Chapter 23: Let’s get this plan rolling!

All right, we need to get that glacier to crush this snake lady, but we need to figure out how to get it to fall and without the snake lady noticing. Obviously we need a distraction. She doesn’t know about Nate yet by the way she is talking, but I don’t want to be a distraction since I might make a mistake and look into her eyes and become a new addition to her chamber, but we still need a distraction and a way to reach that glacier.



“I’m not sure if this will work, but if you don’t look directly into the monster’s eyes then you won’t turn to ice, so maybe those goggles you are wearing will protect you.”

I completely forgot about my goggles. In the myth, one must look directly into Medusa’s eyes to become stone, so wearing goggles will prevent me from looking directly in the eyes. Nate is really smart.

I slip on the goggles. I bet I look cool with these on. With these I can be the distraction and so that leaves Nate to climb up the ledge and push down that glacier…wait a minute, Nate sucks at climbing. If he falls then the mission will be a failure. I am definitely worried right now. Maybe I can climb the ledge and push the glacier. Will Nate be able to be a good distraction?



“I’ll climb that ledge and push the glacier.”

All right this is a quite a surprise. Nate is volunteering to climb the ledge to push the glacier. Did his climbing improve while we were separated? Well, he did mention that he climbed the glacier the number of times I told him to, but I am still worried.

I stare at Nate looking for some kind of comfort that he can do this. I see it, the determination in his eyes. He might be able to do this.

“All right, I’ll be the distraction, while you climb that ledge. When you are up there,” I then handed him back his mirror adding, “reflect your mirror toward me and I will lead her under the glacier and then you push it down.” Nate nodded and we prepared to face the snake lady.

I immediately dashed out and the snake lady met my eyes. I am not growing cold and I am still able to run. Success! The goggles are working. The snake lady seemed shocked at first, but then immediately rushed toward more giving out a shriek. OH MY GOSH! She is definitely scary! How can she even move that fast with that snake body of hers? Must run faster!

I guess I am having an adrenaline rush since I am somehow moving faster than the snake lady. God bless adrenaline!

“You can’t run forever child!”

I can still try! I pick up my speed. It’s amazing how much energy kids have.

Gotta go faster! Gotta go faster! Is Nate up there yet? I don’t see any reflection. This is the one of the times it will be very bad if he falls. Maybe I should have been the one to climb the ledge after all.

Hold on…I see the reflection from the mirror. Nate is ready and he managed to climb that ledge all on his own. I am so proud of him.

All right, time to make a sharp turn…OH MY GOSH SHE GOT CLOSER! Run, Run, Run! My heart is definitely pounding. Eek! She’s shrieking again. Doesn’t her throat hurt after all those shrieks? There should be a limit.

I am almost there. I run forward pass all those scary statues…I feel sorry for the cute animal ice statues. Focus Laveda! It should be around here.

The snake lady is right in front of me and she’s grabbing my shoulders. THIS IS SCARY!

“You will never gain the power child!”

I hear rumbling above and that means it is time. I kick the snake lady away with all my might and sprinted from the part. I guess my kick was pretty strong since she is sprawled on the ground. The snake lady reached toward me giving out a shriek, but her cries was cut short when the giant glacier fell on top of her. OH YEAH!

I am panting, my heart is racing, but I still feel great. Shaken, but great.


I look up and saw Nate sliding down to me.

“Nate!” I cheered. I was all smiles, until I noticed that he was sliding too fast…toward me! I attempted to run back, but Nate was faster and he collided into me. I fell back with Nate on top of me, but then I felt something warm on my cheek near the corner of my lips…all right, this is too cliché. Nate almost gave me my first kiss by colliding into me.

Nate gave out a yelp and sprung away from me with red cheeks. He was apologizing repeatedly with half teary eyes and red cheeks. I am a little peeved with the accident, but his reaction is so cute that I can’t stay mad at him.

I assured Nate that I was all right and he seemed to have calm down placing a hand to his chest. He must be tired and I don’t blame him after he climbed that ledge and pushed a glacier. I really am proud of him. With this strength he should survive the rest of his trial with no falling off this mountain.

Wait a minute…I think I saw the debris of the glacier move. Oh no.

“Nate run!”

Nate only managed to look at me before the snake lady emerged from the debris of the glacier and reached toward Nate giving out a horrible screech. I don’t know exactly what came over me, but I grabbed a sharp glacier piece and ran at the snake lady. I won’t let Nate die here!

I leaped up and drove the glacier piece into the forehead of the snake lady. The snake lady gave out a screech and then fell backward against the broken pieces of glacier. Blood flowed from the wound, well I think it was blood, but it was blue instead of red. All right, I am feeling sick, time to turn away. At least she is no longer breathing, so that must mean she is definitely dead. This isn’t a horror movie, so no revival of the monster or bad guy.

“Reino, are you OK?”

I glanced at Nate and saw the concern in his eyes I must have scared him rushing at that snake lady. I assured him that I was OK, but he suddenly sprung to me and then embraced me with his form shaking. I guess he really was scared. I hugged him back assuring him that everything was all right.

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