Chapter 6: Mabelle and Curtis

Mabelle exited the mansion and began to walk, but stopped in her tracks when she heard the familiar voice of Rylan calling her name. She turned to the direction of his voice and saw him approaching her with a toothy grin.

“Where are you going, Mabelle?”

“To the market to get ingredients before the sun dies down.”

“Want me to give you a lift?”

“I would appreciate it, but would the master allow you to take the carriage from the mansion. He may want to leave later on today and you would be scolded if you left unannounced.”

Rylan chuckled realizing that Mabelle made good points and then snapped his fingers saying, “Then how about riding one of the horses.”

“The problem still remains that you should not leave.”

“True, so how about Curtis accompanies you.”

“Curtis, isn’t he busy?”

“Not today. He takes a day off on Sundays, so he is in his shed reading a book.”

“I wouldn’t want to disturb him.”

Rylan chuckled and winked at Mabelle saying, “He wouldn’t mind, so wait here, while I fetch him.” Mabelle nodded and watched Rylan run off in the direction of the garden. Mabelle sighed with a smile on her face. She planned to go alone to the market, but in this area she lived in, it was only appropriate to be accompanied by a strong man.

Mabelle suddenly envisioned Curtis swinging a shovel in defense and giggled to herself. She was sure he wouldn’t defend her with a shovel, but she believed that Curtis would do his best at least.

Meanwhile, Rylan knocked on the shed door calling for Curtis repeatedly. The door to the shed finally opened revealing Curtis with a displeased look.

“What do you want Rylan?”

“My, my, you look so displeased.”

“Wouldn’t you be displeased too if you were interrupted on your day off?”

“True enough,” stated Rylan with a shrug of his shoulders and then added, “But I thought this time would be a good exception for you.”


Rylan didn’t hide the smirk on his face as he stated, “I volunteered you to escort Mabelle during her market trip.”

Curtis fell silent as the information registered in his mind. Heat rose to his cheeks asking, “Is this true?” Rylan nodded and then chuckled elbowing Curtis’s side saying, “You can’t hide the truth from me. I know that you are on heaven on earth when thinking about Mabelle.”

Curtis shoved Rylan away with a blush on his cheek saying, “Don’t tease.”

“Well do you plan to go?”

Curtis went back into his shed, but immediately exited with a brown bag over his shoulder. He adjusted the bag and stated, “I plan to escort Mabelle.” Rylan nodded and then instructed Curtis to take a horse before going to Mabelle at the front of the mansion. Curtis gave a nod and headed to the stables before he headed to the front of the mansion.

On the other hand, Mabelle made note in her mind of what stores to visit for the Kedgeree ingredients like the fish stands and produce store. She suddenly heard approaching footsteps and glanced up only to see Curtis approaching with a brown horse.

“Curtis, I see that Rylan convinced you to come. I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you,” stated Mabelle. Curtis shook his head assuring her that this trip to the market was not a bother. Curtis held a hand to Mabelle saying, “Allow me to help you onto the horse.” Mabelle nodded and took Curtis’s hand. Mabelle climbed onto the horse with Curtis supporting her hand and then Curtis climbed on sitting in front of Mabelle.

“Hold on tight, Mabelle,” stated Curtis as he gripped the handle of the harness for the horse. Mabelle nodded and then placed her hands around his waist gently making Curtis turned slightly red in the cheeks.

Curtis gave out a yell kicking the side of the horse and the horse in turn rushed down the path until they reached the closed gates. Curtis sighed and was about to get off the horse to open the gate, but Mabelle got off faster and headed to the gate saying, “I’ll do it.”

“But I should…”

“Come on now, Curtis. You are already driving the horse to the market for my sake, so let me open the gate at least.”

Curtis sighed in defeat and saw Mabelle push open the gate allowing Curtis to lead the horse through the gate. Mabelle closed the gate behind them and then climbed back onto the horse with Curtis’s assistance once again.

Mabelle adjusted her bonnet, before holding Curtis’s waist. Curtis then continued on their way to the market.

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