Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn Review

Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn (licensed by Sentai Filmworks)

Made in abyss journey's dawn

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Hey guys. I am here to give my review on a movie I saw just yesterday: Made in Abyss: Journey’s Dawn, the first part. Yes, I said first part. There should be a second part of this movie coming out eventually (or it just hasn’t been dubbed yet), but for now, the only one I got to see on Monday was the FIRST PART. I have to admit that I am not a fan of two part movies, since the first part is guaranteed to have a cliff hanger and this movie was no different, but at least the cliff hanger wasn’t enough for me to rage quit. With my misgivings now out of my system, let’s get to the review part.

I’ll try not to give too much away.

The characters themselves were pretty likable, except when they are acting too stupid like in the beginning, but I guess their naivety in the beginning was just to show how they would evolve as the movie continues. My favorite character was Reg. All I know about him right now is that he is an amnesiac robot and that he is so adorable, especially when he is curious, but of course curiosity can lead to trouble at times. His character was well made and almost makes me want to purchase a plush in his image (not possible right now).

The graphics were pretty amazing, especially when it came to the creatures in the Abyss. It almost felt like a Miyazaki film, but I know it isn’t, but it felt like it. Speaking of the creatures of the Abyss, they reminded me of the creatures found in the Avatar movie, especially when it came to the creatures that were able to fly. I was actually hoping for them to ride one, but that didn’t happen. Anyway, the graphics with the elaborated color brought the movie to life.

Another thing that brought the movie to life and gave it more feeling was the music. It felt Celtic in a way and when it was playing was during moments of clarity for the characters giving the moment more impact. It didn’t sound like your typical anime music and that’s what made it stand out to me.

The plot and setting of the story was unique with a mix of science fiction and fantasy. I won’t go into too much detail here, since I am sure that some of you might not be familiar with Made in Abyss, but know that the twist in the movie made it worth it to buy a ticket (even though the ending was a cliff hanger).

After the end of the movie there was an interview with the creators of the movie as well as the creator of the work itself. The creator of Made in Abyss looked excited to share how he came up with the idea and what his aim was in creating the story. I’m glad he has the ambition to make this story. As for the creators of the movie, their opinions on how the movie turned out was interesting to listen to and it felt like they were friends just playing with one another when making this movie. I hope they continue to work together for other movies in the long run.

Well that’s my review. I recommend you guys give this movie at least one watch, but I also suggest you guys watch the series. I admit I never watched the series and that might be the reason why the movie itself was filled with surprises for me. Anyway, I look forward to the release of the center part of the movie and hopefully won’t be caught in a horrible cliff hanger again. Cliff hangers are not fun.

As always, please support the creators of this work and the licenser when you can.



Not Dead Yet + recommendations

Manga Hunter here just to give you an update on the progress of the light novel and the other stories, so you know that I am not dead. I am still haven’t problems looking for an illustrator and the short stories are not yet complete, but I am writing them at least. As for the stories of the site…they are taking longer than planned, especially the stories with the super long chapters or episodes: Paths of Yulan & Kurosagi Child. What the heck was I thinking making those chapters so long?! Anyway, chapters won’t be up for a while and I am also fighting against real life obligations like bills and work. I hope to have at least something within this year.

I do want to thank you guys who are reading this post for visiting at least. I must pull through.

Actually, let me give a few recommendations just to make this post worth something:


Adorable Cooking Goddess

Adorable food goddess

(image from MyAnimeList)

Ye Jiayao finds herself back in time in the body of Ye Jinxuan. After many twists, she thought that she would finally be able to lead a simple life and achieve her dream of opening the best restaurant in Huai Song. However, there are villains constantly trying to bring her down.

(Summary from MyAnimeList)


My Roommate is a Cat (Licensed by Crunchyroll & Funimation)

My Roommate is a cat

(image from MyAnimeList)

Novelist Subaru Mikazuki, who is shy and not good with other people, and Haru, the cat that has been living a severe stray life. This is a story of them suddenly living together and describes the happiness of living together from both points of view.

