Chapter 27: This guy is nice…WHERE IS BIBI?

All right, I have been riding this carriage for a while and I have to admit that my butt is numb. There is no cushion on this chair. How can Frederick stand to sit on this thing through his whole job? I look at Frederick and I see him frowning and moving in his chair. I guess it is uncomfortable for him too. I would like to remedy this using my Wood talent to make a cushion of grass, but then my secret will be out, so that’s a no go. Hang in there Frederick. I believe in you.

This carriage ride looks like it is going to take forever. I mean the castle is supposed to be far from my place. I guess father expects to reach the castle by nightfall.

I look at Frederick and he seems to be struggling quite a bit…I think I heard his stomach growl. Father, this is worker abuse right here. Could you have at least given him something to eat…my stomach growled too. Now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten either.

“Lady Laveda?”

Oh someone said my name. I look at Frederick and he is looking at me. So he called me. At least he knows my name. That’s a good start in getting to know him.

“Yes, Frederick?”

“If you are hungry, there are some sandwiches in my bag.”

Bag? Oh, there is a bag next to him. I grab the bag and inside were two turkey sandwiches. Just looking at these sandwiches is making my mouth water. Bibi seems to want a taste too.

“Can I really?”

“Of course.”

Frederick seems like a nice guy, unlike Tulio…I better be wary still just to be safe. I take one turkey sandwich and began to munch on it making sure to sneak some of it to Bibi. I then grabbed the other sandwich and held it to Frederick saying, “You should eat too.”

“I’m fine.”

Frederick’s stomach growled. Only his stomach is honest.

“At least have a bite.”

Frederick nodded and instead of taking the sandwich from my hand, he bit out of the sandwich with his mouth. Well his hands are occupied…it’s kind of cute in a way.

Frederick looked so happy as he chewed on his sandwich and after swallowing he said his thanks to me adding, “You’re really kind Lady Laveda.”


Frederick nodded.

“When I was employed, I was told by the other servants to avoid you since you were a strange child, but you are not strange at all. You are such a nice girl and I am happy to be serving under you.”

…Frederick really is a nice guy. I think we can be friends. I’ll make him some food when we return to the mansion as a token of our budding friendship.

Oh, looks like we reached the castle faster than I thought…and there is still sunlight. I guess Frederick knew a shortcut. He’s kind and smart.


Looks like father is calling me from inside the carriage. I peeked into the carriage and father is looking at me with stern eyes.

“When we reach the castle, you are to stay in the carriage with Frederick, understand?”

“Yes father.”

It was just as I suspected. I am being forced to stay in the carriage, while my family gets to see the royal family. Maybe I’ll tell Uncle about this.

When the carriage slid to a stop, my family left the carriage and headed into the castle. I on the other hand remained with the carriage with Frederick. Frederick led the carriage into the stables and, to my surprise; I saw that he was leaving the carriage.

“Where are you going Frederick?”

“I have to report to the stables where the carriage is parked,” stated Frederick. I guess that makes sense. Frederick smiled and added, “I know the master told you to stay in the carriage, but when I return, let’s head to the nearby town to get you some souvenirs.”


Frederick nodded adding, “We wouldn’t want you to return to the mansion empty handed and it will give us time to talk.”

Frederick really is a nice guy. I nodded with a bright smile. He turned red a bit. I hope he is not catching a fever.

Frederick left me and the carriage in the stable. I sat down and looked at the horses.

“Frederick is nice isn’t he?”

The horses nodded with a whinny. Even the horses agree. I hope we can be good friends from this day forward…I should still be wary, since I thought the same of Tulio before…I don’t want to doubt Frederick. I must have faith in him.

Now that I think about it, I can play with Bibi, while Frederick is gone. Let’s play Bi…WHERE DID BIBI GO? Bibi was right next to me when I was talking to Frederick. He couldn’t have fallen off the carriage right? Better safe than sorry. I jump off the carriage and run out of the stable calling for Bibi.

My poor Bibi. If he is found, he could be killed. I don’t want Bibi to die! BIBI!

Hold on, I think I can feel his presence. We have a contract with each other, so I should be connected with him even if he is far away from me. If I keep walking this way, I should reach him soon.

“Bibi?” I squeaked. I must sound pretty pathetic right now, but I am worried for Bibi.

I soon found a hedge in front of me and I have to admit that it is massive. Maybe because I am short, but this is pretty tall. I think I feel Bibi just behind here. Maybe he was walking around trying to find me after he fell off the carriage…I’m so sorry Bibi. I promise to watch over you better.

I push through the hedge. This thing is surprisingly easy to get through. I push through and then found myself in a garden. Cool, I found the secret garden…just kidding. This garden must be part of the courtyard. I roam around calling for Bibi.

“Stop moving so much.”

That was a boy’s voice…doesn’t sound like he has hit puberty yet.

