Story update for Little Sister Villainess

I finally got this chapter done after…I lost count already. Anyway, please enjoy and review when you can.

Chapter 98: Tunnels are long and Dangerous


Story update after a long absence

This is not an illusion. I finally got to updating the next chapter of Villainess’ Little Sister. I hope you guys enjoy it and hopefully I can finish the next chapter, while also working on the last of the short stories. I also may have found a new illustrator. Anyway, please enjoy and review when you can to keep my spirits up.

Chapter 97: Can I skip…I really want to skip for my health

Happy New Year + goals & recommendations

Happy New Year everyone…well it is technically the second day of the new year so I am a little late in greetings. With this new year, I have the goal of finally finishing the light novel I am working on. The short stories are about done and I will have someone on Amazon do the editing, so everything should be good…I say this, but I have one little (major) problem: I lack an illustrator. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but my original illustrator for the black and white images quit on me (real life demands), so I have to post a new job to get a new illustrator. Someone told me that Deviant is basically dead, so if you guys have any idea where I can post the job please let me know in the comments.

I am also making a few Manga recommendations for the new year:

Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono by: MIYUKI Mitsubachi

Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono

(image from Baka-Updates)

The royal palace of the kingdom of Alba Forest received one letter of advance notice. That is, “We shall take the last treasure left behind by the late king to his beloved daughter, Violet.” The sender of that letter was a group of robbers called the “Three Beasts.” When Violet meets one of them by chance, the crow, her life changes greatly…!

(summary from Baka-Updates)

Because I’m an Uncle Who Runs a Weapon Shop by: SF Light Novels, Man Tian Xing Hua & Xue Po

weapon shop uncle

(from Baka-Updates)

In a different world, endlessly thinking about how to define my own role. Today, the weapons shop uncle and the demon loli will work hard.

(Summary from Baka-Updates)

I actually thought I recommended these already, but I was wrong. As always, please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can. Once again, Happy New Year!


Mirai Movie Review

Mirai 2018 

(Image from MyAnimeList)

I finally got to watch Mirai on Saturday, December 8, 2018. I was excited to watch it, but I have to admit that I felt annoyed at some parts. I have a little brother, so I can understand how the main character felt when his little sister arrived and he even made the same promise of not getting angry at her like I did when my brother came around, but as real life would have it, there a bound to be arguments and this movie was no different to the situation. The main character was crying most of the movie to the point you want to reach into the screen and slap him for being such a brat. I understand how he feels, but that doesn’t stop the urge of wanting to scold him. His tantrums were mostly from jealousy toward his sister and his selfishness. It looks like the point of the movie was to improve his attitude toward his sister and how to respect others by showing supernatural events like time travel to meet people that would help with his situation.  

I complain about his tantrums during the movie, but his tantrums do follow up with the good parts like how he traveled in a time before he was born to meet one of his relatives (won’t tell which one) that helped him realize that he should not give up in a difficult situation, especially when it is his first attempt at something new like riding a bicycle. I have to say that my favorite parts are when the supernatural events happen.

As for other characters, I really liked his father. The father is someone I wish I knew in my life, since he showed that he cares for his family, but real life situations like a job could make it difficult. Even with the difficulties, he proved that he can take care of his family and in the process encourage his wife and children.

As for the graphics, it was almost like watching a Miyazaki production with the vibrant colors and attention to detail. Computer animation definitely became noticeable when the main character was beginning to face his fears and understand what his role in the family was. Actually, the part with the most computer graphics reminded me a bit of a court room with a mix of the Twilight Zone.

The story itself was OK, but I might not have been in the right mind set to respect the storyline, since I was expecting more action for a movie related to time traveling, but this was most likely made to be a good slice of life and to respect what you have in life.

I would recommend this to people who want a good drama about changes in family life like the arrival of a new family member. Not one of my favorites, but worth a watch. As always please support the creators and the licensors of this work by giving it a watch when you can.

