Chapter 82: So…what is the lesson?

Things were a little crazy on the way to my class like with sudden drop down a hole, riddles, and meeting Buffy (still have no idea what he is), but the others explained to me that they were panicked when they were suddenly teleported without warning into the classroom, especially when they saw no sign of my presence. Sensei and Professor Shuya managed to calm everyone down, but failed to calm down Abigail, who was the one responsible for the destruction of the classroom. They only managed to calm her down when I finally appeared. I guess Abigail needs a way to calm down when I am not around. She truly is a siscon.

Sadly they just noticed that Hachiko and Kai were missing when they appeared in their desks too along with me. At least care about them guys.

OK, when we got the room in order class finally begun. Oh yeah, I wasn’t late, so no expulsion for me, YEAH! As for what the lesson will be…

“I forgot my notes,” Sensei whimpered out with his hand pressed against the chalkboard. Poor Sensei. He looks really embarrassed. Not only that, he reminds me of a doctor who just failed at a surgery from one of those dramas from my previous life. Those were really depressing.

Sensei seemed to have recovered after a short moment of depression and then faced us saying, “I don’t have my notes, so how about we just make class an introduction? I know some of you from last year, but go ahead and say your full name, grade, talent, and hobbies. This is just to break the ice.”

“I thought we already said our names in the dorm,” stated Cecil with crossed arms. He looks a little annoyed for some reason.

“Considering the events that occurred yesterday, I wouldn’t call that breaking the ice.”

Shuya chuckled saying, “It was more like a battle royal.” I have to agree with Shuya on that.

“Anyway, just introduce yourselves and then I can decide what the lesson for today will be.”

Looks like we are going to introduce ourselves by seat number…looks like I am last, since I am sitting in the back. Nate seems to be the first one to introduce himself. Oh, he adjusted the goggles onto his eyes. I guess he is still being careful about his scary look, but his look isn’t really scary to me. I still think that, even though we are no longer children.

“My name is Nathaniel Agni, a junior. My talent is in the element of fire. As for my hobbies…”

Nathaniel suddenly glanced at me and the next thing I knew, he had turned as red as a tomato and fell over with some steam coming out of him. What was he thinking about that caused him to fall over like that?

“Nathaniel, are you OK?” Sensei asked he tried to help Nate up. Is Nate really OK?

“I’m fine, but I rather keep my hobbies a secret,” stated Nate with a slight blush. Really, what is his hobby? It makes me very curious.

Nate sat back down covering his face slightly.

Looks like Zayn is next…why does he have petals exploding from his form?

“My name is Zayn Rupus, a junior just like Nathaniel. I am also the student council president, so if you haven’t heard of me then you must have been living under a rock all this time. My talent is in the element of wood and my hobby is singing. If you haven’t already heard, I am an idol in the singing world, so please support the great me in my concerts.”

That was a very long introduction. At least he didn’t ask me to be his partner in his…

“By the way Laveda, please be my partner in my…”

“I refuse.”

“That refusal was so fast.”

Zayn looks like he is ready to cry, but he shouldn’t ask me this when we are in the middle of class.”

Zayn sat back down in his seat after he cleaned up the rose petals. Harold is next.

“My name is Harold Ozma, a sophomore and the crown prince of this Kingdom. My talent is in the element of wind. My hobby is writing fantasy books for children and young adults.”

Harold is definitely a great writer and my fanfics are always bought along with his copies. I look forward to his next work.

Cecil is next.

“My name is Cecil Memphis, a sophomore starting this year. My talent is in the element of time. I know people fear this talent, but as long as you keep an appropriate distance, my talent won’t activate. As for my hobbies, I like to play with animals and participate in tea ceremonies.”

Oh, I didn’t know about the tea ceremonies. I guess he started that when he entered the Academy. I’m glad he is enjoying this new hobby. I hope he can make me a cup of tea when he has the chance.

Abigail is next followed by Big Brother.

“My name is Abigail Lorenzino, a sophomore. My talent is in the element of ice. My hobby includes writing letters to my darling little sister as well as painting pictures of her and hanging them all over my walls to enjoy. I also make dolls of her to cuddle at night.”

That is very creepy! She sounds like a stalker. I have never received those letters she mentioned writing to me. Was someone hiding them or was she stashing them away imagining me reading them? Her sister complex is very strong to the point of being scary. The others look just as shocked as they stare at Abigail.

Big Brother cleared his throat before speaking.