“Don’t hit me.”

Hit…COULD THAT BOY BE TALKING TO BIBI? I rush over toward the sound of the voice and indeed, next to a fountain, I saw a brown haired boy in blue royalty clothes holding Bibi in his teddy bear form, who was struggling to get away.

“BIBI!” I yelled and ran at them. The boy saw me, but the moment we met eyes, I had snatched Bibi and held him tightly to my chest.

“Bibi I was so worried,” I cried as I hugged my friend. Bibi hugged back and I could swear that he was crying too.

I suddenly felt something or someone trying to pull Bibi away from me. Just as I thought, it was that boy. He is trying to take Bibi away. I pull Bibi away from the boy’s hold glaring at him.

“Who do you think you are trying to take away my Bibi?”

The boy glared at me and pointed at me.

“Who do you think you are to step into this garden without MY permission? This is my private garden so get lost!”

WHAT A RUDE BRAT! I scoffed hugging Bibi close to me.

“I’ll leave WITH Bibi.”

I began to march away, but the boy suddenly grabbed me from the back of my dress. OI, don’t yank so hard or it will tear.

“That bear is mine. I found it!”

“But Bibi is mine.”

“Finders Keepers.”

“That’s so childish. I don’t follow such a rule.”

“Just give me the bear!”


The boy managed to grab Bibi’s left arm and the next thing I knew, we were having a tug of war with Bibi.

“Let him go!”

“You let go!”

I swear I can her my poor Bibi crying. Crying…I really feel like I am going to cry.

“STOP HURTING BIBI!” I cried out with tears rolling down my eyes. I swear this is the first time I ever cried in front of another person, but can you blame me, my poor Bibi was in pain.

The boy instantly fell still and I think he looked nervous. Is he weak to girl tears? If he is…

I continue to cry wiping the tears away with my free hand. The boy is looking nervous and he finally let’s go. I’m so glad I got Bibi back.

“Alright, just stop crying,” stated the boy. I nodded wiping my tears and Bibi was kind enough to wipe my tears away too. Bibi is so kind.

I noticed the boy staring at me and then he said, “I have to admit that I am interested in your moving teddy bear. How did you make it?”

I can’t tell him that a slime lives in my teddy bear…I better lie.

“It’s a secret.”

“Tell me.”

He really is an arrogant brat.

“It’s a secret, so no.”

The boy stared at me and I was afraid that he was going to try taking Bibi again, so I held Bibi as tight as I could. Suddenly, the boy was bowing in front of me.

“Please tell me. I really need to know.”

I wasn’t expecting this.

“Why do you need to know?”

“…I need to know so I can make a present for my mother.”

“Your mother?”

The boy nodded.

“My mother’s birthday is coming up and I want to give her a present, a present that will make her look my way.”

A birthday present for his mother? This sounds familiar…wait a second.

“I’m sorry to ask now, but what is your name?”

“You don’t know?”

“Well this is our first meeting.”

“Well I did expect you to at least know me…well, my name is Roland Ozma.”

SERIOUSLY? Roland Ozma is the second prince of the kingdom and another capture target in the game…why do I keep having these coincidences?

“Well, my name is Laveda Lorenzino…can you please explain to me in detail about your mother?”

Roland seemed hesitant, but then nodded and we began to have a discussion about his mother.

I bet you guys are curious too. As I have mentioned Roland is a capture target in the game and the second prince of the kingdom, in other words, the little brother of the first prince, Harold Ozma. Roland hates his older brother because of the fight for the throne, but besides the fight for the throne, he also has issues with his mother accepting him. His mother is the lawful queen and ever since he was young, she had ignored him trying to gain the affections of the current king. She’s a pretty bad mom in my opinion and I should know since my current mom also neglects me. Anyway, Roland is telling me that he wants to make a present for her to make her look at him with a smile that isn’t fake. I don’t want to tell him that it is impossible (since in the game, his mother remained mean), so I think it is better to give him encouragement for now until he is old enough to realize that his life doesn’t have to revolve around his mother. I never liked her character anyway.



“I still won’t tell you how to make a doll move. It’s a secret.”

“AH COME ON! I just told you everything and you still refuse.”

“Well first of all, I think you can give her something else; and second I don’t know you that well to tell you my secrets.”

Roland was silent. I guess he understood I wouldn’t tell him the secret, so Bibi and I will just head back to the carriage to hang out with Fred…

“Then get to know me.”

“…excuse me?”

“If you get to know me then you can tell me your secret on how to make a doll move.”

“I’m sorry, but I really want to head back to…”

“Let’s start now!”

Roland suddenly grabbed me and began to drag me through the garden with me clinging onto Bibi to my chest. I swear this boy does not know how to take “no” for an answer. I’m sorry Frederick, I’ll have to play with you another day…I’m sorry for leaving the carriage.

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