(Summary from MyAnimeList)


Kainushi Juujin to Pet Joshikousei by: Yakan tsuzura

Kainushi Juujin to Pet Joshikousei

(image from Baka-Updates)

On the way home from school, Kashiwagi Aki is kidnapped and finds herself in a world populated entirely by beastmen. She ends up in a pet store where the overzealous and impulsive wolfman Zinovy becomes infatuated with her and buys her on sight. Thus begins their strange and chaotic, albeit incredibly cute life.

(Summary from Baka-Updates)


Cultivation Chat Group by: Legend of the paladin & Firepower Panda (Licensed by Webnovel [Qidian International])

Cultivation chat group

(image from Baka-Updates)

On a certain day, Song Shuhang accidentally joined a deeply afflicted Xianxia chuunibyou(Year 2 middle school disease) chat group, the group members inside all address each other as ‘fellow daoist’. Their contact cards are all either Sect Master, Cave Master, Spiritual Master or Heavenly Expert. Even the group master’s missing pet dog named Great Devil Dog abandoned his home. They chat all day about things like concocting pills, intruding mysterious territories, martial arts experiences and more.

One day, he abruptly realizes after lurking for a long time that…… In this group, every single group member is actually a real cultivator, with the ability to move mountains and drain seas, the kind that can live for thousands of years!

Ah ah ah ah, his worldview has utterly collapsed in a single night!

(Summary from Baka-Updates)

As always, please support the creators of these works, translators, and licensors when you can.

Panic! At The Disco fantastic concert

I went to a concert at the Rodeo: Panic! At The Disco. I know this is not anime related, but I thought I should mention this, since it was a fun concert to go to and it is actually the first real concert I got to go to by myself. Their songs are amazing and it just makes me want to sing along. Actually, people at this concert really did sing along. The staging was also well done with the revolving of the stage, so everyone in the stadium can watch the performance, but nothing was missed, since there were screens that didn’t miss a beat; and the perfectly timed flames and other needed display of show stopping props were phenomenal.

My favorite song of theirs is High Hopes. This song actually helped me a lot when I was practically having a mental break down when I wasn’t able to write. It lifted my spirits and gave me the courage to continue writing. I guess you can say they helped me continue the novel project, even though it is still far from completion. When I am feeling down, I play their song to lift my spirits and was so glad they played this in the concert.

Anyway, going to this concert was fantastic and I don’t regret buying a ticket. I wish I could have gotten an autograph, but I was in the highest balcony in the stadium, so no such luck. I just hope they continue to make songs that people like me will love and I hope you guys will try to check them out if they ever perform in your town. Always have “High Hopes!”

Panic! At The Disco

(Click image for Panic! At the Disco site)


(image from Pixabay [not actual concert])

The Hunt Continues after so long

Another complete manga series for the collection: Fullmetal Alchemist. I know this is an oldie, but it doesn’t stop me from loving it. I mean who doesn’t enjoy action with a little bit of fantasy. I hope to get more complete manga in the future and not go broke. I haven’t said this in a long time: “The hunt continues!”

fullmetal complete

Anastasia Musical


Hello guys. I am back for a short while to tell you guys that on March 7, 2019, I have seen the wonderful musical of Anastasia, which featured some of the songs from the animated classic, and is the reason I am mentioning it. If you guys are familiar with this animated classic, it is the story of a girl who is on a journey to Paris to realize if she is really the lost Duchess Anastasia. Note that the animated movie of Anastasia was made before the discovery of the real Anastasia’s body (old mystery of the Romanov Princess solved), so don’t think about the truth of Anastasia, while watching this musical. Anyway, there were a few changes when comparing this stage musical to the animated movie, especially when it comes to the flow of the stories and the addition of new characters.

I loved the music and the actors, especially the main actress: Lila Coogan (Anastasia/Anya). She was adorable when she acted as Anastasia when she was trying to act strong and when she sang, it made you believe that she was the character and not just an actress.


The main song that really was memorable to me was “Once Upon a December.” I felt that this song had the most impact with the choreography and the images that decorated the background displaying what Anastasia was feeling. It almost made me cry with emotion (I didn’t cry though). I liked it so much that I bought the music box that played the song during intermission (I won’t tell the price -_-).