“My name is Theodore Lorenzino, a sophomore. Abigail and Laveda are my sisters and Hachiko is my little brother (adopted). My talent is in the element of animal,” stated Theodore and then caressed the small head of Goldie adding, “This is my familiar Goldie. He has been my partner ever since I joined the Lorenzino family.” Goldie gave a small nod and waved to all of us with a small smile.

“Your majesty, play with master later after class. He misses playing with you.”

            I sighed wondering how I should answer Goldie. I couldn’t really answer him when we are in class.

“My hobby is taking care of the animals on the Academy grounds and hand to hand combat.”

He’s into hand to hand combat? I don’t remember him having that hobby in the game. He must have developed a hobby for it, since he is no longer a depressed boy like he was in the game. I like this change in him.

Time for the freshmen to introduce themselves now starting with Roland.

“My name is Roland Ozma, a freshman and the second prince of this Kingdom. My talent lies in the element of Earth. My hobbies are painting, making cute clothes, and making Golem Dolls. I am also interested in the sword, so I dare any of you to call me less of a man.”

Roland is pretty talented. His hobbies might sound feminine, but he is a man among men with his sword fighting style. I don’t know why, but his mother calls his fighting style Anime Fighting Arts. I have never heard of this style and where did she hear the word anime. I might find out the answer someday.

Eleanor gets to speak this time. I wonder if her charm will finally get the attention of the capture targets.

“My name is Eleanor Quits, a freshman. Considering my age, I should be a sophomore, but I entered late because my big brother and I needed to have etiquette lessons for a year when we were adopted by father.”

Ah, so that’s why she was sixteen as a freshman. I think the game mentioned this, but I considered that information irrelevant when I was playing. I was more focused on her love life at the time.

“My talent is in the Element of light and my hobbies include cooking, cleaning, and gardening…those hobbies aren’t boring, right?”

Looks like the headmaster traumatized her, when he insulted her hobbies before.

“Those hobbies are not boring, so please don’t worry, Eleanor,” stated Sensei with a charming smile. Sensei is so nice…huh, Eleanor is blushing as she looks at Sensei. Could it be? Has she already chosen the capture target she will pursue? This is making me so curious.

Looks like Montgomery is next.

“My name is Montgomery Quits, second son of the Quits family, a freshman. I am Eleanor’s older twin brother. My talent is in Light element and my hobby is cooking…is it unusual for a guy like me to cook?”

Montgomery looks so nervous. The Headmaster really made the twins uncomfortable with their hobbies.

“A guy cooking is very normal, so please be at ease,” stated Sensei. He really is nice.

“My turn, my turn!” Hachiko spoke excitedly, “My name is Hachiko Lorenzino, a freshman. I know I am young, but my parents pulled some strings for me to join the school early. I have a talent in the element of animal and if you can’t tell, I am a Beastkin. I know Beastkin are uncommon, but treat me just like a regular classmate. As for my hobbies, I love playing with Papa and Mama…I mean Papa and Laveda. I also love to climb trees.”

“That’s very interesting, but can you tell me something?”

“What do you want to know, Professor Bosatsu?”

“Why did you refer to Laveda as Mama?”

“Because she named me along with Papa.”

“Papa…you mean Theodore?”

Hachiko nodded with a smile and stated, “Theodore and Laveda are my Papa and Mama, but I will call them by name if they so wish for it.”

Please call me by name Hachiko. Please stop forgetting to call me by name. It is really embarrassing when I have to explain that you are my brother and not my son.

Sensei seems a little annoyed, but instructed Hachiko to sit down. Kai is up next.

“My name is Simon Crawford, a freshman. I am starting as a freshman, since I am from overseas.”

“Overseas? Can you tell us which kingdom you are from?”

“Sorry, Professor Bosatsu, but I am forbidden to reveal that for personal reasons.”

“I see.”

“I do not have any talents, but I have confidence in my intelligence, so don’t underestimate me.”

Montgomery is looking at Kai with a confused look…oh yeah, I think he did witness Kai using his dark talent when the barrier was made during Darkie’s attack. I better speak to Montgomery to keep Kai’s Darkness Talent a secret.

“As for my hobbies, I find pleasure in reading books.”

Sensei nodded at Kai, allowing him to take his seat. It was now my turn.

