Chapter 41: I was not seduced

All right, I have everything planned out. I will eat my breakfast alone. That’s right I said alone since meeting the royalty again and eating with my sister will make me too stressed out right now. Then I will look for an honest looking servant to lead me to Harold’s room (in secret) and then I will see if there are any signs of a break in and then figure out which servant Harold was closes to before I entered the palace. Lastly I will reveal the plan of assassination in a way that won’t put Roland at fault and that should change Harold and Roland’s relationship for the better…Harold might still have a brother complex even after this plan. I am a little worried. I must also have that playdate with Roland. It would be rude not to have it after our promise.

Anyway, I should first head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast in secret. If I am caught then I will be forced to eat at the table. Glad I know where the kitchen is located at least. I head to the kitchen with Bibi in my arms, but I stop in my tracks when I see something running toward me down the hall. Was I already discovered? Is it Harold? Is it Roland? Hold on, the figure is getting smaller as it gets closer to me.

Ah, it is a golem doll. I guess Roland made another one last night. This doll is wearing a pink dress and has long curly blonde hair. The doll is really cute. Looks like she wants me to carry her with her waving her arms up like that, but Bibi seems against it. Don’t be jealous Bibi.

I pick up the doll, still holding Bibi and then asked, “Did you want something from me?” The doll nodded and pointed down the hall. This doll must have been sent on an errand, so I should follow her directions not to hurt her feelings. I followed the directions of the doll (Bibi stop hitting her) until I reached the front of Roland’s room. I see; Roland sent her to fetch me. It would be rude to reject. I guess I do have to eat with the royalty and Abigail (ugh).

I place the golem doll down and then knock on Roland’s door. The door practically flew open revealing Roland. He must have been waiting patiently for me.

“Laveda!” cheered Roland and was about to hug me, but I avoided his hug saying, “Your hugs are too strong.” Best to be honest here to prevent stress from pain. Roland nodded with a somewhat pitiful look. Please stop that. You are making me feel guilty.

Roland seemed to recover from the rejection as he asked, “Let’s eat together.”

“All right, so towards the dining room?”

“No way.”


Roland opened his door wide revealing…an army of golem dolls! How many did you make last night?

“I wanted to have breakfast near the lake with my dolls and you. Bibi can come too.”

I guess this is good, since I would have hated to eat with the royal family and Abigail. All right, let’s have a picnic with doll golems, Bibi, and Roland.

“Lead the way,” I chirped. Roland nodded and then we went down the hall side by side with the army of doll golems trailing behind us. I can see that the golem dolls are holding a big basket. Most likely this basket has our breakfast in it. Now that I look at this, it seems like Roland and I are leading a parade.

“Oh my, so many dolls.”

Isn’t that a girl’s voice. I look to the side and saw a maid looking at us in interest. Roland also noticed the maid and picked up his pace with a frown.

“Is something wrong, Roland?”

“…That maid is annoying.”


“She acts nice around Harold, but then tries to kiss up to me. I hate women like her.”

“I see.”

Hold on, could that maid be the assassin? No way. Finding her this fast is WAY too convenient. This isn’t a game…Oh yeah, this is a game, but coincidences like that don’t happen, but just to be sure…

“What’s that maid’s name?”

“I think it was Gloria. I really didn’t care.”

Gloria….Gloria…doesn’t ring a bell. Oh wait, the assassin’s name was never mentioned in the game. THIS IS WHEN GAME KNOWLEDGE IS USELESS! I’m still not sure, so I might need to speak with that maid later.

Roland and I soon reached the lake. Oh, my garden is still intact. I should make some vegetable soup later with those vegetables.

Roland suddenly stomped his foot on the ground. I heard a rumble and then the ground rose creating a Japanese sized table. I guess this beats eating on a blanket.

We sat at the table as the golem dolls opened the basket and began to place the food on the table. Let’s see: eggs, bread, bacon, and some orange juice. An American breakfast. I would have liked a Japanese Breakfast, but this is good too. Time to eat!

I savored the taste of the eggs and then I noticed Roland watching me eat with reddened cheeks.

“Are you not hungry?” I asked. Roland gulped and stated, “It’s not that. I just…just thought you looked cute eating.” Whoa, that made me blush. That was very sly of you to make me embarrassed.

“Well you should eat, so we have time to play.”

“Right,” stated Roland and then began to shovel down his food. No one is going to take it from you.

WHOA! The golem dolls are dancing. I guess it’s breakfast and a show. This is nice. I guess Roland had this planned. OH SHOOT!

“Bibi, don’t send those dolls flying!”

Bibi was punching Golem Dolls into orbit. Those poor dolls. Oh dear, the golem dolls are now ganging up on Bibi. This is starting to look like a gang battle. I don’t want this kind of show. Ah looks like they are calming down…the golem dolls are kneeling in front of Bibi. Did the golem dolls mark him as their leader? Congratulations Bibi, you have followers…followers made through beatings. I really have mixed feelings about this.



Looks like Roland is done eating as am I.

“If you like can we play in the garden together? We have enough players to play hide and seek.”

“Players…oh you mean the dolls. That sounds like a great idea, but…”

“But what?”

This is kind of difficult to say. I planned to go to Harold’s room with the help of a servant, but Roland is here now and just leaving him would be rude. Better to say the truth.

“Roland this might be difficult to understand, but I need to go to Harold’s room.”

“Harold’s room? Why do you need to go there?”

Wah, I can hear the hate in his voice when Harold was mentioned.

“The truth is that…”

“Did Harold seduce you?”


“He seduced you didn’t he?”

How did the conversation change to whether I was seduced or not?

“That jerk! He is always trying to make my life miserable!”


“Don’t believe anything he says. He is trying to take advantage of you.”

“I’m trying to say…”

“I won’t let him hurt you, so don’t go to his room. Don’t let him deceive you.”


I seriously lost my temper there, but Roland was being so difficult.

“He didn’t. Then why do you need to go to his room?”

“I need to go to his room to see if an assassin really did come to his room last night.”


“The truth is that I have the time talent.”

“But you…now that I think about it, you seem to have more than one talent.”

Now you notice?

“I actually have all talents.”


I nodded and then stated, “I have the time talent and saw that an assassin was going to try to kill Harold last night.”

Roland seemed to be in deep thought before he stated, “If that’s true, then shouldn’t that incident already be reported when morning hit.”

“That would have been the case, but Harold was not in his room last night. He was in mine, so the assassin would not have seen him last night in his room.”

“…He was in your room last night?”

I nodded and stated, “He even let him have the bed, since he refused to leave.”

“So he did…”


I sighed and then stated, “Anyway, the assassin would have entered Harold’s room last night, so I need to check for any clues of who the assassin is.”

Roland seems to be thinking about the situation again.

“Roland, I know you don’t like Harold, but you don’t hate him enough to let him die, right?” I asked. Roland looked at me and said something that made me quite relieved.

“I believe in you, so let’s help Harold.”

I nodded with a smile. I’m glad Roland is willing to help. Right now I have that maid Gloria as a suspect since Roland mentioned she cared for Harold. After I go to Harold’s room with Roland, I should find definite evidence of who the true assassin is.

Hold on, I feel a chill down my spine. I glance back and saw Harold looking at me and Roland with wide eyes from on top of a tree.


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