Prologue: Fatima Reina

The name is Fatima Reina, age twenty-seven. I know what you’re thinking, why do I have such a strange sounding name, especially with the obvious Japanese last name? Well my father was Japanese and my mother was Spanish, easy enough explanation? Anyway, I am twenty-seven and my looks are about average, but I had my share of boys and no, I have never went beyond a kiss since THAT is meant for after marriage and don’t you dare say it doesn’t matter or that it is old fashion. Being a virgin is a blessing and giving that to your future husband is a privilege and a gift…don’t you dare say that I sound like an old lady. Can you blame me that I was raised this way?

OK, you might be wondering why I am even talking to you, well I wanted to let you know about my life since I am twenty-seven and have yet to find my future husband. I want to get married, have a happy family with kids, and then grow old happy. It is my dream to have this kind of life. I also plan to work with my family as the top priority. This is my dream and yet, I am still single with no man as a potential husband. I mentioned I had my share of guys, but they dumped me when I refused to do THAT with them. I just wanted to stay pure for my wedding someday, but they didn’t understand.

I do have a decent job though as a bank accountant and I am also attending college at the same time. It sounds stressful, but it is worth it and fun, especially when you chant that money is coming in the week after. Money is a blessing, but I only use it for necessities, so no splurging, though I admit that I used some of the money to buy one Otome game that I finished within a day with no sleep. I even had to call in sick with the excuse I had a cold…didn’t mention the game or my boss would have my head.

The job part is good and my pay will increase after I graduate from college, but I still want my future husband to appear! I can’t remain marriage less until my old age! I want kids and a husband!

I guess my inner monologue sounded strange to you guys, but that is my greatest wish as a woman in her twenties.

You might be wondering where I am now after crying out my wish, well that’s the interesting part. I am near my college with a book bag over my shoulder, but instead of being in the college building I am standing before a burning apartment building. I’m not the hero type, but I did dial 911 to get the fire apartment over and everyone in the building seemed to have all gotten out, but then I heard the crying voice of a child. I looked at the highest window and saw a small boy crying for help. Oh come on, who in the world left the kid in a burning building? Where are the police when you need them?

I have to think this through…burning building…child in danger…no one wants to go in until the fire department come…boy too short to jump out the building…oh what the heck. I dumped my bag and dashed into the burning building and I could hear people calling me to get out.

I roamed the building ascending the stairs. Smoke filled the air to the point that I was choking and not from just the smoke, but from the ashes as well. I might be getting asthma after this. I made it to the top floor and saw that flames covered almost the entire hallway. Seriously, how did this fire get started?

I entered the hallway trying to avoid the flames, but I still got burned and it hurt like Hell. If I start to smell pork then I know I am a goner.

I managed to get to the end of the hallway and then I realized something that I should have confirmed before running into a burning building. Which room is the kid in? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! This is so not like the movies when a character automatically knows where the person is in a building even though they never stepped foot in the building. In my frustration I kicked a door open and by dumb luck, I heard the kid crying for help in this very room. Heck yeah!

I entered the room and the fire in there was even greater than in the hallway. How was this kid even alive? I managed to find the room where the kid’s voice was coming from and kicked the door open only to see that the room the kid was in was practically untouched by the fire. Seriously? I have burns and this kid is in a room untouched with fire…this is unfair. I approached the kid and lifted him up. This kid is pretty tolerable toward strangers. I was about to walk out, but then saw that the fire was swarming into the room. I would tell you what curse words I am saying, but I don’t want to traumatize you guys.

I backed up toward the open window and saw that the fire department had arrived. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I saw a fire blanket spread out ready to catch us. I prepared myself to jump out with the kid in hand, but then the fire burst in the room. My back was burned making me give out a scream like bloody Hell and instead of jumping, I fell through the window.

I could hear the people screaming and the passing wind as I fell made the burns on my body hurt even worse. This was torture. I managed to see that I was going to miss the fire blanket and then glanced at the kid in my arms, who was crying like crazy. I don’t want this kid to die. I tossed him toward the fire blanket as my body eventually collided into the pavement. I heard cracks and red flash before my eyes. I should be seriously hurt, but I could barely feel anything. Forget the heat, I am starting to feel cold.

I saw the firemen try to help the boy that survived the fall without a scratch and then a single fireman went up to me. I could only make out the words “are” and “ok,” but seriously, I am in a mangled position with blood leaking from different parts of my body; I am definitely not OK. My vision is getting blurry, but I can tell that the fireman is starting to panic.

I could hear the kid’s voice and noticed that he was reaching out to me like I was his mother. Mother…I wanted to be called that by my own child. If that kid was an orphan I would have adopted him, but since I am obviously dying, I guess I can’t help him. Grow up to be a good man kid. I can barely breathe now.

Ah I see my childhood flashing before my eyes. My parents were so caring. There’s my best friend…wait a minute, she owed me five dollars, dang it. There are my teachers…I SWEAR I DIDN’T PLACE THE NEWT IN YOUR PURSE! Graduation, such a fun time and who put beer in my orange juice? There are my exes, may they burn in Hell. Maybe I shouldn’t mention Hell since I am dying.

Everything has finally gone dark and silent, so this is death. I don’t feel any pain, but I would like to see some type of light…wait a minute there’s one. I approach the light…

“Look Abigail, your little sister is here.”

What the heck? Who in the world is Abigail and who is talking?

I open my eyes and saw two adults with a baby in between them. One was a man and the other a woman, they both seem to be around their twenties and the baby looks to be around one or two judging by the amount of bluish white hair she had…bluish white hair? Did these adults dye their baby’s hair and why are their hair bluish white too? Wait a minute…these adults are huge! How did they get that big?

Believe when I say that I was in a state of panic and tried to voice out my panic, but only grumbles came out and that’s when I realized that my entire body had shrunk…not just shrunk, I was a baby. I began to cry out in panic, just like a baby. The woman picked me up gently and I have to admit that is was comforting. The woman sat in a chair and began to breast feed me…it actually tastes pretty good, but this woman is a mother. I noticed the man knelt near the woman with the other baby in his grasp. Judging what the baby was wearing, I guessed she was a girl since it was a blue dress. The man held the baby girl toward me and stated, “Abigail, this is your new little sister, Laveda, so get along.” The baby girl, Abigail, cooed and reached toward my face.

As I stared blank face at the baby girl, I came to a realization…I was reincarnated and I still had my memories. Seriously, is this a light novel or something? This is just ridiculous.

I was removed from the woman, my new mother’s, breast and held toward the girl Abigail.

“Laveda, this is Abigail and daddy, so get along well.”

I only cooed in response, but I was still trying to get my mind around it. This shouldn’t be so bad considering that I was practically burned alive and fell from a building before being reincarnated, but this is my second chance to have my dreams come true. I want to get a new job, get married, have children, and grow old happy. Those are my goals for my new life.

Now that I see my new family closely, they are wearing really strange clothes like from Victorian times. The man, my new “daddy,” smiled and caressed my head and stated, “I can’t wait to see what your talent in magic will be.”

I think I heard something outrageous. Magic? This is really starting to sound like a light novel. What’s next?

“Laveda Lorenzino will have a bright future,” my father declared and I could have sworn that I was ready to die all over again.

Lorenzino…Abigail Lorenzino…Laveda Lorenzino…Lorenzino…Wasn’t that the family name of the villainous family in the Otome Game I got: Key of Fortune Love! Oh dear Lord, if that’s true then I was reincarnated in an Otome Game and if my older sister is the villainous character than my family and my future are doomed to fall to ruin. What kind of happy life is this?

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