“My name is Laveda Lorenzino, the second daughter of the Lorenzino family, a freshman…I have no talents, so please treat me well,” I stated. It was best not to mention my talents here, even though almost everyone in this room are aware that I hold all the talents (Nate still believes I only hold the fire talent, Montgomery believes I hold only the wind talent, and Eleanor has no idea of my talents). I am also not sure if the headmaster is watching considering how he popped out of nowhere yesterday and how he teleported everyone, except Kai, Hachiko, and me this morning.

“My hobbies are cooking, camping, writing fanfiction, and playing with animals like my friends here, Bibi and Darkie. Big Brother also lets me play with Goldie sometimes.”

“Very good Laveda. All of you are already aware that I am Ryunosuke Bosatsu, your teacher. Please call me Professor Bosatsu during your time in this Academy,” stated Sensei and then glanced at Shuya, “All of you also know Shuya Tomayo, your second teacher. Please address him as Professor Tomayo.”

Shuya smiled at all of us and added, “I promise not to be too hard on you guys.”

Shuya seems to be a little playful right now. Now that I think about it, I wonder if Ebina and him ever got together. Would it be rude for me to ask him in private?

Sensei suddenly cleared his throat and then said, “That’s everyone. I think today’s lesson will be about the Elements.”

“Are we really going to talk about that?” asked Cecil, in a rather rude tone. I guess Sensei and him still don’t get along.

“Yes, we are, but not only that, I want to see each individual demonstrate their talent.”


“That’s right, when I call you up, demonstrate your control over your talent. I expect to see great things.”

Great things…funny, I remember this line. Sensei did say this line in the game, but kind of freaked out when Eleanor touched his hand (that’s when he had the phobia of women). Sensei doesn’t have that phobia anymore thanks to never marrying Ebina. I really am curious on what happened to Ebina.

“Nathaniel will go first, so please stand before the class.”

“Yes sir!” Nate blurted out and ran to the front of the class. Looks like he recovered from his previous shyness. Nate stood seriously before the class and then waved his hand forming a ball of fire. He began to toss it up and formed more fireballs as he did so. It was like he was juggling. The fireballs suddenly changed forms turning into a flock of sparrows. So cute! The sparrows made of flames flew around the room and one of them landed on my desk next to Darkie. Darkie hissed and tried to smack the bird away, but the bird tweeted, before flying off the desk and hovering before my face. It looks really cute.

Huh, I didn’t notice before the sparrows were flying around my desk in excitement, before Bibi began to chase them away. I giggled, but then I noticed Nate looking at me with a small blush on his cheek. I wonder if the element of fire was getting too hot for him. The flame sparrows suddenly vanished as he returned to his seat.

Sensei and Shuya applauded and then called up Zayn next. Zayn was more than eager to demonstrate his power. The moment he was in front, he summoned petals all around him along with vines that stretched along the walls of the classroom. Some vines crawled on our desks and then bloomed with red roses. These roses smell very nice. Zayn winked at us and then sat back down on his desk…at least clean up after yourself!

Sensei and Shuya ended up cleaning the mess using their water talent. They drained the moisture from the vines to the point that the vines turned to dust and then absorbed the dust with the water to make it disappear. They have wonderful control over their power. Of course Sensei scolded Zayn for not cleaning up.

Harold was called up next. As I expected, he summoned his wind animal form, Silver. Silver gave out a loud cry and then soared through the room creating a gust of wind. This wind is very strong. Wind began to surround Harold lifting him off the ground. He then formed wind disks and tossed them around the room making sure not to make them collide into anyone. It was an amazing display. Silver vanished back into Harold before he sat back down smiling in my direction. I have to admit that I enjoyed his wind demonstration…now that I think about it, he was supposed to fall in love with Eleanor at first sight, but has yet to display any form of affection toward her. Is it because of me? Did he not fall in love at first sight? No, he might still fall in love with her, it just might not have triggered yet.

Cecil is up next. He stood before the class and then stated, “It would be hard to prove that I can see the past or future without touching anyone, but I can demonstrate the weapon of the time talent.” With those words, he summoned needles into his hands. I always wondered how he did that, so I guess that really was the doing of his time talent. It’s pretty cool. I can’t do that yet though. I guess I need to train harder to reach that level.

Cecil made the needles vanish and then sat down making way for Abigail. Abigail summoned snowflakes around her and then a clump of ice that she began to mold into…ME? That ice sculpture is definitely me. Hold on, big sister, please stop making so many sculptures of me in front of the class. This is way too embarrassing. Your sister complex needs to be put under control.