More Game Recommendations

Hey guys, just wanted to let you guys know that I added four other games to the game recommendations. I haven’t played them, but watched the gameplay online. Actually I played the original Spyro that the Reignited Trilogy is the remake of, so not sure if I should count that as I had played it. I actually want to play House Flipper, but I am waiting for payday (Christmas presents took priority last payday). We happy Few, I liked the storyline more than the gameplay, even though I feel that there are still secrets in the game. Overwatch…it might destroy my computer and I don’t have any other game systems to support it, but it was interesting to watch and I enjoy the short films of it, so maybe I can just wish to play it someday or hope that an anime will be made of it >_<.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Playstation 4)

House Flipper (PC)

We happy Few (Playstation 4)

Overwatch (Playstation 4)

Anyway, please check out these games and support the creators of the game when you have the chance.

Also, if you guys want more game suggestions then please comment and I will see if I can still find some and hopefully play them instead of just watching them.

Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us Review

The power of us Pokemon

(image from MyAnimeList)

Hey guys! Remember when I said that I was going to see two anime movies? Well, I saw one of them Wednesday, the new Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us. I was a bit skeptical seeing it, since the animation of Ash was different from what I am used to, but it was surprisingly good. I really liked the new characters with my favorite being Risa. Risa is one of the new characters, but I don’t want to spoil the movie, so let’s just say that she has a connection with Eevee in this movie, which made me like her even more. It’s hard not to spoil, so let’s focus on Ash’s new personality for now, since that was one of the things that impacted me the most.

Ash still loves Pokémon with a passion (Pikachu being the favorite), but the thing that changed about him is that he is more fearless. When I say fearless, I mean that he jumps into danger pretty fast and is very positive, even when the situation looks hopeless. I am used to seeing Ash with some panic when a plan is being made, but he is pretty calm, even when it looks like he is going to die (not dead yet). Even though his character is not what I expected, he was still a likable character, but I have to admit that I kind of cringed during his POSITIVE speech.

The story itself was very engaging, but there were points when it was predictable. Just because it was predictable doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it. It’s hard to explain, but even though I say it was predictable, they did it with a kind of twist that made it even sad (in a good way) or comedic.

Speaking of comedic, there were lots of funny points. I have to admit that some of the comedy was cringe worthy on my part, but it didn’t stop me from laughing. When it was funny, it came from the personalities of the Pokémon toward their trainer.

As for the graphics, very colorful and there was CG present in it, but I didn’t mind this time, since the story of the movie was good and it was barely noticeable when the focus is on the characters. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all CG. I just don’t want it overused in an anime.

I have to admit that this movie was enjoyable enough that I want to buy a copy when it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray (whichever is cheaper). On another note, watching the Pikachu and Eevee scenes reminded me of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!  & Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! (Can’t get it yet).

The review is short, since I don’t want to give any spoilers that would ruin the movie for others, so I recommend you guys give this at least one watch before you judge and if you played the new Pokémon game, please let me know if it is good, so I can try to save up money for the gaming system and the game itself.


(Click the picture if you would like to see the game on

                As always, please support the creators of this work and the licensors when you can.

Power outage + manga recommendations

The thunderstorm was really bad in my area and it resulted in a power outage, so I didn’t get to watch my movies. I’m disappointed, but I’ll get over it. To cheer myself up, I am making a few recommendations.

Saving 80,000 Gold Coins in the Different World for My Old Age by: FUNA & MOTOE Keisuke

Saving 80,000 Gold Coins in the Different World for My Old Age

(image from Baka-Updates)

A legal loli who lost her family in an accident, Yamano Mitsuwa falls off a cliff one day and transferred to a different world with a civilization level of medieval Europe. Mitsuwa who discovered it was possible to go and return to Earth after a deadly fight with wolves decided to live in both worlds.

「For security in old age, I will aim for 80,000 gold coins!」

I will try not to let strange things circulate to not distort the progress of the world, but I won’t hold back for the sake of my easy life and safety!

While wearing three handguns along with words and deeds that appear decent, in her head Yamano Mitsuwa is a sly girl. Making an effort to make money even with a small body that looks like a child to Westerners!

Oh, my secrets are too dangerous, is that so? It’s all right, it’s fine! I’ll teleport away when push comes to shove!

(summary from Baka-Updates)

Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii? By: TESHIMA Fuminori & ITAGAKI Hako

Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii

(image from Baka-Updates)

Zagan is feared as an evil mage, he is awkward and has a sharp tongue, and once again had to put down thieves that encroached on his territory when he researching that morning. In a dark auction, he finds a white slave elf, Nephie, who holds a peerless beauty. Falling in love with her at first sight, he uses his fortune to buy her, but as poor as he is socially, doesn’t understand how to connect with her. Thus, the clumsy cohabitation of the mage that can’t convey his love, and the slave that pines for her master but doesn’t understand how to bring it up, begins.