If I have the money, I hope to see another musical just as magical as this one. I also hope that you guys will give this musical a chance if it ever comes to your town.

Update on my situation

I am not dead is a good start. I actually have some story chapters, but I wanted to write at least three more before updating, so I can get a weekly schedule going again. Life has been hectic with my work schedule, searching for a full time job, and other things concerning life. There is so much I want to do, but I feel like time is moving to fast. Hopefully I can get my stuff in order, so I can get back to what I love: writing fiction stories and anime related hobbies.

As a side note: I definitely will not be updating this weekend, since I have to go to Phoenix for some personal life matters. Going to ride a plane after…I already lost count.


Happy New Year + goals & recommendations

Happy New Year everyone…well it is technically the second day of the new year so I am a little late in greetings. With this new year, I have the goal of finally finishing the light novel I am working on. The short stories are about done and I will have someone on Amazon do the editing, so everything should be good…I say this, but I have one little (major) problem: I lack an illustrator. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but my original illustrator for the black and white images quit on me (real life demands), so I have to post a new job to get a new illustrator. Someone told me that Deviant is basically dead, so if you guys have any idea where I can post the job please let me know in the comments.

I am also making a few Manga recommendations for the new year:

Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono by: MIYUKI Mitsubachi

Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono

(image from Baka-Updates)

The royal palace of the kingdom of Alba Forest received one letter of advance notice. That is, “We shall take the last treasure left behind by the late king to his beloved daughter, Violet.” The sender of that letter was a group of robbers called the “Three Beasts.” When Violet meets one of them by chance, the crow, her life changes greatly…!

(summary from Baka-Updates)

Because I’m an Uncle Who Runs a Weapon Shop by: SF Light Novels, Man Tian Xing Hua & Xue Po

weapon shop uncle

(from Baka-Updates)

In a different world, endlessly thinking about how to define my own role. Today, the weapons shop uncle and the demon loli will work hard.

(Summary from Baka-Updates)

I actually thought I recommended these already, but I was wrong. As always, please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can. Once again, Happy New Year!


Mirai Movie Review

Mirai 2018 

(Image from MyAnimeList)

I finally got to watch Mirai on Saturday, December 8, 2018. I was excited to watch it, but I have to admit that I felt annoyed at some parts. I have a little brother, so I can understand how the main character felt when his little sister arrived and he even made the same promise of not getting angry at her like I did when my brother came around, but as real life would have it, there a bound to be arguments and this movie was no different to the situation. The main character was crying most of the movie to the point you want to reach into the screen and slap him for being such a brat. I understand how he feels, but that doesn’t stop the urge of wanting to scold him. His tantrums were mostly from jealousy toward his sister and his selfishness. It looks like the point of the movie was to improve his attitude toward his sister and how to respect others by showing supernatural events like time travel to meet people that would help with his situation.  

I complain about his tantrums during the movie, but his tantrums do follow up with the good parts like how he traveled in a time before he was born to meet one of his relatives (won’t tell which one) that helped him realize that he should not give up in a difficult situation, especially when it is his first attempt at something new like riding a bicycle. I have to say that my favorite parts are when the supernatural events happen.

As for other characters, I really liked his father. The father is someone I wish I knew in my life, since he showed that he cares for his family, but real life situations like a job could make it difficult. Even with the difficulties, he proved that he can take care of his family and in the process encourage his wife and children.

As for the graphics, it was almost like watching a Miyazaki production with the vibrant colors and attention to detail. Computer animation definitely became noticeable when the main character was beginning to face his fears and understand what his role in the family was. Actually, the part with the most computer graphics reminded me a bit of a court room with a mix of the Twilight Zone.

The story itself was OK, but I might not have been in the right mind set to respect the storyline, since I was expecting more action for a movie related to time traveling, but this was most likely made to be a good slice of life and to respect what you have in life.

I would recommend this to people who want a good drama about changes in family life like the arrival of a new family member. Not one of my favorites, but worth a watch. As always please support the creators and the licensors of this work by giving it a watch when you can.