Sensei finally asked Abigail to sit down. Abigail seemed reluctant to melt the sculptures, but she did to my relief…did she just pocket one? I’ll just ignore that for my own sanity.

Theodore was up next. I know he can’t animal transform like me, but he had Goldie run around the room. Sparkles were falling from Goldie as he ran and then did a bac flip back onto Theodore’s shoulder. I know it wasn’t very flashy, since we are indoors, but it was still nice to see Theodore’s control on Goldie. They were meant for each other.

Roland was next. He grabbed some cloth from his pocket and immediately sewed up a new doll (that was really fast). He placed soil into the brand-new doll and said, “Earth Spirit hear my voice, bring life to the form I yearn to meet.” It still sounds embarrassing to hear someone say this incantation out loud. I know it works, but still. The golem doll came to life and began to dance on the palm of Roland’s hand. Roland placed the golem doll on the ground to dance before us, before summoning more soil to form a stage for the golem doll. The golem doll danced on the new stage. It was such a cute show.

Roland picked up the golem doll with one hand before clearing up the soil on the ground and then sat back down.

Eleanor was called up next, but she looked really nervous. You can do it Eleanor. Eleanor suddenly ran to Montgomery’s desk and urged him to stand next to her.

“Can my big brother demonstrate with me? We do have the same talent after all,” stated Eleanor, but it really sounded like she was begging. Sensei nodded, so Montgomery and Eleanor will demonstrate together.

Eleanor formed a ball of light in the palm of her hand and Montgomery did the same. They pressed the balls of light together making the light intensify. It was really getting bright to the point, I nearly shut my eyes. Oh, they are changing the form of the light. It now looks like a staff. They gripped the staff made of light and spun it creating a light show. Reminds me of fireworks. This was definitely not in the game.

When Eleanor demonstrated in the game, she formed a ball of light and that was it. With Montgomery assisting her now, she was able to make a great display of the light element. I wonder if I should practice doing that. I did mostly focus on the healing part of the light element after all.

Eleanor and Montgomery are done with their demonstration and now it is Hachiko’s turn…


“Yes, Professor Bosatsu?”

“How are you going to demonstrate your animal talent without a familiar?”

“I can just use Bibi,” stated Hachiko, but Bibi immediately went limp on my desk. I nudged Bibi whispering, “Don’t be like that, Bibi. Help Hachiko out for a while.” Bibi got up, but walked up to the front of the class slowly. He must have been very reluctant to help Hachiko.

“OK, Bibi, I am going to need you to leave the teddy bear for a while.”

Bibi slipped out of my teddy bear revealing his slime form. He jiggled before the class…SO CUTE! I haven’t seen Bibi in his slime form for a long time. I want to cuddle him.

“Bibi is not my familiar, but he is still an animal, so I can control him like any other animal. For example: Bibi please transform into a tree.”

Bibi jiggled rapidly and then took the shape of a jelly like tree.

“I guess that’s not very impressive. How about making him do something he has never done before like…FLY!”

Fly? Bibi can’t fly.

Bibi jiggled and then went back to his slime form…hovering off the ground. HE COULD DO THAT? Even Bibi looks shocked.

“With my talent, I know what animals are capable of doing, even if it seems impossible.”

That was very impressive. Bibi managed to get back onto the ground and then slipped back into the bear. He then ran back to my desk and practically buried himself into my chest. There, there Bibi, flying couldn’t have been that scary.

Hachiko sat back down proudly.

Sensei stood up looking toward Kai and me.

“You two are no talents, so if you like, you can demonstrate something else.”

“I’m good,” stated Kai and then looked at me saying, “Do you want to demonstrate something?” I shook my head. I don’t know what to show, if I can’t show my talents.

Shuya suddenly stood up and asked, “Do we need to keep it a secret even now?” I nodded and gave him a small glare. Who knows who is watching? I can’t risk it. Shuya shrugged and then looked at Sensei.

“Ryu, how about we start with the simple subjects next? You can talk some more about the elements next class.”

“You just want to teach.”

“Of course, I do. It gets boring just watching.”

Sensei rolled his eyes and announced that the discussion about elements will continue tomorrow. Shuya wants to teach simple subjects already. I guess Sensei will teach some simple subjects too for this class.

Shuya stood before the class and began teaching us math. This math seems really easy. Anyway, I wonder how this class will play out. I am also curious what game elements of the story still remain in this life. I really do wonder.

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