Chapter 46: Wiggle here, wiggle there…

I am in quite the pickle here. I am in a bed in my fox form and I am held captive by my soon to be older brother. I need to escape, but without waking Theodore, since he will just drag me back into the bed.

I can hear him breathing softly, so he must be asleep by now. Time to try to wiggle free. Wiggle here, wiggle there…DON’T HUG TIGHTER! Theodore is hugging me like I am a teddy bear. Can’t this count as animal abuse?

Let’s try again. Wiggle here, wiggle there…oh, I got loose. Success! Now to change back and open the do…WAH! SHOOT! Theodore grabbed me again…and he’s still asleep. I really need to escape before morning comes.

Wiggle here, wiggle there…I am still stuck. I can try to change back, but then it would be awkward if Theodore awoke and saw me in my human form. He shouldn’t meet me officially until tomorrow, so I better find a way to escape.

Let me contact Bibi using my wind talent…never mind. Bibi might just suffocate him out of revenge. Bibi can hold deep grudges, especially when attacked. I can use Chi, but he might just think that we are playing a game. He is still considered a baby, if I think about it. Who else can I contact?

OH YEAH! Cecil should be coming tomorrow, but when I call him with my wind, he always comes right away when summoned.

I begin to activate my wind, but Theodore began to shiver in his sleep and pulled me and himself under the covers. MY WIND IS PUSHING THE BLANKET OFF THE BED! The blanket flew off the bed and Theodore woke up with a startle. Not good.

“What happened?” Theodore muttered as he rubbed his eyes holding me to his chest like a teddy bear. Theodore gave out a yawn and then looked at my small fox form.

“Do you know what happened to the blanket?”

I showed him an innocent look giving out a small bark. I can’t let him know that I used my wind talent. Theodore smiled at me, but his smile faded as his eyes widened in shock as he exclaimed, “IS THAT A DRAGON?”

Dragon…Oh crud, Chi must have come out after that burst of wind.

I followed Theodore’s direction and saw Chi sitting near the door with a bewildered look, but when he saw me, he give out a small chirp (SO CUTE!) and began to walked toward me with his tail swinging behind him.

Theodore scooted back on the bed holding me tighter. Looks like Chi finally took notice of Theodore and the excited expression on Chi turned to bewilderment again. Chi tilted his head to the side giving out a chirp. SO CUTE!

“Are you really a dragon?”

Chi chirped again. I really want to cuddle him.

“Why can’t I understand you?”

Well Chi is just an animal form of my talent, so of course you wouldn’t understand him. Oh dear, looks like Theodore is getting worried. I don’t blame him, since with the animal talent you should understand all animals and yet he met two animals (Chi and me) that he couldn’t understand.

“Is my talent growing weak?” muttered Theodore. I could see the anxiety in his expression. I can’t exactly leave him like this. I managed to slip from Theodore’s grasp again and pressed my small paws on his chest making him look at me. I licked his nose to encourage him.

Theodore smiled and began to pet my head. This feels nice. Pet me some more.

“Thanks for trying to cheer me up.”

Theodore continued to pet me and I have to admit that it feels very nice. I want to be petted more.

Chi suddenly approached and began to rub his body against Theodore’s form like a cat. I guess Chi saw Theodore as a friend since I was treating him so nicely. Theodore began to pet Chi too, but gasped when he saw Chi disappear from his sight.

“Where did the dragon go?”

Back inside me. Chi might damage the room if he gets too excited.

Theodore shook his head and then picked me up, while also petting my head.

“You like that girl?”

I nodded rubbing my head against his hand begging for me.

Theodore continued to pet me and then said, “I really should name you.”

Please don’t.

“How about dragon, since a dragon appeared here?”

I whack his face with my tail. I look nothing like a dragon.

“I guess that was no good, then how about…”

I whack his face again with my tail and then press my small paw to his lips with a glare. Do. Not. Name. Me.

“I guess I’ll name you tomorrow.”

Theodore grabbed the blanket from the floor and then curled up in the bed with me still in his arms. He falls asleep and I am back to square one.

Wiggle here, wiggle there…I’m too tired.

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