Tuesday Story update

Manga Hunter here with a Tuesday story update! It’s been a while.  This doesn’t mean it is off Hiatus, but it is a start. Please enjoy and review when you can.

Angelic Weapon

Chapter 33: Strong Faction’s Test Once Again

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My laptop is being mean

This totally sucks. My laptop wants to turn off almost all the time (especially when I am writing). I guess I should expect something like this to happen, since it has been almost 10 years since I had this laptop. I still manage to write, but I think I should raise some money to replace this thing. To raise money, I am selling some of my stuff on eBay (not all anime related). I hope I raise a bit of money to make it easier to get a laptop without asking for freebies. If you guys like, please go to eBay to check what I have for sale (You don’t have to buy if you don’t want to).

Warning: some prices are high because I have to pay shipping myself.


Oh yeah, in case you guys are wondering on the progress of the light novel of I’m the Villainess’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too; I have finally finished one of the short stories for it. Still plenty of it left, but I hope I can get it all finished before the end of the year…I really hope I finish.




Computer is being a jerk + manga recommendation

My computer is being a jerk, so I can’t put the chapters up (Microsoft Word refuses to open up). I will need to go to a library later. I can still post links at least, so here is a manga recommendation: a light novel turned into a manga and one of my favorites: Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shite shimatta…  also known as I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags…!

I Reincarnated into an Otome Game as a Villainess With Only Destruction Flags… by: YAMAGUCHI Satoru & HIDAKA Nami

 otome disaster flag

(image from Baka-Updates)

This has started translation and just released the first manga chapter today, so please read it to enjoy the wonderful Katarina Claes or known better by her nickname Bakarina. As always please enjoy and support the creators of this work and translators when you can.

Movie Review: Pokemon: I Choose You!

Hey guys! It is late here, but I am restless, so I decided to write a review on the new movie of Pokémon that I watched in theaters just today: Pokémon: I Choose You! Pokémon fans should be aware how Pokémon first started: Ash starts his Pokémon journey with Pikachu. Well, this movie is a remake of the beginning, so think of this movie as an alternate world, so you don’t compare too much with the original beginning. Oh yeah, I got a new Pokémon card when I went to the movie: Ash’s Pikachu (It’ll look good in my collection). Anyway, time for the review.

Pokemon: I choose You (licensed by The Pokémon Company International)pokemon i choose you

(image from MyAnimeList)

Warning: there might be spoilers, so read with caution!

The graphics of the movie was vibrant with colors, especially during Pokémon battles. The movie even made Ash look quite handsome and not as much of a clueless guy as before (I am not attracted to him in anyway). With the change in art style that still had the essence of the original work and the color, I would say that this movie was definitely designed for this generations Pokémon fans as well as for the old ones.

The story jumped around a bit, but it still stayed on the main point of Ash trying to locate Ho-oh. Oops, looks like I forgot to mention it, but just like the first episode of Pokémon, Ash witnessed Ho-oh flying by, but instead of just watching in awe and having the legendary Pokémon disappear and not be mentioned for a long period of time, Ho-oh left a feather for Ash. With this feather he will find Ho-oh and have a battle.

Another highlight of the movie was definitely the bond between Pikachu and Ash. Just like in the series, Pikachu wasn’t a fan of Ash when they first met, but after Ash rescued Pikachu, they became forever best friends. Speaking of Pikachu, he was just too cute! I wanted to hug the little guy so much, but I can’t exactly reach into the screen. The movie really focused on making Pikachu the most adorable Pokémon on the screen.

As for characters, there were a few new ones. I bet some of you were expecting Misty and Brock to be in the journey of this movie, but they were not Ash’s traveling companions. Instead, the traveling companions of Ash were the two new characters. Their names slip my mind, but one was a girl who has mentioned about having troubles at home with her mother and a boy who is working hard to be a researcher of Pokémon and that includes medical knowledge. The new girl character is pretty much the Misty and the other boy is the Brock character. Team Rocket was in this, but they were pretty much comedy relief. They didn’t interfere with Ash in anytime of the movie (quite shocking). There was also an enemy character named Cross (remembered his name because I wanted to hit him). He was the original owner of Charmander. In this movie he is quite the bad boy and nearly ended Ash’s life. I can’t go into too much detail in that.