(summary from Baka-Updates)

Those are the two recommendations for now. Please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.

Happy Halloween + Yandere Short Story & Halloween recommendations

Manga Hunter here to wish you guys a Happy Halloween or cosplay day for me where I dress up and watch horror or Halloween theme movies in my room and eat candies. Kind of lonely, but there are barely any children in my area and it is raining, so just enjoy the event by myself. With this in mind, I made a yandere type of short story for today, which is also another point of view for the short story “Memories of my Rival.” Please give it a read:

Memories of my Bride to Be


The Point of view of a “brother” on his wedding day to his bride to be.

I will also make some Halloween Recommendations that I hope you guys will enjoy.


You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead by: Uguisu Sachiko (Hiyodori Sachiko)

You will hear the voice of the dead

(image from Baka-Updates)

Jun Kishida is a sickly high school student who can see dead people. One person in particular is following him around: his childhood friend Ryoko Hayakawa. Even after he uncovered the truth behind Hayakawa’s death, she stayed by his side. As he and his classmates get into even more strange and mortally dangerous situations, Hayakawa’s spirit quietly aids him.

(summary from Baka-Updates)


The Duke of Death and His Black Maid by: INOUE Koharu

The Duke of Death and His Black Maid

(image from Baka-Updates)

In a large mansion lives a boy, an aristocrat who was cursed by the witch to “let everything he touches die.” With him is his maid Alice, who besides serving him, likes to tease him. The boy who is interested in her doesn’t mind the teasing, but not being able to touch her is painful!

If they are unable to hold hands, how will their love ever bloom?

(summary from Baka-Updates)

This Man by: SORA Karin & MEGUMI Kouji

This Man

(image from Baka-Updates)

In present-day Japan, Hakaru Amano, an investigator who works with facial composites, is asked by a mother and daughter to draw the face of a man who illegally trespassed on their premises. He comes up with the face of “This Man.”

(summary from Baka-Updates)

Sensei no Yasashii Koroshikata by: HANTEN Sharou

Sensei no Yasashii Koroshikata

(image from Baka-Updates)

When Alice’s parents were killed when she was young, she saw the killer and promised to herself that she’d kill him. Little did she know that when she went to high school, the killer would become her teacher.

(summary from Baka-Updates)


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (licensed by Crunchyroll & Funimation)

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

(image from MyAnimeList)

The world is in the midst of the industrial revolution when horrific creatures emerge from a mysterious virus, ripping through the flesh of humans to sate their never-ending appetite. The only way to kill these beings, known as “Kabane,” is by destroying their steel-coated hearts. However, if bitten by one of these monsters, the victim is doomed to a fate worse than death, as the fallen rise once more to join the ranks of their fellow undead.

Only the most fortified of civilizations have survived this turmoil, as is the case with the island of Hinomoto, where mankind has created a massive wall to protect themselves from the endless hordes of Kabane. The only way into these giant fortresses is via heavily-armored trains, which are serviced and built by young men such as Ikoma. Having created a deadly weapon that he believes will easily pierce through the hearts of Kabane, Ikoma eagerly awaits the day when he will be able to fight using his new invention. Little does he know, however, that his chance will come much sooner than he expected…

(summary from MyAnimeList)

Light Novel

Bad∞End∞Night by: Hitoshizuku-P, Suzunosuke & 鈴ノ助

Bad∞End∞Night is a novel by Hitoshizuku-P, based on a series of Vocaloid songs, the NighT Series. The plot revolves around eight actors trapped in a never-ending play, seeking a way to escape.

(summary from NovelUpdates)

Quick Transmigration: Rescuing the Blackened Male Lead by: 圈成团子

In order to be reborn, Shen Mubai took up the task of saving the male lead from the path of suffering. Xuanzang struggled through eighty-one trials before he finally obtained the true Buddhist scripture, and yet she, Shen Mubai, had to toss in her entire self.

Shen Mubai: Are all male leads this strange? Thanks. I want to make a complaint.

System: What does him being strange have to do with me?

(summary from NovelUpdates)

These are the recommendations and as always, please support the creators of these works and the translators when you. Happy Halloween!!!