Chapter 14: My Saving Grace!

Are you serious? Is this really happening? I am in Shuya and Sensei’s room with Cecil by my side and Bibi in my lap. I hired Shuya to tutor me to give Sensei more time with Ebina, so Shuya should be the one sitting in front of me this afternoon…so why is Sensei in front of me with a language book in his hands? The answer to this: Shuya is lying in the bed clenching his stomach.

“What happened to Shuya?” I asked looking at Shuya’s shaking form. Sensei smiled and stated, “He just has a slight stomachache after eating an experiment at the academy.” Experiment? Seriously? I don’t want to think too badly of you Sensei, but was that experiment produced by you? It wasn’t right? That smile isn’t helping your case Sensei.

“You jerk…ugh.”

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that from Shuya.

Cecil suddenly glared at Sensei asking, “So you’re still going to tutor us today?”

“That’s right.”

“Even though Laveda fired you?”

Cecil you really need to choose your words wisely and Sensei is starting to look scary again. Please don’t go to the dark side Sensei!

(“I don’t want to hear that from a spoiled brat.”)

(“Who’s a spoiled brat?”)

Shoot, they are talking in a foreign language again! This usually means that they are fighting right? Hey Bibi, don’t kick Shuya while he is in bed sick!

I don’t know what Sensei and Cecil are saying, but they are getting angrier as they speak and Bibi hitting Shuya while he is down isn’t helping.

I suddenly heard a knock on the door and since everyone else was occupied, I went to the door to open it. I opened it a crack and saw Ebina standing before the door. She glared at me the moment she met eyes with me. She is scary, but now that I think about it…Ebina you are a saving grace. I grabbed her soft hand making Ebina’s angry look disappear and dragged her into the room.

“Sensei, Sensei?”

“Yes, Laveda?”

I hugged Ebina’s arm and stated, “I want Ebina to be with us during the tutoring. Is that OK?” Sensei was silent and met gazes with Ebina and soon smiled with a nod. Hooray, Sensei agreed and that means he has more time with Ebina.

I glanced up at Ebina with a smile, but she had a look of shock as she met gazes with me. I don’t feel any killing intent from her and that’s good. Maybe she’s happy that Sensei agreed to let her stay.

Ebina cleared her throat and looked at Sensei saying, “I was going to ask your assistance in our assignment, but I guess this will do for now.” Sensei nodded gesturing for Ebina to sit down.

Ebina sat next to me and grabbed a blank parchment to write on. Sensei smiled as he looked back at me saying, “All right, so how about we learn Sarin Language for today.”

I nodded enthusiastically, but Cecil just shrugged while Ebina was frozen. Could it be that she’s not familiar with the language? Don’t worry Ebina, learning a new language will help you and maybe get rid of your wicked character.

Sensei began the lesson and it was so clear just like his previous lesson. His future is getting brighter as a teacher…Ebina looks really lost. Come on Ebina, Sensei’s lesson is clear, so it shouldn’t be too hard…Ebina don’t take your frustration out on your pencil. I’m starting to feel sorry for Ebina, she looks ready to cry.

I tugged Ebina’s sleeve making her look at me. I showed her my notes and whispered, “You can look at my notes if you don’t understand.” Ebina seemed ready to reject my offer, but when her eyes met my notes, her eyes gave a glimmer of understanding. I never mentioned this, but I make clear notes, so even the most difficult lessons can be understood by a toddler (that might be an exaggeration).

As the lesson continued, I learned a new language and by the look of triumph on Ebina’s face, I think she understood as well. Good for you Ebina and thank you for not leaking out a murderous aura this time.

Sensei soon closed his book and stated, “We’ll continue tomorrow, so let’s get something to eat.”

“OK,” we chorused, while Shuya groaned in pain. Bibi, you need to stop kicking Shuya already. Sensei stood up and grabbed my hand saying, “Let’s go.” I’m happy to hold your hand Sensei, but Ebina is starting to get scary again. I yanked my hand away from his grasp and I saw his eyes widened. That must have shocked him.

“Sensei, I need to calm down Bibi, so can Ebina, Cecil, and you go ahead of me.”

I could have sworn that I saw a glimpse of sadness in Sensei’s face, but he was smiling, so it must be my imagination.

“Then we’ll go ahead,” stated Sensei. He began to walk out with Ebina, but when Cecil objected leaving me behind, Sensei was then dragging Cecil out by the back of his shirt with Cecil yelling out complaints.

When they were out of the room, I glanced at Bibi, who was still kicking Shuya.

“Stop it now Bibi,” I ordered. Bibi stopped immediately and jumped into my embrace. I cuddled Bibi and then glanced at Shuya who was still groaning in pain.

“Shuya, are you OK?”

“No,” whimpered Shuya. He looks really pitiful. Bibi kicking him must have made his pain worse. The only time Bibi stopped kicking him was when Ebina looked his way. I didn’t mention this, but Ebina doesn’t know about my animal talent, so Bibi makes sure to stay still when she is around or when she is looking.

Shuya whimpered again. I can’t really leave him like this. I approached Shuya and placed my small hand to his stomach.

“Don’t tell anyone,” I whispered and then activated my light talent. The light engulfed his stomach area and then vanished. Shuya immediately sat up with a confused look on his face.

Shuya looked at me and all I did was smile and held a small finger to my lips. Hopefully Shuya won’t tell anyone. Shuya is healed and we are headed to the dining area of the Inn. I wonder how Sensei will react to Shuya’s recovery.

…Shuya became sick the very next day once again from an “experiment” produced at the academy. I wonder if my healing ability will be enough to keep him in good health.

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