The only Pokémon of Ash to appear in the movie are Butterfree (evolved from Caterpie and Metapod), Charizard (evolved from Charmander and Charmeleon), and of course Pikachu. I guess they couldn’t introduce all of Ash’s captures in the movie, but that’s OK, since this was meant to be a chapter in his journey.

There was also a very shocking scene in Pokémon that nearly brought me tears and it made some audience members gasp, but I refuse to reveal it or you guys will definitely not see it.

If I continue talking, I might reveal everything of this movie, but please give this movie a chance when it is released on Blu-ray or DVD (I have no idea when it will be released). It is worth a watch, especially if you are a Pokémon fan.


I have returned with story updates

I am back with story updates. The Sherlock Holmes’ Code Breaking Event I hosted was a great success, and with it done, I can now write again. Though I must warn you that I was given another event to work on: Anime Day for 2018. I am just working on the Trivia and the prizes, so hopefully I won’t be overwhelmed. Anyway, time for the updates. Please review and enjoy when you can.

I’m the Villainess’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!

Chapter 91: Where Did the Monsters Go?

Precious Stone

Chapter 71: Youth Chamber

Another complete series

I just went to Barnes and Noble and got the final volume for Bad End Night! That makes another complete set for my manga collection. If you guys want to read this series then I recommend going to Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com (one of the two). This series is quite mysterious and is part of the Vocaloid world, so please support the creators and the licensors of this work by purchasing it and enjoying it when you can.

Hatsune Miku-Bad End Night by: Tsubata Nozaki & Hitoshizuku-P X Yama

bad end night

(image from Baka-Updates)

Ebay purchase

I want to let you guys know that I am still alive, but I am still busy, so this post is just a quickie. I made a purchase of a complete set of The Story of Saiunkoku, so that means I have another complete set. I bought this for $59.99. I know the price is high, but compared to $100 or more for the set, this is a deal. I was actually aiming for only one volume of the set: volume 5. I do not know why the price of this volume is so darn high! When I was searching for this volume it showed prices from $50 to about $300 and now today I saw on Amazon that it was in the $3700.00. THAT IS INSANE! Pretty much I am not letting go of this volume anytime soon. If you guys want to read it then I suggest just reading it on kindle or the like, since the digital version is cheaper. If you want the hard copy in your hand then start looking for deals.

Here is the link for volume 5 on Amazon.com if you are interested (click the picture):

saiunkoku volume 5

(image from Amazon.com)

No Game no Life: Zero Review “Aschente!”

Manga Hunter here! I am still busy, but I decided to write a review on a movie that I watched last week on Thursday, while it is still fresh in my mind.

no game

(image from MyAnimeList)

On Fathom Events, I found tickets to the anime movie No Game No Life: Zero. I was immediately excited and bought a ticket for the Thursday showing, which was subtitled. I would have bought the ticket for the dubbed version, but its showing was on a day I was working and obviously money is more important for a good life. I used my phone to register at the AMC and entered the theatre I was assigned to watch the movie. I have to admit that I felt pretty awkward when I noticed I was the only girl in the audience (the girls that were there were with their dates).

Now for the movie: “Aschente!”

The movie started at 7 PM, but it started with a quick summary of season one (I still believe in a season 2) of the anime No Game No Life and then with small commentaries from the director and some of the voice actors. There were a few spoilers from those commentaries (kind of made me mad), but enough was hidden, so I could still enjoy the movie. I won’t go into too much detail in the plot, since I hope you guys would watch it when it is released in Bluray, but know that it is like a mix of Nausica in the Valley of the wind and Metropolis, so there is definitely a post-apocalyptic theme in this. This movie made me nearly cry many times, but I also laughed, especially when it came to the interactions of the main characters.

The voice acting of the Japanese cast was also brilliant, since you could hear the change of moods as they spoke through the characters. You could tell when a character was emotionless and when they were having lots of feels to the point that nearly drove viewers to tears.

At the end of the movie, I was still pretty much in awe. I haven’t seen an anime movie in a long time and this was a great watch for me. I hope that the creators of No Game No Life plan to make a season two to continue this creative work that makes you want to see more and play games.

That’s my review and let me just say that I hope you guys watch this movie when it is released in Bluray from Sentai Filmworks (I do not know when the release date is) to support the creators of this work and the translators.