or better yet burn him. Seriously Kai, control your perverted servant. I hope we reach the gathering soon before I seriously become a murderer…not counting the monster I killed that caused this curse.

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  1. Well, I can just imagine the whole gang together in the school garden and then see Kai and Laveda together. ;)))

    Thanks for the chapter~ Have fun at the cruise.

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